An employee is normally required to work for 8 hours a day. However after a continuous work for 5 hours or as per the standing orders of the company, the employee is given a rest interval for a duration of half an hour or an hour as the case may be.During the rest interval the employee is supposed to take rest at the designated place (rest shelter) provided by the company and this rest includes sleeping also. The rest is declared officially and legally and during this period management cannot take any action other than involvement of such employee in theft ,riotous behavior or any such illegal activities which an employee is not supposed to get involved.
Sleeping on duty is a misconduct while on duty but not during rest interval.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Lunch hours usually a part of General Shift duty and sleeping on such a short period of time is varies person to person. It is certainly not a violation of disclipenary parameters. In corporate/ city offices, lot of employees usually waste their potential energy by chatting over mobile phone. Comparatively, sleeping on lunch hours is more acceptable.
However, there should be some restrictions if the said habit affect productivity.

From India, Kolkata
dear vidhya,
Employees is sleeping on the lunch time it is acceptable, and also talking with phone and chatting with colleagues, roaming outside,Etc.
Everything is acceptable only at the lunch time & Tea time.
with regards
T.Vijay MBA,.
HR- Manager

From India, New Delhi
Dear Vidhya,
There are never ending arguments over the issue. The practice differs from country to country and employer to employer. Employers consider sleeping on duty as an important issue and mention it in the standing orders or employee hand book. Depending upon the nature of work, it may vary from employer to employer.
If the employer provides paid lunch break he has control over the employee and can insist not to sleep or sleep during break time. Nature of work is also to be considered. For instance a truck driver on a long trip is insisted to take a break and sleep for definite hours without which he may be a danger to himself and even to others on the road. Even in India some of the drivers of parcel services are to park their trucks aside and sleep between 1 and 3 p.m. during which most accidents used to happen.
If not paid for, employees are on their own time at break and they may sleep or do whatever they want but not in the work area.
Sleeping in the offices gives an unprofessional appearance which is not acceptable at any cost. However realizing that it may boost morale and improve productivity some companies have policies to allow employees to take napping breaks during duty hours. On the other hand some companies on hazardous operations are quite strict and use video surveillance to check those who sleep on the job even during lunch break. Those who are caught are subjected to disciplinary actions. This is to ensure that employees are available or not missed during any emergency if occurs.
At construction sites sleeping is strictly prohibited even during lunch break because of safety reasons. Especially in inclement weather any employee taking a nap there will be considered as sick and ambulance will be called for. Heat related illness is so serious at such sites and its management is different.
In certain jobs sleeping at work is not only permitted but encouraged. Where work is extremely demanding flexible time schedules are given. However in such cases employers provide sleeping area and materials for employees, such as a couch and even blankets.
In conclusion there is no hard and fast rule on this.
However if your office is kept open and employees are permitted to sleep in their seats during break time it will be an unpleasant scene for the visitors. They will be seeing most of the employees in their seats sleeping, snoring and a few of them keeping their mouth fully opened and in awkward positions. You can imagine of the impression it will give.
If your premises are not in hazardous zone and if you can afford a separate rest room; there is nothing wrong in permitting the employees to take a nap during their break time.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
If someone sleep during working hours except break hours, its punishable. Regards, Santosh Kakde
From India, Kolkata
Please read the history and evolution of Human Resource as a Job Role. During world war, british men were engaged in war. There was no manpower available to keep manufacturing armaments and other industrial production. Therefore women were drafted. The supervisors in the factories started exploiting the people for higher productivity and they were not given any kind of rest. Due to public protest, Welfare officers were appointed. From then so many changes and modifications to the rules and laws were introduced to stop exploitation of labour. According to labour laws, people engaged in physical activities or work, need to take a break after every four hours. If there is an eight-hour shift,, an hour's break or at least 30 minute break is given for the workers. What they do in the break is none of the manager's business. When the second bell or buzzer goes off they have to be back at the work spot. That is all. Therefore, please do not play the role of a stooge of the management and find out what they do and what they should not do. HR role is to stay neutral and do the balancing act.. If you are a HR person, please go through the origin and evolution of HR. Read, Maslow's theory, Adam's theory etc. Best wishes
From India
Dear Colleagues,
Some members have commented on sleeping while on duty while the query was whether sleeping during lunch hours is acceptable or not.
Somebody has also said about paid and unpaid lunch break which is unheard of in law and practice.
Some have made unnecessary distinction between allowing sleeping only at rest rooms and not at work place during lunch break. Big organizations provide for rest rooms but in several MSEs where about 100 workers work, because of space crunch are unable to provide rest rooms and therefore, workers eat and sleep/ rest at work place during lunch break.
Obviously, sleeping while on duty may be punishable but making any rule restricting or prohibiting employees to engage in any leisure activities during lunch break is against the grain of sound human relations. I share the view that any leisure activity including sleeping during lunch break may be acceptable within boundaries of commonsense and decency.
Vinayak Nagarkar.
HR- Consultant.

From India, Mumbai
If the the lunch break is out side 8 hours duty then employee can sleep. However if the organisation is allowing lunch time from duty hours then NO.
From India, Chandigarh
I have read your post. It solved some aspects of the problem. I think you need to make the problem clearer
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From Vietnam, Hanoi
Dear Friends,
I fully agree with the opinion expressed by Mr Divekar & Mr Nagrkar. The term "Break" means break from duty, it does not mean "On Duty this point is very clear. While on break some of the employees go out of work place meaning thereby that they are not on duty. Employees who stay near by to their place of work go to their homes to take lunch. Can we stop that, the answer is no.
Please note that the big factories having residential colony for their employees allow them to go to their houses in the colony during break for taking lunch & rest. Even Factories Act has mandatory provision for providing rest room to the employees to take rest during shift hours.
Standing orders treat sleeping while on duty as offence & not otherwise.
Warm Regards
Bharat Gera
HR Consultant

From India, Thane

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