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Let’s be honest, managing and regulating job profiles is not an easy task at all. Artificial intelligence is not shocking to modern people as it is the integrated functions for automated and self-regulated machinery. Gradually, artificial intelligence has made into the lives of people through use in professional fields.
One of the basic examples of artificial intelligence can be Alexa as well as Siri. However, most of the time, these artificial and self-regulated bots can also be used for hiring potential candidates in large multinational firms.
Artificial intelligence-driven machinery can up with human intelligence to some extent by observing cognitive and behavioral algorithms through keeping records about its uses in previous patterns as well.
Here are a few Recruitment areas where Artificial Intelligence should be incorporated:
1. Automated Sourcing
Overall recruitment process through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven bots can be used in 6 skeptical ways and one of those 6 uses can depict as candidate sourcing. Whether AI technology is efficiently implemented or not in a recruitment process, finding talent is the major reason behind recruiting new candidates and automated candidate sourcing can act as a pipeline in the recruitment and selection process of new potential individuals. Use of digital technology-enabled humans to find jobs in digital platforms. Currently, global business firms are using an AI-driven solution for finding new capable candidates for companies.
2. Candidate Rediscover
Sometimes potential previous candidates can get buried under the job profiles of new ones. The professional market is very challenging and fresher as well as experienced workers face a constant struggle for establishing a solid place in the professional field. Artificial intelligence-based candidate rediscovering feature assures that the pipeline of a candidate can stay for a longer period.
3. Matching Candidates
This remarkable attribute is the main feature of AI-driven platforms. Million of social profiles are available on websites of job seekers or viewers. It will not be possible for a normal human mind to track and suggest the best jobs for all those profiles which are why AI technology is used automated outsourcing process. With the help of a proper algorithm and programming process, AI-driven digital platforms can easily find the best candidate for each.
4. Recruiting remote workers
The arrays of AI-powered recruitment tools are very flexible for hiring remote workers. The candidate will not need to show a hard copy of their resumes or CVs. Remote workers also tend to show more potential than traditional workers because they are capable of managing their work on their won as well. Organizations can also have the room for using pre-employment assessment tools for remote candidates.
5. Diversity hiring
Hiring diverse candidates is a very hot topic in the field of candidate recruitment. A diverse workforce brings a lot of advantages for business firms such as employee competitiveness, creativity as well as productivity. Diversity hiring initiatives are very easy through AI-driven solutions also.
6. Analyzing facial expression
A video interview is emerging as a very intrigue solution for candidate selection which is saving a lot of time for recruiters and recruited as well. Mixing AI-powered tools for a video interview is also currently used by MNCs.
Summing up it can be stated that Artificial intelligence or AI can impose some undesired side effects in some cases. However, increased popularity and uses of AI means that it will be widespread in the recruitment landscape and is an indispensable tool in hiring, recruitments, and candidate sourcing.

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Ways And Works

It may seem like a recent trend in popular media, but Artificial Intelligence has been around for longer than we think. From banking and legal to healthcare and e-commerce, the emergence of AI across sectors has been established to the point that enterprises are no longer adopting a wait-and-watch approach as the technology matures. They’re positioning themselves as avid early adopters. The objective is straightforward – AI can be deployed to scale up efficiency like never before.
A varying range of highly-specific artificial intelligence systems has been designed and deployed across enterprises – from recruitment tools to data management systems, to elevate business efficiency, both in terms of efforts and cost. The $400 billion global recruitment industry is a keen early adopter in this context, seeing one of the fastest AI adoption rates across any sector. More than half the sector is relying on AI (56% to be precise) for recruitment, with business leaders quick to recognize the potential of AI hiring software.
Diane Gherson, CHRO at IBM agrees. “AI and automation are becoming accessible to the HR profession. In my experience, it’s enabling us to solve pervasive talent issues such as knowing our skills, preventing unwanted employee turnover, reacting quickly to employee hot spots, matching employees and external candidates with career opportunities, and creating an irresistible platform for employees to learn on the go.”
What’s powering the exceedingly high amounts of interest and excitement for AI hiring software? Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer:
Automated Tasks
One critical advantage of deploying AI is the automation of tasks that it brings to the table. From automated candidate sourcing and ranking to personalized messaging to retain prospective candidates in the pipeline, AI can automate it all. Enterprises benefit from the ability to:
Sift through millions of social media profiles,
Locate the best matches for a role,
Dispatch personalized messages, and
Even automate parts of interactions with the candidates.
Improved candidate quality
According to Monster’s 2019 Global State of the Recruiter Survey, 71% of recruiters indicated that filling a position was challenging due to candidate skills gaps. With AI, In addition to locating optimal matches, candidate rediscovery is simultaneously made elementary. AI tools can even keep a record of thousands of matches to rediscover candidates for different roles, a feat practically impossible to execute manually in a viable manner. As AI tools’ understanding of job requirements continue to evolve, screening candidates based on interest, cultural fit, values compatibility and more will become easier as well.
Reduced time-to-hire
The SHRM 2017 Talent Acquisition Benchmarking Report states that the average time-to-fill a position is 36 days. With a large number of hiring tasks – like candidate sourcing, engagement, filtration, and interviewing- going the automated route, enterprises can perceive first hand how relying on AI brings a noticeable impact to this metric. When it comes to keeping up with multiple interview appointments, candidate profiles, and resumes, AI comes in making the entire process several times more efficient.
Intelligence Lowers Costs:
Recruiters struggling to fill positions with quality candidates, coupled with high costs per hire, culminates in a fairly inefficient recruitment process. With automation, cost savings typically follow close behind. From reducing dependency on large teams to improving candidate quality, all contribute to better costs and more efficient processes. Even when it comes to remote workers, a set of pre-candidate assessing tools can assist in recruiting remote workers without hassle.
Resume Harvesting:
Resume Harvesting is a fairly manual, tedious task. While a variety of AI tools have their approach to automating this process, perhaps the most effective method is the Natural Language Processing method, which is used to identify quality resumes using boolean keyword searches. Not only does this help in easy identification, but it also assists in extraction, classification, and automation in the hiring process.
With tons of new tools and methods coming into the picture, the case for enterprise adoption of AI in recruitment is a compelling one. 2020 should see significant advancements in AI hiring software technology, cementing the argument that they’re here to stay.
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Attracting Talent
Recruitment is the life blood of an Organization. Yet talent is scarce and valuable talent is not actively seeking jobs. Candidate apprehension is further fueled by uncertainties triggered by COVID 19 so even if candidates accept a job offer they may not join . In every performance review “lack of manpower” is the reason given by the teams to explain underperformance. There is a revenue loss each day that an Organization functions without the optimum manpower.
Let us identify the key triggers that can help us to hire right and hire fast.
Research suggests that “Top candidates stay available for 10 days only before getting hired”. In most Organizations even when there is a pressure to hire – interviews are given the least priority. The relevant “best fit candidate” just becomes inaccessible due to delays. A process tweak is required here. Please do watch this video https://youtu.be/EHmYro12JE8 to explore effective ways to hire relevant, productive talent.
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that create results magical!!
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Thalha Management
Candidates have started playing with the offer. after their notice period, they don't join or they come with a new offer to negotiate their package which is already offered.

After a long struggle, we started the process of collecting a Refundable Deposit from the candidate.
So that it will be collected before the offer and will be refunded after joining the company.

So that they also will know the value of money and if they won't join we may be benefitted at least for our work.
This seems to be working.

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