HI, I worked for one company for 10 months, because of work place harassment i sent email to my management and even spoke to GM and relieved . unable to serve notice period because of harassment of staff.
Because of my work and education they literally need me to continue in their company, however due to my career prospects and harassment at work place made me leave the company. its been a month they tried retained me to company, i did not accept to join.
I moved to Bangalore and now they started sending staff to my home to inquire and asking my family members to call them. I spoke to employer and said i am not willing to continue, for that to my shock they are telling i have asked one of their customer to go for court if they wont get refund of the services, I have never said like that. they are creating rumors and harassing me a lot. I cant able to concentrate on my work because of this. I told previous employer, if they have proof for what i said to customer i asked them to proceed legally.
I am very sure they are lieing and frightening me since i have not joined them back.
I am still worried what if in case they create a false proof and trouble me.
Kindly advise me based on your experience please.

From India, Bengaluru
Dear member,
If you have boldly told your ex-employer that you have not done anything wrong they can sue you for the wrongdoing, then why are you scared?
In fact, you could have clarified your stand but challenging your ex-employer to go to court was not required. You could have avoided that.
If you have moved from the city where you worked and if you are working in some another city, then tell your family members not to disclose your workplace address or new home address. Secondly, keep off from social media like Linkedin, Facebook. Do not disclose your whereabouts. In fact, you may deactivate your profile on job portal like naukri also.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
My understanding on the situation is as follows;
You have resigned from the company due to workplace harassment, but haven't served the notice period.
The company has been sending people to meet your family members and have been asking your family members to call them.
After your confirmation to your ex-employer, they have accused you to telling one of their customers to approach the court for a service refund.
Legally, your ex-employer cannot do much except claim for damages for not serving the notice period with them. For this, if you have e-mail or written correspondence on having reported your workplace harassment to your ex-employer when you had been in service, this would help. This is because when you report harassment at the workplace, the company is supposed to share with you their findings and conclusion on the inquiry conducted. If this has not been done, then it means that they did not pay any heed to your complaint and this created circumstances for you to resign and leave without serving the notice period.
About the company approaching your family, this becomes a civil issue as your family members are not employees of your ex-employer. A complaint at the local police station by your family members can take care of this.
As for the accusation against you by your ex-employer, this is after your resignation. Instead of accusing you of not serving the notice period, if they prefer to make such an allegation of misinforming the customer for maligning their image, it becomes clear that this is a case of retaliation. This should not be difficult to prove in the court of law. So, it's better you just continue with your life and let then come over with the evidence they would like to present when they want to. You can engage a lawyer then.

From India, Bengaluru
Paid-employment is neither slavery nor bonded labor. If the work culture or work environment is not suitable according to his personal preferences, the employee has always the liberty to put down his papers; the employer has no locus-standi to coerce or influence him to reverse his decision. But the employee should, in such a situation, make it sure that he complies with the unilateral termination clause of his contract of employment. The post stops with the employee's inability to serve the notice period apart from his resignation through e-mail and conversation with the G.M. It is silent about his attempt to buy-out or to get waiver of the notice period, acceptance or rejection of his resignation or formal relief by the employer. So the possible inference is that he left the organization immediately after his resignation through e-mail without awaiting the response of the management. Thus it becomes a case of abandonment of job. People will always fight with their adversary's weakness in all the possible ways and not strength. If the above presumption is factually correct, the poster may consider meeting the CEO of the previous organization, explain the reasons for his sudden exit convincingly and obtain a formal relieving orders even by paying the notice salary.
From India, Salem
As per Mr.Umakanthan Sir, statement is right & please go a head. Try to get the relieving order, if you are not able to get your relieving order from previous employer and the same disturbance is there, you better make a complaint to concern ACL / JCL Officers to get amicable solutions.

From India, Coimbatore

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