Hello All, Anyone can plz tell me what are the basic difference between the offer letter and appointment letter? when these letters are issued to an employee?
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Dear Amit,
Offer letter is just an intimation and appointment letter is an agreement between the employer and employee.
Offer normally does not hold a legal status. But the appointment letter shall lead to the interpretation of the term and conditions of employment; and it consider as a defining terms during any dispute between the parties by any govt. authority.
Offer may issue to a candidate who has been shortlisted. Appointment can be issued either at the time of joining or after joining, or certain cases in advance of joining.

From India, Pune
Discussion on this topic has been done many times, please look in search tab provided on the left hand side.
You can refer https://www.citehr.com/55638-differe...ter-offer.html

From India, Pune
Both agre the important letter fro recruitment process. If any candidate gets seleted for the organisation, an offer letter is provided to the hired candidate. It mentions the details like position, salary and other required document.
On the other hand, an appointment letter is provided after the offer has been accepted by the candidate. It is a document that guarantees the job of the candidate at defined terms and conditions mentioned in the appointment letter.
Know more about the difference: https://hrone.cloud/difference-betwe...-offer-letter/

From India, Noida

Dear friend,
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