Swati's comments as under :
"For organization, people with new idea & experience people both are equally important. With proper career plan & team building there will be nice blending of new concepts & experience to get results. This can be achieved with proper communication of short term & long-term goals, expected result, clarity of role of each member. Short time span should be given to the seniors to prepare themselves to get adjusted with new culture. This will develop the trust, mutual understanding & cooperation. "
are excellent.
We need both experienced and mature managers and young and dynamic ones. It is the HR's responsibility to help them adjust to each other's strengths and weaknesses to give optimum results to the organisation.

From India, Mumbai
Dear All
Please think over the following points.
1. Why grass seems green in a different corner from where you stand ?
2. Why we hate those who are our nearers ?
3. Why we ask for guarantee of new products ?
4. Why we keep with care our new items ?
5. Why we want to listen a new person ?
There are more questions alike above. Ask to yourself the anwers of the above, In my opinion you would found the answer of the subjected question.
L.C. Pal
Answers are :
1. Grass looks green till do not reach that corner. When we reach at corner we feel we are at the same place with different corner.
2. Because we know there feelings and weakneses.
3. Because we have not used earlier that and have doubts.
4. Some times items are not usable & sometime not in fashion.
5. Because we expect to listen some thing new that we have not heared.

From India, Delhi

Dear All Hr Fraternity Members...

At the outset, this question is a very general question and cannot be considered as a TREND or the new style of Human Resources Mgt...rampantly applicable here...

No prudent Management will take decissions of removing EXPERIENCED HANDS to replace with NEW HANDS ... always...- be that a Blue Collar or White collar job - just based on AGE factor alone... BUT, it will always based on VALUE ADDITION by the said individual to the organization.

Am saying this which is - more or a less can be applicable to the Middle / large organizations and NOT small organizations - with 30 / 50 personnel - or with Turn over less than 20 Cr pa...

However, whether YOUNG or OLD - everyone has to understand that -

1. They need to adapt to the Changes happening around,

2. Be a Multiskilled person than a Single Skilled / value adding professional person

3. Never say / think / act like - "Ok Now it is done, will see tomorrow.."

4. be flexible / adaptable and Contributor to the organisatio

With this approach, if someone is not rendering services to his organization - whether YOUNG / OLD - he will certainly loose to the BETTER ONE!

That's what is my experience of 27+ years in HR - and still going strong !

Ravindra Waghmare, Mumbai.

From India, Mumbai
Yes Yogesh I completely agree with you. In modern time, good number of organization follow this trend in order to bring the cost down. Though it may be good from organization point of view but what about social/individual aspect view. We should not forget that all we should come under experience category soon or later.
Today's life is more unsecured when we become more aged or older. Actually this should not be happened.
Rakesh gupta

Dear all,
I am thankful for the participation of learned people like Ravi, Sari, Rajeshwari,Mridula, Anupriya Bhattacharya, Swati, L.C. Pal, Ravindra Waghmare in my topic, "Why to remove experienced persons to bring new ones?". I also agree with some of their views like one must be a result oriented, be positive and change themselves with new culture. For that good and modren companies are trying their best to develop cross functional teams (cft). Here one get a chance to present himself in a better and new ideas. Secondly, process of multiskilling is also gives chances for new fields for people of all ages. Both old & new people have their new ladders and they are assets if they work as a team.
with best regards,
Yogesh Samanotra

Yogesh Samanotra

I oppose bringing new faces in replace of the old.

Do you think that all the old are not good and all the new are the best?

It depends upon person to person and their involvement in their incumbency.

The only point is that the senior or the elder should get themselves upgraded their knowledge in the field they are working and if possible to the extent in outside their field of work or they should, in their hobby also to tbe best advantage of the organization.

I am now 60 and working as a senior level middle management supervisor syste.

At the time of my entry into my cadre as clerk (Though with Pre University qualification at the time of my entry in 1967 by wrong guidance I joined as below the level of Clerk) I developed my knowledge in all field and even when I was working as a clerk I was consulted for major issue of the organization.

Later, When computer was introdued in 1985, I developed my knowledge in computer on my own and now I am considered as one of the best computer handling man. I am even doing few hardware repairs, software repairs and also a considred as a best FOXPRO programmer during 1990.

All the programs developed by me are still in use in entire Tamilnadu.

What I suggest is whether a senior a juior, if his potentiality is not good he should be sacked.

Yourself has agreed that the senior when join in the new organization they shines. What that it indicates? They posses very good knowledge and only because of new face, their importance or identity is lowered.

As far as remuneration is concered, your argument of employing a new face with less may correct.

But be cautious, these new faces will always in the mood of seeking better oppurtunity and at that time you will be facing the problem.

Instead, talk with the senior about all your problems and settle the issue

With wishes



There are a number of reasons why old is replaced by new. However what seems to be the main reason is this - new cost a lot less! The longer you stay with a company the more expensive you become to retain. Thus companies ,now, tend to replace old hand who cost more for new hands who come in at a lower rate.

the other reason is education- how many of the old hands have MBA's ( this seems to be 'the' degree of the moment - the flavour of the month!) It doesn't seem to matter that they have no experience.

General Motors in the late 80's early 90's decided that their employees needed to be upgraded...life experience, loyalty to the company and hands on experience did not matter. Out they went and in marched the MBA's with no hands on skills, etc. Prior to this GM was the top earner/employer in the world. Within 2 years of the change GM lost its market share, and even Chrysler stepped ahead of it. By the time GM admitted to itself the big booboo it had made it was too late and GM has as yet to climb back to its old position. Of course, there will be stalwarts who will refute this but deny it as much as you will the fact remains as proof.

This is not to say that MBA's have no place in this work world...banish that thought. What I do say is this experience & life skills should be acknowledged and retained. But to do so you have to pay. And back we are at the beginning...experience is expensive!


From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Friends:
The topic is really very sensitive. What we all do is follow the western technology, their trends and their ways of living. We have forgotten the importance of loyalty and sincerity. The culture now is "do it and move on" which has made the new generation quite conscious about loyalties long stays despite being paid much for their job.
I think we being eastern thinkers should very prudently follow this practice. The old people who actually could not add up any more and hinder the growth of an organization can be taken away very gracefully which could be finding better opportunities for them outside or their tasks be shuffled in order to reward them for their loyalty not forgetting their past contibution. Setting retirement age could help a lot for these people to move out gracefully.

Please note that when a too much comfort level in any organisation for an employee , it should set the alarm bells ringing as we all know that only thing constant this world is change and thus each employee should always embrace and keep the learning curve & creativity moving up at regular intervals to value add and sustain the productivity and innovations for the organizations . in one line - change management would stop this practice ........

From India, Mumbai
Hi yogesh,
First of all i would like to congrats you for raising this topic as a debate,
I would say that the first thing management think of is the financial stability and then to solve it without any dispute. So they think of this old people retrenchment.
Though old ones are experienced, however everyone should accept that they are slower in work and lack flexibility, on the other side youngsters are Faster and flexible in work and they can work accordingly to their superiors instructions; but in the case of experienced one their will be an ego clash. So to avoid the generation gap it is better to have the Youth people in rather than traditional experienced. I also hope that all the experienced will accept my statement, b'coz old ones should give way for the youngsters...

From India, Madras

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