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Time and again queries come regarding how to withdraw EPF funds without employer attestation.

This will help understand process:

There are many situations when you want to withdraw funds from EPF account, but your employer does not cooperate. In those situations there are some possible ways by which you can withdraw your Provident Fund without consent of your employer.

Reasons Why Employer may not sign your EPF Withdrawal Forms

Company for which you served is closed.

When you resigned, you did not served the notice period.

You want to withdraw without resigning the company

There may be some other reasons also which may induce you to directly withdraw money from EPFO without informing or getting consent of your employer. If you feel that this situation applies to you only, that’s not true there are many others also who have faced same problems or going to face in future.

There are certain rules laid by EPFO in this regard. Now I am going to explain you in detail. First of all understand the rules of withdrawing your money before 54 years of age.

EPF Withdrawal Rules

If one does not get any job for 2 months after resigning previous job, He / She can withdraw funds from EPF account. In some cases this 2 months gap is not mandatory.

In certain circumstances one can withdraw funds from EPF account partially.(Read EPF rules of withdrawal,limits etc)

In either case the employer cannot stop employee from withdrawing funds from is EPF account. They just do so to either compel them to serve notice period or harass them. This practice is illegal and employees suffer because of this.

To make the situation better for employees EPFO is making changes to make it easier for employees to withdraw their hard earned money when they need it.

The first step towards in this direction was introduction of Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP), because of which PF Transfer became very easy and transparent. Download Online Transfer Claim Portal Android App!

The second step which EPFO took in this direction is introduction of UAN (Universal Account Number). UAN has really eased the things for both employer and employees. Now EPF transfer, EPF e-Passbook, EPF withdrawal, EPF balance, EPF status check has become very easy.

How to Withdraw Funds from EPF Account without Employer Attestation?

Method 1:

Introduction of UAN has also make it easy to withdraw funds from EPF account without signature of employer. One can withdraw funds without employers’ attestation of forms only if:

Employee has valid UAN NO. Check your UAN Status via this Android App!

Your UAN is linked to your Bank Account & Aadhaar Card.

Some time back EPFO introduced linking of Aadhaar Number with EPF account. If one has Aadhaar number linked with EPF account, the person does not need any authorization from anyone to withdraw money. One can just fill the form at EPF site and apply for EPF withdrawal. It’s a real easy process.

This whole process was linked with UAN. For this you must have given you Aadhaar card details and filled your bank details also. The employer must also have verified employees Aadhaar number and bank details. When you apply for EPF withdrawal, The EPFO will not ask for any verification from you now as you employer has already verified all your documents and will transfer money in your bank account verified by your employer.

How to fill and submit form for EPF withdrawal without employers’ attestation

Download the new EPF withdrawal forms from here. It is a very simple and easy to fill form as compared to old forms.

Fill all the fields like Name, Mobile Number, UAN, Address, PAN Number, Date and reason of leaving job.

Also attach a cancelled cheque of the bank account associated with your UAN.

Attach Form 15G to save Tax Deduction and a copy of PAN Card.

Now submit the completed withdrawal forms, cancelled cheque, F-15G and Pan Card Copy to concerned EPFO.

Double check your UAN and bank account details as it will be cross checked with your UAN.

Method 2:

Method 1 is rather easy while withdrawing funds from EPF account. Procedure 2 is a difficult one and takes a lot of time and may not always be successful so it not a preferred or advised method.

IF you do not have Aadhaar linked or do not have UAN

The reason of linking Aadhaar Number and Bank details is to verify your identity so in this case you have to verify your identity. As your employer is not verifying your form in this case you can get your identity verified from the following people.

Bank Manager

Gazetted Officer

Member of the Central Board of Trustees/ committee/ Regional Committee of EPFO

Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public

There is a long list who can attest the form for verification of identity, still it is advised that you get your form attested from the bank manager of the bank in which you hold your account.

Points to keep in mind while getting form attested

Every paper of the form should be stamped and signed.

As EPFO does not encourage to apply without consent of employer they may ask you for a letter why you want to apply without employer verification.

In this case try to provide proof of non-co-operation from your employer. For this reason always try to communicate with your employer in written.

Although it is not mandatory still attach an affidavit on Rs.100 stamp paper. You can get sample affidavit here.

Also provide your service proof in form of appointment letter, ID card if any and pay slips.

Attach a copy of your ID and address proof.

If you are maintaining the same bank account in which you were getting or depositing cheques of your salary, give same account.

If Bank account is in PSU bank it is always preferred.

You still need to submit Form 15G & copy of Pan Card along with claim forms.

Note: If you do not have UAN and Aadhaar linked to your EPF account, and fill the form and submit it according to procedure described above your EPF withdrawal does not complete without consent of your employer. In such cases the EPFO appoints an (AEO) Inspector to look into your case and he take your papers to your employer to get them verified. So Claim Settlement may get delayed in this case. For that reason it is always advised to avoid directly applying to EPF and convince your employer to sign your EPF withdrawal form.

How to convince your Employer to sign Claim Forms?

Try to talk to your employer nicely in most cases the employer knows the rules and regulation of EPFO and he cannot deny to sign.

Try to go through HR Department, in some cases they may help you.

Try to take any mediator who works presently in office to help you get your form signed. In some cases it works like miracle.

Do not talk to your employer verbally, always try to talk to him in writing. If you are sending your form by post or courier send it by Registered AD post and collect all proof of deliveries as they have name of recipient.

In worst situation you can always tell the consequences of not signing the form and always go to court and vigilance commissioner of EPF.

What you can do to punish your employer for his behavior

File grievance with EPFO. You can raise your Grievance here at our Android App..

Send Legal Notice

A small note of advice: If you are presently employed, get your old EPF transferred online and register for UAN and get your application verified by present employer. UAN No is Mandatory Now! You should download this Android App EPF Balance UAN e-Sewa and get your UAN Registered and avail all facilities…

Easy steps from EPF site to get your PF in time.

With all facilities going on line,please keep your information updated,do your KYC from time to time as needed.

Online systems make our life easy,provided we do right things of updation in right way.

But remember EPF accumulations are a big long time savings for you and do not withdraw unless there is real reason.EPF gives you power of compounding and this power can really enhance wealth if you avoid touching PF balances.

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