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If any employee remain absent during work hours or leaves from the workplace in the middle with out informing to HR or Reporting head or reporting authority then what is the correct content for the drafting through mail?
From India, Bengaluru

You may draft appropriate warning letter, giving reference to certified standing orders of the company or HR policy on leave and post it here. We shall validate the same. Thanks
From India, Aizawl
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jyoshnapalla,
This is in addition to what Mr Radhakrishnan Nair has said. Have you received any formal communication from the HOD or Reporting Manager of the employee? If not, then tell them to send a formal mail. Secondly, check the punch-out or swipe-out records at the security. Include these details in the your show cause letter.
Mr Nair has recommended to give a warning letter. However, leaving the workplace without proper authorisation is breach of discipline and it merits giving a show cause notice. Issue of a warning letter is itself a punishment but a mild one. Let this be followed after the show cause notice.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

I agree and support the view of Mr. Divekar. However, from the querry, it is not clear
that employee's leaving the workplace is his first act of indiscipline or not. If it is his first
act, company can issue a warning letter which should also add one last sentence as
"any repetition of this act shall attract strict disciplinary action without any reference to you",
and close the case.

From India, Aizawl
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleagues,
In my view, even before thinking of any punishment like warning etc, it needs to be ascertained the facts of the acts of indiscipline.
The acts of indiscipline are absenting from and leaving the place of work without permission. The employee should be called to understand what time he left the place of work, number of hours he remained absent, what made him not to take prior permission , was there any emergency or any pressing circumstances, is he habitual rule breaker and does he admit his mistake.
After ascertaining these facts which undoubtedly will establish his acts of indiscipline, then he can be awarded appropriate punishment like verbal warning/ written warning.
In my view no showcase notice is necessary if the process of calling him to understand what went wrong is followed . Besides , if the Standing Orders are applicable to the workman, strictly speaking, no prior showcase notice is required for awarding punishment of written warning .
I am stressing here the need for fairness in ascertaining the facts of such aberrations before jumping to any conclusion about awarding punishment.

From India, Mumbai

Very nice & thanks for your information.
From India, Pune
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