Wasim Z Shaikh

Hi All, A very good afternoon to everyone, i want help in terms of training content or ideas as what all we can provide for the last mile delivery executives?
Please share your views & ideas if possible.

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Wasim Z Shaikh,
The last-mile delivery is a part of the e-commerce or food delivery business. To understand the challenges that the delivery staff faces, you need to accompany them for the food delivery or delivery of the shipments/consignments.
Most of the delivery staff are issued with the hand-held devices. You need to teach them how to handle the device, how to accept the deliveries, how to key in the information, how to generate the reports etc.
Secondly, time management is also a challenge. This is because most of the cities are overcrowded and delivery takes a time. Going further the delivery agent has to park his 2-wheeler at a place that may not be that near to the delivery address. Therefore, he loses time in walking to the doorstep.
Thirdly, you can teach them customer handling skills. This includes business etiquette, grooming and deportment etc.
Lastly, for devising the training programme, please take inputs from the Customer Service department. They will tell you why the past customers were dissatisfied. Pick up the stories from them and let the training session become story-telling session. Rather than theory, the stories always register on the mind ineffaceably.
All the best!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

To add to what Mr. Divekar has mentioned, being one of the customers at the receiving end, and also a soft skill trainer myself, following things need to be inculcated.
1. In case the delivery executive has several destinations, he should know how to read Google map effectively so that he need not criss-cross between locations but plot his delivery points in such a way that he does not waste time and vehicle fuel.
2. He should have sufficient change even many customers would have paid on-line. I have noticed several times, the delivery executives saying 'sorry sir, no change'
3. Inculcate in them the importance of customer service, the ratings that you get determine future customers. Therefore, they need to be polite, soft-talking, apologise for short delays.
4. His vehicle should be in good condition and enough fuel to last for the day.
5. His dressing etiquette should be important such as the way he dresses, his appearance etc. Some people may say, so what, how does it matter,, etc. but if you need to enhance the brand image, it is necessary that the delivery boy or executive presents himself like a professional. It does make a change in the customer perception and please remember, it is a highly competitive world. Try to be one-up always.
Best wishes

From India

Dear Wasim,
Dinesh and Sundaram have given you some valuable advice based on the limited information you have given about the scenario. Please give more details about the organisation and its activities. Also kindly take a look at https://www.capgemini.com/wp-content...Challenge1.pdf

From United Kingdom
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