My Question is How to calculate employee attrition rate and any standard formula to calculate attrition rate. with regards M.Ramu Executive-H.R
28th November 2007 From India, Hyderabad

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Ramu, You can find out the attrition percentage by the below method. No: of People Resigned / Current Head count + New Joinees - No: of People resgined. Regards Raj
28th November 2007 From India, Trivandrum
(Number of Seperations during the Period Divided by Average Number of Employees during the period) * 100
Average number of Employees during the period = (Number of employees at the beginning of the period plus number of employees at the end of a period) divided by 2
28th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Ramu, Please refer to this document for finding the Attrition Rate,I have come across this in CITEHR itself. Regards, Ravi.
29th November 2007 From India, Vijayawada

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You can calculate using to below formula.
No of employees left : X
No of employees Joined : A
Opening head count during that period: B
Average head count (C) : A+B / 2
Attrition = X/C * 100
29th November 2007
Hi Ravi & Khyat,
I have doubt dealing with the following. internal promotion for career progression which creates vancancy for same profile and employees moving to another another business of the same company.
Even when calculating the new joinees do we need to take only the permanent employees or even take contracted one. kindly explain me.
If you have an answer kindly post me updated thru
Karthikeyan C
28th February 2009 From India, Madras
I guess the simple way should be:
First take out the Average Headcount (Opening Headcount + Closing Headcount/2)
Quaterly Attrition = Number of people Attrited/Average Headcount * 4
Annualy Attrition = Number of People Attrited/Average Headcount * 12
Hope this helps
28th June 2010 From India, New Delhi
with request to provide information on how to calculate attrition and manpower turnover
6th July 2017 From India, Vadodara
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