Dear Experts, I seek some advice, I am an HR Professional with 7+ years of experience and had been working as Assistant Manager HR in an IT company for 2.5 years, That was pretty good job but I had to quit in last August due to my mother's critical condition. wanted to take a break for 2-3 months, After that I am searching for suitable job but no result. Now I am loosing patience and feeling that this year I may not get it and gap will increase, in desperation I am thinking to change the field and go for any other type of work available in the market.
Would will you suggest, should I still wait for suitable job or go for any other type of job with lower package n profile?

From India, Pune
It's an unprecedented situation due to Covid-19. Job opportunities are on the declining trend and the situation does not seem to be better in the near future as well. More so, Working From Home during the lock down period has opened a gate to many Institutes / Organisations / MNCs by managing the work with skeletal or minimum staff. Hence, many are under the threat of losing their jobs and the employment opportunities are also getting depleted.
It's not the situation in India, but world wide. The one is need to explore all possibilities for being employable under the crisis of Covid-19.

From India, New Delhi
Thank you sir for your piece of mind, however I am looking for advice that shall I go for any other type of job like BPO or some clerical, teaching whatever I get it or shall I wait and use this time for certification etc?
From India, Pune
It's an individual choice to measure and determine as to what are his/her priorities of life or where he/she is looking at in the time to come? Further, if there is no issue with respect to financial part, one may go for upgrading his qualification (which is always considered to be the best option) by joining any certification course in the area/field where the individual wants to add on / improve on. However, as I said earlier looking at the current scenario and the market perspective, there does not seem to be any chance of improvement in the near future and the crisis and its impact are likely to continue in 2021 as well. There is also a possibility that once the crisis are over, we may see a drastic change in the perception of individual, market and industry.

From India, New Delhi
Dear friend,
Unexplained long gaps in an employee's career will eventually affect his/her employability in future. Core HR functions are the same in all types of industries. Therefore, instead of being idle and unemployed, you can choose BPO, if any offer is therefrom.
Choosing a lesser job may be the least option and is mostly dependent upon your pecuniary compulsions. If you accept such jobs, it would be certainly an impediment to get restored to your original speciality of HR. Instead, you may look for any position of general management in any medium scale industry for the time being.
In a precarious situation like the one you are facing as of now, one has to be one's own Prime Minister !

From India, Salem
First of all - Do not be afraid. Please calm down.
Losing a job/ opportunities is not an end of the world. The whole employment ecosystem thrives on your unfounded fears of employment gaps, deviation from your field, etc. - where it is utmost expected from a decent professional like you - that you be in the rut for whole of your life and just prioritize work, work and work.
It is absolutely fine to have personal circumstances and they can be explained in truth to prospective employers as well.
Just do these:
1. Search for a job aggressively
2. Pursue education in HR - just to justify your efforts during all this time
3. Take a pay-cut if offered a job in your field
4. Re-adjust life, lifestyle and livelihood

From India, Delhi
Thank you so much Umakanth sir & P-Lekha Mam for boosting my morale. I do not have any immediate financial need so I have decided to go for online certificates and training and wait for suitable opportunity in HR field be it lesser in position or salary I am going to accept it.
Thanks a lot.

From India, Pune
Hi Shivani, If you have Linkedin profile pls share your resume and details. I know few recruiters from Pune they can help you to get a job. Regards, Margaret
From Bangladesh

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