Sleeping while on duty is a very serious issue and sets a very bad example for other colleagues and can have direct impact on business. No provision is made for the employees to sleep during lunch break. However, In factories where operations are round the clock / Odd hours shift change etc. Provision is made in some of such factories as a welfare measure to retain their productivity.
Management can definitely come up with a notice clearly communicating sleeping at workplace as not acceptable and also disciplinary action that follow for repeating such behavior. If the employee repeats the same behavior explanation may be sought and appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. Sleeping on duty is defined as a Misconduct under Model standing orders.

From India, Bangalore
You can sleep during your lunch hours without exceeding the given time, as small naps tends to refresh your brain so that you can be productive for the remaining work hours.
I hope you find this information useful.
If u have any queries regarding labour laws please feel free to contact me @8356832404

From India, Thane
Hi Team
Humans getting exhausted is usual, Taking a shot naps will make them fresh and work better.
But the question is why will I sleep?
Because no enough work?
Your work place is having no activity center?
If the employees just come to work and there is no place for activity then usually employees get board.
If team is not interacting ?
It should be helpful, we should start working on these 3 areas first.
Thank you
Aditya Varma

From India, Hyderabad
This cannot be attributed to "Sleeping on duty". One hour is granted to him/her for
availing rest. During the rest interval he /she is taking food and/or taking rest, with
or without closing eyes.
Hence sleeping while on rest is not an offence under factories act.
Let him/her enjoy his/her 100% rest interval.

From India, Aizawl
Sleeping at approved break timings are acceptable as per law.
However, if your certified standing rules specifies as it is not acceptable and which is approved by concerned factory inspectors, then you can take an action as specified in that.
Good luck.

From India, Mumbai
The issue at hand is of a official break being utilized by the employee for sleep / rest / recovery. The standing orders of NOT SLEEPPING ON THE JOB are correct but apply when the employee is actually at WORK / on a MACHINE / Production floor / WORK AREA designated by the company for doing company's activity. However if the employee is only sleeping during the period of the break and not on Production floor (SAFETY CONCERN is FIRST TOP PRIORITY) and it does not hamper others who are not on break, such naps / rests are perfectly ok. The only concern here should be that the rest must not take place in a production zone / designated unsafe areas / besides equipment that is working or may start working any time.
From India, Pune
As per Factories Act, there has to be a specified rest room in which a worker takes a nap, I think it is allowed.
From India, Pune
My question to kritarth consultancy, that one cannot sleep during his or her working hour. Just need to know that, is there any secrion or clause that speaks of not allowing emoyee to sleep in break hour?.
From India, Ahmedabad
Dear Team
Actually , Slumber is good for Health if you give authority to take this scheme might be get misusing organisation time punctuality .
But i recommend to getting slumber by the way of controlled .

From India, Madurai
Taking into account the legality in the event of any untoward incident or accident during the sleeping time in the rest interval and the practical issues such as who would wake them up and what is the answer if he says that his work is so tiresome and hence needs some more time to rest, it is better to rethink before permitting sleep during rest interval irrespective of the fact what so ever posted in this discussion. It all would get culminated in undesirable and unwanted difference of opinion and litigations. Hence, better not to encourage sleeping during rest interval. More over, a person would become habituated to this pattern of sleep as a regular course due to physical set apart from causing an unhealthy working atmosphere.
Willington Jebaraj P

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