Dear Friends,
Need solution for a critical issue in the company, being a liason between the employees and Boss, what the HR team has to do..................
If the employee did his best and serve the notice period, want to leave the company for better prospects and comforts.....
and if the company is not relieving.....
even after discussions if it relieves and when the employee refers the previous employer...
the managment gives all the bad impressions about the employee.............
to take revenge, to spoil the career of the employee, eventhough
Delaying in giving expereinece certificates...releiving order...
What is the action we can take against those people....
What HR is going to do...................
HR knows the employee is more perfect than the employer............
Seniors pour your suggestions.............

From India, Madras
No answer..............
Are you not interested to put the right things to the managment..........
Are you not in trouble till now...............
One day it may happen to we people also........................

From India, Madras
Your questions is toooooooooo confusing. Make it Clear. In your case, who is the employer, who is the employee, and the HR is of which company??
From India, Mumbai
Hi Sanjeev,
It happens to many employees, in many SMB's,
Issue #1:
If the employee did his best and serve the notice period, want to leave the company for better prospects and comforts, and if the company is not relieving.....
Issue #2:
After discussions if it relieves and when the relieved employee refers this person for previous employer reference, and the managment gives all the bad impressions about the relieved employee to take revenge, to spoil the career of the employee...
Issue #3
Delaying in giving experience certificates...releiving order... TDS forms etc., If the company forces to stay back...
What has to be done from the victim end..

From India, Madras
Hi Vennila Natarajan,
I have observed that in this forum, the HR dont like if anyone speaks ill, bad about them, and your post points out that Management / HR troubles employees while releiving.
I doubt if you can get any good reply, which the HR will agree that some members of HR do trouble employees and accept it, but I dont think that the HR in this forum will do or not, im not sure

From India, Pune
Hi venilla,
A few doubts, request you to kindly clarify,
When an employee joins your organization, from whom do you take the feedack of the employee (previous employer)
When an employee from your organization resigns and joins another organization, who is contacted in your organization for feedback from that employees new organization.
Do you ask for the resignation acceptance and relieving letter when the employee joins your organization
Similarly if your employee resigns, do you give the above mentioned documents to your employee.
Who signs on these letters

From India, Mumbai
You cannot do anything about a person...who is so negative in his thoughts.
You cannot kill a peson who is all prepared to commit suicide.
In this world there are all type of people...just change the color of your glasses...and you can find the difference...

From India, Mumbai
Whatever scenarios you have given are possible only in Small, unprofessional (Lala Type Company). In big, process oriented and professionally managed company this is next to

impossible. Provided,

You are not absconding.

You have served the full notice.

You have given proper hand-over.

You were not under any type of contract with your present organization.

When you have 5000 + employees and you are hiring like 25-30 people every month, no one have time to pick one ex-employee to “decide to spoil his career”.

Reference Checks

I am NOT sure if you know the process of “reference checks” and if at all you have been involved in such activity in your career.

a) In reference check, your reporting manager plays an important role, because you have worked under your boss. HR person do not know, what your performance level was and how you was as an employee. The role of HR is very limited. So, if you have worked and performed really well in your “present company”, “Your Boss / Reporting Manager” will not talk bad about you.

b) The big companies “Reference Checks” are done by 3rd Party.

c) Questions and queries are structured in such a manner that leaves hardly any scope of saying bad-things about the candidate.

Role of HR in Reference Checks

Role of HR in reference checks is very limited. Their involvement in the “Reference Checks” is limited to Few Questions, such as:

1) Whether, X employee as actually worked in Your Organization?

2) If yes, then when he joined and what was his last day in the office?

3) What was his designation in the company?

4) If possible, then last drawn salary of the person.

Importance of Relieving letter and Experience Letter

In the present industry environment, no one ask for “experience certificate”. Companies are also not stressing on the need of “Relieving letter”. The only document that is required is a proof that the person has resigned; hence “resignation acceptance letter” is the only important document.

Those, who perform well, in their job, do not fear anything regarding their references. It is only those who fake few facts in their profile or in interview, such as stay in the organization, role, designation and salary, have all the fears, all the time.

If you need any professional help from me, you can reach me at .

Thanks and Regards


From India, Mumbai
Hi Vennila Natarajan,
Many friends has given good suggesions on the topic.
My only suggesion is that you should have to show whole picture to your current employer.
Because this is the bad practice which most of the organizations have. That's why Mr.Narayan Murthi told that love your job not your company.

From India, Mumbai
If this is a general trend, then it gives me a bad impression of companies in your country.

Remember, employees leaving a company for whatever reason acts as ambassador in terms of his/her experience in the said company. It will be stupid for that company to take revenge or spoil the career of an employee just because he wanted to leave or transfer to another organization.

For one, these kind of companies are acting like hostage-takers. They want to take hostage of employees who are seeking greener pastures. If not, they would ruin their career. Where is fairness in this?

Second, who will want to apply to such kind of company? After years of being abused by low wage, now the company would besmirch the reputation of a person.

I agree that such kind of companies may belong to the small to medium scale where pay and benefits are substandard that's why employees would want to leave.

If HR would want to reverse the situation, there are things that it can do:

1. Make a policy that would ensure all processes are clear and being followed to the letter. The policy could include that only HR Department can release letters of recommendation or experience certificates based on available records of the employee and only upon request by the said employee.

2. Make a memorandum to be circulated among the different department heads implying that it is not the policy of the company to stop the employees from leaving through coercion, threats, etc.

3. Initiate retention programs that would lessen the chances of employees leaving the company.

However if it is the HR Department itself which is doing it, then that would be a big problem.

From Saudi Arabia,

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