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Hi All, Today I need and suggestion and help how to I can handle this matter, I think it's the best platform for this,
I have experience in HR approx. 4+ years and I am facing lots of issues some time company wrong some time employee but this time issue very serious and I am confused about what I do?
At the time of Documentation candidate provide document and all the details fill in Form after that we process background verification, We found all document is fake, fake sign, fake stamp, fake salary everything fake in fact bank statement also, basis of verification mail, I have this issue 4-5 times and I always avoid because if I will take any action or file any case against so itís effect on her/his career. But this kind of issue increase day by day.
In the overall scenario survive only HR person and start once again hiring process. If anyone problem related to the company, candidate post on google review, consumer forum, glass door and a lot of negative posts, it also affects our Hiring, but as an employer, We have only one option background verification of candidate, sometimes previous organization verifies, sometimes not.
At this time I am facing issue once again in my company so please help me, how can we control this kind of problem in the future?
So that employers and employees both work together with loyalty and happiness without any fake commitment.
May be I am wrong, but not blame anyone, I just need some solution, please make it a positive way.

Dear Swati,
You have made an issue of a non-issue. If someone has faked the documents during the recruitment and after verification, if it is proved the documents are fake, then you need to issue the show cause notice and on receipt of the reply just terminate him/her.
By the way, since the date of joining, when do you discover the falsification? How much time does it take?
As a suggestion, I can say that hereafter, tell the candidate to bring along affidavit signed by a notary stating that he/she is liable for termination from the employment if documents that he/she has submitted are proved to be false. The genuine candidates will not shy away from this new condition of the recruitment but help to stave off the candidates who have forged documents.
Lastly, Swati please note that we work to protect the interest or image of the organisation. Whichever department that we work in, we must strive to do that. Interest and image of the company are supreme and any wrongdoing, if observed, must be reported to the competent authority. Therefore, for the past falsification of the documents, go ahead and report to them. Your job gets over thereafter.
Dinesh Divekar

Hello Sir, Thanks for responce !
See unless and until its affecting you or your company's reputation, you dont have to complain or take action against such candidates. I wont say it is acceptable if candidates provide you with each and every details fake.
You can either talk with them in person so that you can get a clear idea as to why he/she has done that in the first place.
I hope you found this information useful.
If you have more queries regarding any other labour laws, you can contact me @8356832404

The kind of concern you have raised is actually increasing as candidates see this as an opportunity to get a job which they are not able to and/ or to get a good hike on their current salary, which they are otherwise not getting. In any case, the role of HR is to protect the image of Organization and get talent on board as per the organizational requirements.
Whosoever is faking the documents is actually do not deserve to be in the organization as in the first place itself he is not meeting the organizational requirement hence the documents have been forged. The second point is when the candidate is on board, he/ she will create trouble for all other employees who have come on their merit and overall the organizational culture will get affected.
Plus the role of HR is not just filling the numbers (vacancies) but to find the suitable talent as per the organizational requirement, hence effort should be to give chances to genuine candidates who deserve to be in the Organization instead of getting employees who are faking documents.
Now coming to action part, if you encourage the candidates who have faked documents you will get more such candidates as they will spread a message among others and other people will just follow the suit. Hence, strict action such as termination with immediate effect should be taken to set an example to these crooked fellows that we are watching and HR is not just a showpiece but a strategic part of the business. This will enhance the confidence of the managemnet towards HR too.
My advice is to take strict action. You may take the services of outsourced professional agencies to do the antecedent check and verification .

I am astounded that you would condone this sort of action. I wonder how your managers would feel if they found out your actions were responsible for employing liars and cheats in your company.
The whole reason you do background checks and document verification is to expose this sort of cheating. You have no need to feel sorry for these people, they know exactly what they are doing.
It defeats the main tenet of good recruitment - getting the RIGHT person for the job. Employing the wrong person can do irreparable damage to your company, and could even lead to the company folding and everyone losing their job.
Cheating has been going on since the year dot, and even permeates the highest levels. I remember Scott Thompson CEO of Yahoo some years ago being exposed and sacked for having lied on his resume.
It is a major problem and you need to be part of the solution. Otherwise you just become part of the problem.

//It is a major problem and you need to be part of the solution. Otherwise you just become part of the problem.// very well said Mr. John.
I fully support views made by Mr.John. As HR person, we need to filter right candidates, during recruitment process and thereby support top management (strategic management) in getting right person for the right job at the right time. Though it is not the job of punishing a person who is a liar, we can very well reprimand such elements and prevent them from entering into an organization.
If such persons happened to have entered into your organization, it is high time for you now to eliminate them from your organization.
Remember 'one drop of curd can spoil one gallon of pure milk'

The content of this article page, I find the content quite interesting and useful to me, thank you for sharing other
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