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Thread Started by #unusual_indu

Respected Seniors and dear colleagues

First of all let me thank you all for your replies to my previous posts .

I am facing a problem that all other members of the HR fraternity might have faced at least once in their career .The same old problem of an employee who has left the company without serving a notice period or without giving any prior intimation to the HR department or management.

The said employee has joined another company and has updated his resume on one of the job portals which clearly indicates that either the background verification from their end was not strong enough or the management/HR is not bothered about the relieving letter from the previous company or he has cooked some amazing story to justify his irresponsible behaviour towards work

Can we all HR professionals join hands together that we will try our level best to ensure that the employee submits his/her relieving letter/resignation acceptance when he/she joins an organisation

I know we all HR professionals work under tremendous recruitment pressures wherein we have to fill up vacancies in every department and that too within strict deadlines and sometimes we have little or no option than to recruit someone who is the best match to the job with/without the relieving letter.But I am also aware about companies who are ethical and also have strong background checks in place

All said and dome employees still manage to quit and subsequently join a company without going through any kind of exit formalities .These are the people who tend to fake their cvs ,steal letterheads from companies and make false experience certificates.End of the day when a company gets to know about the particular employee the entire blame comes on HR as to how he/she could miss out on those details and HR is held responsible for that.................They put the company's reputation and business interest at stake but they succeed in fulfilling their own interests ..is it fair ?

Lets all of us join hands together to stop these unethical practices

I am looking forward to a positive response from all you esteemed HR professionals

I also invite your views/suggestions/comments on the same

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
All the formalities from employee side is perfect, a perfect contributor, hard working person, serving properly for the notice period....
Now, if the company is not relieving properly, and when referred to the other company for x employer reference they are giving false and unethical information.....
Is it right............
Why they have to spoil the future career of the employee who worked loyally to the company............
This is the foremost reason why these kind of exit happens..............
Seniors please discuss about this..............
Started this on behalf os suffering hard working employees.......
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Mr Venilla
Thank you so much for your inputs
I would just like to point out that there are 2 sides of a coin always .The situation you have described is also true ,it happens I support you if you take in an employee based on such a kind of feedback
But tell me the situation I have described is it irrelevant? or it doesnt happen at all ?and the reason you have cited is that the only reason why an employee goes absconding from a company?
I invite your views /suggestions and comments on the same
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
The Management is not ready to pay as much what the next company is ready to pay for them....
The company is also not ready to relieve them properly..................
Many employees are suffering a lot and it is exspecially happening in SMB's...
Let us invite examples and experiences various members of our citehr team...
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
As far as IT industry is concerned we cannot help it.
As an employer we must ensure that we take employees (Recruit) with proper Relieving Order.This will increase employee commitment and respect towards the company .
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
Hi Indu,
The incidents you have come out happening..........
But why it happens...............
Mostly because of the manangement..............
Politics............ Partiality................Less pay and recognition compared
to the less contributing and less productive employees...........
Giving importance to the informer rather than the performer.............
It should not................
Make the employees comfortable...........
Give perfect Job roles and responsibilities...........
Make them highly productive.............
Do the best you can.....................
Let the employees be happy in spite of heavy work................too....
See the market........... Pay ewual to the market ..................
Give importance to the production and not to the degrees and experience........
Seniors if I am not right .... Please comment from your end.........
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Mr Vennila

If now I put forward a question that inspite of providing all these to an employee if he/she goes absconding then ?...It is the right of every individual to look for better opportunities.Can we ever promise any employee that we will always pay you higher than the market rate or provide you a job that you will completely enjoy .Perhaps no .So there is no problem if an employe changes a job but the only thing expected out of him is to follow the policies otherewise there is no use of having a policy for notice period .Anybody can leave the organisation one fine morning saying that I am not happy with the pay or the job role ....

The least that we expect from an employee is serving a notice period and getting a clean exit

Do you think we are expecting too much from an employee ?

Just to add to this in our company any employee leaving the organisation gracefully is given a farewell party and is handed over his releiving letter,experience certificate and also a gift like a blazer or suit ,or dress material or something.Most of our employees get a clean exit from the company barring thses few stray cases who hamper the tempo of the work

I have started this discussion to safeguard the interests of an HR professional and also to create awareness so that tomorrow no HR professional like me is a victim of such unethical practices and not to point out mistakes

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Vennila Natarajan,

Kudos to your input!!!. Your explanation is really an eye opener. Yes I totally agree with your viewpoints.

In fact one of my friend was a victim of harrasment from the managment (and in fact the HR was so worst, in the sense that he could not handle the so called grievance handling, counselling or any of the 'H' of HR) in one ofthe BPO company he was hired for.

He was asked to report for duty (for the position of Eexcutive Secretary) after thorough interview. CEO and HR did the interview and offered him the job after making him to sign the bond. Later on no proper job was assigned to my friend. In fact this was brought to the notice of HR, the HR very vaguely said that wait for some more time. My friend literally ran from pillar to post to know as to what exactly his nature of job and why there is no job to do but it was helpless.

one find day the hr called in his chamber and told that since there is no much work for him, he can leave the job and the hr handed him over the termination letter.

Now, Seniors pl. tell me is this fair from the mgmt point of view ?? if there is no job why he was offered the job? and later why the hr issued him the termination letter. in fact this company has given my friend sleepness nights.

Ms. Indrani, can you kindly say what we have to do with these kind of unethical practise being adopted by the managment and HR?????


28th November 2007 From India, Bangalore
The situation is literally painful as a HR Executive
Giving terminations are not so easy as a HR Executive. It is a stressful and painful situation and if it is going to be to a person with no proper reasons then it is not ethical to do the Termination.
In some companies (where there is no real passion and respect for the value of human resource these kinds of politics keeps going . Its better as a HR , we should be trying to highlight to the management that it is not good for company's future . Every human has the right to be treated with dignity and respect .
Its high time that the person has not wasted his/her career in the so called company . It is my request that as a HR , we should be able to study the company's culture (We can know to some extent while interviews ) and people before we step into the company .Everyone have the dream to excel in their career but with right spirit and at the right place.
With Regards
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
The incident you have portrayed is really painful .
The employees should be able to grow in a result oriented environment . The employee should be able to work in a enthusiastic, energetic people and its a difficult situation to work with people who plays lot of politics.
Its good that the guy has come out of the company since it may lead to more emotional /unwanted situations which makes anybody dull and painful .
Its better he searches an organisation where human resource is respected and knows the value of it .Definitely he will be able to grow in such a kind of environment even with lot of work pressures.
With Regards
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Mr Gururaj

Thank you so much for your inputs . I am not saying that these things dont happen in the industry and its ethical .A huge number of employees are kept on bench in big It companies ,even they go through such a kind of situation and its absolutely right on the part of the employee to leave the job and look for a change

If you ask for my suggestion then I would say they should document all the communication to the managmeent and Hr regading this and put forward the same to the prospective employer so that he can show reason to take such a step .

All I am trying to say is "is this the only reason for an employee to go absconding?" If yes then we should not have a system of "serving a notice period" nad if "no then lets concentrate on the employees who leave the organisation without giving any prior notice to the management and get accepted in other organisations without relieving letter (or by showing a false one"

What would have done in my situation when an employee was given a 40% salary hike as increement a month before he left,was given 14 days leaves for diwali and after coming back from vacation he took the diwali gift vouchers the sweets and then just left the company.

This is one stray incident in the organisation and has not happened before,so the managment on good faith has taken up a project from a client based on his commitments

Tell me what are your views on the same ?

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
What everyone is used to is HR with a scowling face and an iron fist. How about making a conscientious effort to change our image to a smiling face and kind heart? Perhaps that would really make a difference in the attitude of the employees towards HR as well.

It would be difficult to generalize situations, because each case of separation is unique in some way or other. But what we CAN do is to call the HR manager of the new joinee's previous organization and check about the employee's past employment. In the worst case scenario, he or she might refuse to divulge any information, and might even give some wrong feedback. But then you should only be doing a check of the duration of employment and the reason for separation at this stage, and nothing beyond that. And yes, if you are the one receiving a similar call, please be frank enough to say that the employee did (or did not) stay with the organization for the duration claimed by him or her, and if necessary state that the separation was amicable or not. With the large number of members this forum has, we could easily enlist many HR peofessionals' support for this movement.

Any differing views on this?
28th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Raj

I am verry happy to see your response and I absolutely agree with you that the situation may differ every time an employee is leaving an organisation without a notice but the crux of the matter is if the employee doesnt have sufficient reason to support this kind of an action then the Hr of the prospective company should probe a little into the matter and find out the reasons for the same and take necessary actions

I expected this kind of support from the seniors as well as my fellow Hr professionals as I thought there is an HR or an union leader or may be both in a company to protect the interests of an employee but there is no one in the organisation to protect the interest of the HR as an employee Hence when something like this happens it is most likely the Hr person seeks help in open forums like these from fellow HR professionals

Thank you for the suggestion of wearing a smile on the face while I greet the employees in the morning(I usually do that:).I believe that it brings in positive vibes among the employees if they find their HR approachable

Thank you once again for the post

Best Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
We cannot force any employee to remain with the company and we cannot even expect them to tell us in advance that they are looking for a job change. So accepting this phenomenon as a reality, we must seek alternative paths to compensate for the loss of manpower.

Companies must go out and tap even the rural population, graduates, post graduates and impart training to absorb them later as full time employees. This is what TCS is doing for instance.

Such candidates are more loyal and tend to stick with the company for long.

Also, more and more emphasis must be given on hiring women candidates. studies and observations have proved that they tend to stay longer with the company if their basic needs are taken care of.

Effective communication is the ultimate key.When leaders fail to communicate clearly and openly, the void is filled by information from other sources which can be very beneficial for rumour mongers

Temping is also handy.

We should stop losing our sleep over such issues because even we have right to live a tension free life. Proactive measures such as those mentioned above will prove beneficial in the long run

Hope this makes some sense.


29th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Frends,
First of all, I should congratulate Indu for starting a good discussion.From what I've seen from the above discussions, there have been people who speak from the management side/ employee side/ or in between the two.
I truly agree with the fact that if the employee is not happy with the job/company, he can for sure leave his job.However, it is jus moral responsibility, that he abides by the Appointment order terms & conditons.We as HR persons may try to stop the employee from leaving, however even in that case if the employee is adamant to leave, we should releive him, as per the appointment order terms again.
It is justified from both the employee & employer perspective, that we follow the appointment order terms to maintain a good atmosphere.Infact, we are doing nothing wrong/inhuman but merely following an agreement that was made before.
I hope i've made my point clear.
29th November 2007 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Ms Sonal
Thank you for your views on a long term perspective.Whether female employees are more loyal than their counterparts is a different debate altogether and I would not like to comment on that but I agree with you when you say that candidates from suburbs or small towns are usually more loyal for the 1st 2-3 yrs of their service .After spending 2-3 yrs in the corporate world they also become a part of the corporate culture(my understanding of the same)
Keep posting
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Mr Ravi
Thank you so much for your valuable comments.I absolutely agree with you that is the duty of both the parties the employers as well as the employees to stick to the agreement vide the appointment letter.Exceptions are always there from both the parities but we should aim at streamlining the process as much as possible by bringing these discussions on open forums and hsaring them with fellow members of the HR fraternity
Thank you once again
Best Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Indrani,
I guess I was not clear when talking about female employees. I never mentioned they are more loyal vis-a-vis male counterparts. Its just that I mentioned they tend to stick longer with the company once their basic needs such as posting (generally they want posting in the same place as their spouse),child care, flexi-time schedules etc. are taken care of.
Research has proved this.
29th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms Sonal I am sorry if I have misinterpreted your statement but all I wanted to say is its is a diffrent debate altogether Thanks and Regards Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
It is become very common, employees absconding with out serving the notice period, particularly in IT companies. But we have to think in the other angel.
When we recruit a person to our company, Are we giving him the necessary time to join? We have our own dead line and we ask them to join ASAP.
Most of the companies have 30 to 60 days as notice period and our project cannot wait till that time, and we ask them to join even without proper relieving from the current company. The same thing happens when they leave our comapny also.
We cant really stop this, But we can reduce this by adopting a good recruitment policy. The recruitment plan has to be made well in advance and the recruiters should be given with enough time to close the positions.

29th November 2007
Dear Mr Karthik

Thank you for your valuable comments .I absolutely agree with you that MPP has to be very strong so that we can plan the recruitment activities well in advance .The policies differ from organisation to organisation but I can say only one thing, in our organisation we sometimes ask the candidate to negotiate on the notice period and in certain cases we buy out the notice period as well but we dont take in people without relieving letter or at least the resignation letter accpted by the HR or managment .

In my earlier posts also I have mentioned that all of us are vworking under tremendous pressures of recruitment and it becomes worse when an employee goes absconding ,it becomes a chain reaction an employee leaves our organisation and joins another without relieving letter then I feel the pressure from the managment and technical team to get someone on board within 7 days and then I try to recruit people who can negotiate out with the notice period and may be the HR of another company with whom the employee tries to negotiate the notice period faces a problem.

All I want to say is in this entire cycle of events it is we the HR professionals and the employees who are facing a problem .Lets take some corrective actions from our part so that the employees are also happy we are also happy and the managemnt is also happy .

I know the kind of situation I am a talking about might be practically impossible but even if we achieve 50% success in this then also it will be beneficial for all of us

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Actually there is quite a lot we can acheive if we as responsible HR executives take stand on certain issues. It will not only make lives easier for us, but also put India back on the right track.
29th November 2007
Dear Ms Ruchika
Thank you for such a wonderful thought provoking comment.
Even if one single HR professional thinks about revising his/her views on the relieving letter issue then I will think this post is not a wastage of time and effort
Keep posting
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear All,

Please forgive me for sounding judgemental here. But I feel, everyone is only looking at their particular experience and not trying to understand why and what Indu said.

This isnt about Seniors and Juniours. This is not about Management and Hardworking employees either.

Its about Ethics. It is about Integrity. It is about respect and committment.

When an employee joins an organization, they are subject to the culture, the politics, the ethos and the rules and regulations of that company.

If they are dissatisfied by the salary, job profile, company culture, management decisions or anything else that impacts them in the organization, then they have all the right to pusue a better option and move on.

But no matter what their grudges , complaints or problems with the company or management, no matter how much better the next option maybe for their career, THEY ARE BEING UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL AND IRRESPONSIBLE if they do not follow the proper exit procedures and rules. There is absolutely no excuse for that.

And it is true that the HR executives, especially those who are in the recruitment and staffing roles, too many of them, behave in the above manner, rendering the entire recruitment industry "unprofessional" in the process.

The example being given by Guru....it is again the same unscruplous recruitment executives, not taking responsibility of their decisions, and not bothering that someone will suffer because of their irresponsibility.

Indu has raised an important point in my view, lets forget hierarchy levels and commit to highest levels of responsibility and professionalism in our HR roles.


29th November 2007 From India, Delhi
Dear Cite Members,

After going through the entire thread, I would say that to ensure that the recruitment, relieving and the joining process is smooth and ethical it is the responsibility of all of us and not just the employee or recruiter.

- The Recruiting firm i.e. the potential employer should follow ethical ways of recruitment. Proper reference check shuld be done, relieving papers should be asked for and a reasonable time frame should be given for joining.

Now here, it becomes the responsibility of the current employer to provide honest feedback & supporting docs.

- The employee should resign and give reasonable notice and ensure that all his responsibilities are delegated. After doing so, he would receive his relieving documents from the company.

Briefly, the entire process is inter linked. Things need to be improved at all the ends only then can we help each other.

It is like a chain wherein all of us are linked to each other and we have to follow ethical ways at our end and thus rest of the things will automatically fall in place.

Lets help each other and enusre that we make the Recruitment Industry the most ethical one.

Thoughts/Suggestions invited.



29th November 2007 From India, Delhi
Dear Mr/Ms Marut
I dont have enough words to thank you for this wonderful post .You have exactly portrayed on this post what I wanted to say
Keep posting your valuable views
Best Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Gururaj
First of all your friend might have received appointment letter stating designation & also job responsibilities along with his reporting persons details.
Also appointment letter states that both the parties are bound by some period before exit whether it is resignation by employee or termination by employer.He can mail these details to higher authority of that company & get it resolved.
Solution by Co. can be on HR by making policies clear else by paying him for that specified days in appointment letter.
If he has not received above details from Co. before joining why did he signed bond for the level of "Executive Secretary".Now its too late to wake up.
29th November 2007
Hi All,

I think that being HR professionals we all wud agree to the fact that in HR there can be no rules and theories. Every case has to be treated differently. What holds good for one may not hold good for the other.

In case of relieving and joining of employees, I believe HR plays a very hypocrite role. At the time of joining we all want the person to come on board as soon as yesterday, but in case of relieving we want to stick to him for eternity. This is very very wrongs. Rules have to be same in both cases.

Moreover, looking for a job or changing job is everyone's right. We can not question the same. As an employer the only check that we should do is the Check on his tenure and salary. In most of the cases the last company may not always give a positive feedback if asked about the person. It is we as a new employer who have to acess the person's capability before offering him a job, rather than accepting blindly what has been told by his previous company.

If we like the person and think he is capable then feedback from the last organizations should only be restricted to his work experience (tenure) and his salary and also if he has any dues on the company.

Or in other case we all HR professionals should stop persuading people to join early and should appreciate their serving the complete notice with the current company !!!!!


29th November 2007 From United States
Hi Indu,
I have also noticed that employees also exit without a notice period because of the lack of knowledge about it. They just have not been told properly during their resignation. I am facing a stranger problem here.
We are an NBFC. There are a whole lot of people who have left with no notice period since they were harassed by the rogue manager inspite of being performers. They are asking for dues/relieving letters etc. , I have no idea what to do. I handle the region, while decisions have to be made at the HO. I have taken the trouble of speaking to all of them. Sent in a report to the HO. Have not heard ever since.
29th November 2007 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms Nandita

Thank you for your comments .I guess you are in deep trouble .My suggestion to you is please have a word with the manager first.Dont point fingers at him at the initial lvele of discussion justry to probe in to the matter to find out how true are the complaints,that are being put forward by the employees.Discuss about his relationship with other team members etc .If you find that the complaints are true then after taking management into confidence take a strict action on him like a warning letter in writing

You have already taken an appropriate action by sending a report to the HO.If you have not heard from them for anyreason whtasoever you are left with one option escalate the matter further forward the same report to the higher authority

But the most important step is keep communicating to the employees that you are probing into the matter and you will try to resolve this issue .If possible give them daily updates on what actions you have taken on this issue

Since they are performers you should try to convince them to stay back but still if they refuse then co operate with them in exit process and start looking for their replacements.There can be no employee whose substitute cannot be found so Iam sure you will get their replacements soon.

I wish you all the best and I hope my post makes sense to you

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Ms Radha
First of all your post makes little or no sense to me.Let me point out that you have some personal grudges with an HR professional/professionals you have faced in your career and for some reason(god knows what) it has left a bitter taste on your tongue and you are just trying to vent it out on this community.My suggestion to you is whatever it may be get it sorted out with your Hr dont carry baggages with you :)
Lets come to the discussion of CTC it means cost to company,and includes all expenses that an employer makes on the employee,the contribution to provident fund is also an expense for the employer and hence it is shown in the CTC
If you love whatever was done in the past then I must say you are unwilling to accept changes and "people who dont change with time they get extinct"
I invite your views /suggestions and feedback which has relevance to this topic :)
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
You are right Indrani
We have take hard step towards absconding employess and join another organization with the help of fake documents and commitment.
So guys do not wait take hard step because these kind of employee giving bad name to your company in corporate world.
29th November 2007 From India, Delhi
Dear Ms Radha
Thank you so much for your comments .Once again your post has got no relevance to the topic....Osama bin laden and george Bush .....?????????
I dont think you dont really understand the value of an HR professional in an organisation or rather refuse to accept just because you had some problem someday with some unfortunate HR.You are just trying to generalise things Ms Radha
Keep posting ...your posts might seem interesting to other cite HR members
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Mr Rajwind
Thank you so much for your comments.This post has been an eye opener for me as Mr Gururaj has pointed out there are situations where an employee is also harrassed by the employer,but in rest of the cases where the employees play with the rules and regulations of the company its high time we join hands together to create a more ethical and healthy recruitmnet scenario
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
You have a very serious disconnect, the discussion here ir for proper exit of employees.....lets stick to the same. Moreover if you have issues pertaining to policies of HR you can might as well try and bring about some change to the system instead of cribbing.
The term CTC itself is self explanatory...it means Cost to the Company. Even the employer contribution is a cost incurred by a company so why should it not be included in the CTC. Moreover the breakup of the CTC is always given at the time of joining...so as a professional it is your responsibility to go through the same and clarify the doubts if any in the beginning.
If any thing is hidden then you can call it cheating but if you have every thing on paper and still you dont check then its ur mistake you can not take HR responsible for the same.
29th November 2007 From United States
Dear Mr Anurag I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making an attempt to keep this post professional. Keep posting Thanks and Regards Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
HI Indrani,
Let me congratulate you for a very good post.. interesting thread...
Dear Ms Radha,
Kindly come out of your Trauma ..
If you have any doubts about CTC, chk it with us
If you have any psychological traumas go to a Psychiatrist..
My advice is try meditation...you will overcome it...
Requesting you not to pollute the posts ever again..
29th November 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sari Frankly speaking I am becoming a fan of your posts .You have hit the bull’s eye Thank you so much for the input Best regards Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Indrani,
I agree with you when you say that someone has to forge a change. This is a relatively new company and if some rogues happen to tarnish their image, it is left to us, in the HR, to try and make matters a little better for our employees.
I have the blessings from the HO. I guess it will take them some time to make a decision. I am prepared to send the employees an update every few days. These are people who have already left. The manager has already been asked to tone down his behavior to no avail. I am liike - step 2, plan B.
Any department is made by the people working in it. Whether it is HR or Sales or Operations. It is only when we see it in the whole that the real picture comes forward. Therefore, Radha, it is not fair to say HR is bad news. You might have had a lousy experience, I have not. I have worked with some of the best in the profession with great feedback from our internal customers! I have learnt and grown this way!
Its great chatting to you all!
29th November 2007 From India, Bangalore
I agree with you... we follow procedures for employee exit and we have exit interview process
29th November 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Ms Nandita
Nice to know you have already crossed one step and you are on step 2 :)
Now I guess you can send a written warning to the manager and also make him responsible for any work/project kept pending because the members in his team left abruptly .If I assume only the managers behaviour towards the team members is the only cause of this horrible situation then make him do the share of work your old employees where supposed to do
I hope this helps you
Secondly thank you for putting an appropriate comment for Ms Radha
Please feel free to get in touch with me for further discussions
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
no doubt looking for the better opportunities is the right of every employee and you know we can not only give the onus to the organzation. many a times it happen that it is the basic problem with the employee attitude or sometimes it does happen that people in the orgnization itself mislead new employee mainly by feeding them wrong information about the appriasals, polices, leavs etc.

so i thng best and implied induction should be given to the new recruits before actually they join hands with the other employees of the orgnization.

secondly a mentoring system should be developed in the orgn to which the employee can share his griefs, success, problems realed to orgn and a mentor can realy understand by listening to him the intesity of trouble if any he is facing and thus he would be able to intimte the mgt regarding theis so hr can take backup actions or they can look into the matter asap.

other things whihc can be done is taking orgn feedbacks from the employees on at least bi-annually basis so that the exact position can come up to the surface level.

moreover the hr should do a trend analysis as to if people are leaving then in which department the attrition is generally escalated. and certainly the root cause of the problem can be found. hr can have one to one discussions, can take reveiws of new recruits from the people working out there.

regarding the checking of the background of the employee, making pseudos cv and things like that i belive that to a great extent it is the interviews skill to judge a person at the time of talking to him and nowdays u can also make a person undergo various type of psychomatric tests that can help orgn to judge the person's inner self and how much importance does he give to orgn commitment. 16 PF may be used.

i thing above initiatives from the orgn HR's side can help to cure this problem to a great extent.

what do you say???
29th November 2007 From India, New Delhi
Hi 'Unusual' Indu, Radha & other friends..

This is a very sensitive topic that's raised and an actual 'nightmare' situation for the actual process owners. While I respect all the posts and point out that ALL had 'INPUTS', including Radha's.


But, the truth is not Hidden - HR many-a-times (not all) has to follow instructions... and in such issues, in a talent-crunch situation, where projects can't wait, hiring is imperative, people are 'IMMEDIATELY' needed, taking stand means Company's Loss... and one wouldn't actually wanna suffer that.

Coming back to the initial post... Firstly, I think we need to understand the process - If an employee is acting irresponsibly, by absconding and quitting or any other means, why is he doing so?

Instead the question posted here is - With all due respect and acceptance that your company is following the best practices...

I understand that when we say company is doing everything etc., etc.,

1. You're operating with a close-mind

2. You're not open to any criticism, even constructive

3. And more importantly, you are not reading between the lines and ignoring the causes.

Before I go too far from the actual subject, lemme make my point(s) --

Companies as they grow large get more disconnected with the bottomline.. and are not informed of what's brewing..

All employees need is value for their talent. If your company cannot pay for talent, and someone else can, why would one not go to the highest bidder?

Companies now-a-days Buy out employees. Not minding the amount.

I know of companies which don't care to do proper documentation while taking a new person on rolls. Implications - The candidate is ready to join next day if the hiring company has no qualms and is ready to compensate for whatever problems may arise.

And remember, the person may have left the company, but he sure is in touch with his colleagues.. This results in a chain reaction.. You need to put a check on this from spreading... This is for REAL.

About Radha's comments:

Perhaps we HR folks sometimes oversee this point Radha has raised, that employees do not understand the meaning of CTC (well, not all are as intelligent as we expect them to be). What I exactly am saying is, they confuse CTC with gross and end up disappointed as their expectations are not matching. I myself am appalled at some executives while on the job training etc., how people can't understand what is told once and agreed on.

There was no offense meant in this.. when i say not all are as intelligent, i mean, mistakes happen.. and they must be expected.. it's humane..

Well... looking forward to more participation beyond comments & joining hands..


29th November 2007 From India, Bangalore
[quote="manohar"]Hi 'Unusual' Indu, Radha & other friends..
- Dear Mr Manohar
Thank you for your valuable suggestions I agree with your above comments ,Indeed I was working with a close mind and that is the reason I have put forward my views on the open forum and invited suggestions from you all
I also agree with you when you say that ex-employee is in touch with the current employees .Is there a way to stop this ....Can you suggest me something I can do about it ?
Thanks and Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Madam

I am not a HR man. I am in a PSU with lot (40 years) of experience in HR (Staff) At the first instance I would like to state that no organization could keep an uninterested man in their organization and the output / contribution of the particular employee will considerably less.

1. We should ensure why that fellow is leaving the organization.

2. Secondly we should create an image amongst the employees that once they submit their wilingness, they arerelieved within the time prescribed by the organization.

3. To curb the practice of abrubt leaving without any intimateion, the organization may obtain their important document viz the original academic qualification certificate under the custodoy of the organization and the same may be made over to the employee at the time of physical relief from the organization.

4. The employee may perhaps be asked to deposit a reasonable amount (like Security Deposit) in a bank either at the time of appointment or immediately after his joining within a resonable time. This deposit may go on be increasing every year so that the experienced people will have a consideration before their action.

29th November 2007
Dear Madam

I am not a HR man. I am in a PSU with lot (40 years) of experience in HR (Staff) At the first instance I would like to state that no organization could keep an uninterested man in their organization and the output / contribution of the particular employee will considerably less.

1. We should ensure why that fellow is leaving the organization.

2. Secondly we should create an image amongst the employees that once they submit their wilingness, they arerelieved within the time prescribed by the organization.

3. To curb the practice of abrubt leaving without any intimateion, the organization may obtain their important document viz the original academic qualification certificate under the custodoy of the organization and the same may be made over to the employee at the time of physical relief from the organization.

4. The employee may perhaps be asked to deposit a reasonable amount (like Security Deposit) in a bank either at the time of appointment or immediately after his joining within a resonable time. This deposit may go on be increasing every year so that the experienced people will have a consideration before their action.

Hope this may give some idea upon your question

with wishes

C K Jambulingam alias Sengailingam
29th November 2007
Dear Mr Sengalingam
It is a pleasure to have a comment from somebody who has such a rich experience .
Thank you for your suggestions I would just like to add that we used to keep the original marksheet of the candidate at our branch office which is in arelatively smaller town than Pune but here the employees refused to submit their orginals and hence we missed some good candidates .That is why we have stopped that practice altogether
Secondly we have recently designed a salary structure(which I have posted on the community)wherein we have decided to put a retention allowance and the money getting accumulated in that kitty will be disbursed to the employee after completion of 1 yr of service
Keep posting
Best Regards
Indrani Chakraborty
29th November 2007 From India, Pune
Dear Hr,
I am happy to see the post made by indu.
let us join our hands to solve this issue.
please come to a common solution to solve the issue, please be in touch my mail id:
29th November 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Indrani,

You are very correct in saying that we should ensure that the employee submits his / her resignation acceptance / relieveing letter to the company. Infact this is a must as we never know that this employee could even be employed in the previous company for a part time and as per our laws one employee cannot be employed at two places at the same time. But many a times just because of the high number pressure we simply ignore these things. So it becomes our prime responsibility to see that if the employee is showing exp then he should have a relieving letter or acceptance of resignation.

The main reason behind such incidents is that either the management is not ready for a smooth release of an employee or the wrong intention of an employee( many a times they think that let me get this month's salary and i will absond...this is mostly the case of BPO agents). I have also seen that employees submits resignation and asks for earliest release from the job and they are ready to go by the agreement in the Appointment letter which says that either you serve notice period or you give your salary in lieu off but still managers say that you have to serve the notice period. Mostly employees abscond and prefer to abscond in such cases. So the question is what should we do about it? In my opinion either we should revise the agreement or should be ready for such incidents.

Guys thoughts pls...
29th November 2007 From India
So many HR and so many views. Nothing left for me to say. Hope we get some meaningful conclusion from this, as not each situation and environment that the HR and employees face is similar, and here the HR being from different cities, and states, there is a wide difference in each one of them experiencing a different situation. .
Here many suggested many ways, but lets see which could practically be implemented in real life, and would it be benefitial to maximum people.
29th November 2007 From India, Pune

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