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Prof.Dr.N.Palaniappan.,MBA.,MCom.,MPhil.,PhD. has 15 years of teaching experience in MBA Business schools. For last fifteen years Prof.Dr.N.Palaniappan.,MBA.,MCom.,MPhil.,PhD has taught various subjects from Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, International Business and General Specializations. He has written many research papers and case studies.
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Management Theory and Practice
1. M/s Paper Write Corporation deals with the manufacturing and selling of paper bags. The company has started this business looking at the opportunity that exists, after plastic was banned by the government in some states. The company has never used any modern day management practices and the business continues to function in the traditional way. Mr. Ajay has been appointed as a Manager to handle the overall functioning of the business. He notices few things in the company:
a) One person reporting to three bosses
b) No specialized worker in the factory
c) Long hierarchy to get any approval
d) No following of rules and regulations
e) No designated place for inventory, tools, equipment’s, etc.
f) The team work among employees is missing.
Advise Mr. Ajay any five of Henry Fayol’s principles which can solve the problems mentioned above. Explain the same with description.
2. M/s Paper Write Corporation problems don’t seem to end. The company doesn’t use modern day technology in the departments. Some observations made by Ajay are:
a) The company uses register for employee attendance.
b) The company has a manual process of writing entry in the books of accounts.
c) The leaves are applied on paper which has a lengthy process of approval.
d) All the orders are sent through hard copies to the suppliers.
e) The inventory management is not practiced effectively due to the lack of usage of technology.
Advise any 5 modern day technologies which will make the system more productive and effective. Explain the same with description.
3.a. There is no motivation among employees and workers in the organization. How will you motivate the employees and workers of M/s Paper Write Corporation?
3.b. Explain the style of leadership that will be suitable for M/s Paper Write Corporation. Elaborate on the choice of leadership selected.
Business Communication
1. You are an entrepreneur and have just launched your online venture, selling trendy and stylish apparel for women. Since you have just launched ClosetFashion, customer service is of prime importance to you. A customer has written an angry email complaining that the silk blouse she purchased last week has shrunken. She mentioned that she washed the blouse by hand. Your website clearly mentions that the silk clothing cannot be hand-washed or machine-washed at home, it should be dry-cleaned. She is asking for a replacement or a complete refund of Rs. 2000. How would you respond to this complaint? Draft an email.
2. You’ve been job-hunting for the last 2 months and have finally landed an interview with your dream company and dream profile. What are the different types of job interviews? How will you prepare yourself for each of them?
3. a. Digital Communication is changing business communication. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Instant Messaging?
b. You have just finished drafting an email to your investors. How will you revise it to improve its readability? Name 2 Readability Indices.
Business Economics
1. Calculate the following:
Total Fixed Cost
Total Variable Cost
Total Cost
Average Cost
Marginal Cost
2. “Determinant of demand are the important factor which influences the decision of the consumers to purchase commodity or a service”
With respect to the above statement discuss any 5 determinants of the individual demand.
3 a. Suppose the monthly income of an individual increases from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 which increases his demand for clothes from 20 units to 25 units. Calculate the income elasticity of demand and interpret the result.
b. Quantity demanded for tea has increased from 100 to 160 units with an increase in the price of the coffee powder from Rs. 40 to Rs. 50. Calculate the cross elasticity of demand between tea and coffee and explain the relationship between the goods.
Information Systems for Managers
1. The healthcare space inundated with the presence of 4, 00,000 apps approximately which are involved in monitoring and improving user’s health. These apps monitor user’s health data like calorie intake, physical activity, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns and various other parameters. With the help of these self-monitoring apps users get more personalized information and are capable of transforming how healthcare will be delivered to them. Healthcare industry is embracing analytics to improve disease prevention, increase the accuracy of diagnoses, provide safe medications, and make treatments more effective. Give examples how different stakeholders in the healthcare industry use analytics (Healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and government).
2. Fresh milk startup Country Delight has raised $7-10 million in a Series B funding round led by venture capital firm Matrix Partners. The company claims to source milk directly from the farm, eliminating the middle men and allowing farmers to earn a premium. It also invests in cold chain and quality testing infrastructure at the farmer’s location. The company offers other milk-based products including paneer, curd and ghee through its mobile app. How do you think technology can help this startup in improving the dairy supply chain from process management to tracking products and deliveries? (Source:
3. The northern Spanish city of Santander has become the testing ground for "smart cities" around the world. Smart Santander is a smart city experiment aimed at improving the quality of life, reducing energy consumption and engaging its citizens in civic duties. The city implemented wireless sensor networks and embedded 10,000 sensors on its streets and municipal vehicles to monitor garbage collections, crime air quality and manage street lighting for better energy efficiency. The Santander Smart City platform allows to integrate all the information of the different municipal services and thousands of sensors deployed by the city. The latter devices collect multiple data: from air quality, noise or temperature to which parking lots are free or occupied on different streets or when it is necessary to water a particular park or garden. For example, buses have sensors at the top that allow to know the level of pollution in different areas of the city. They have also been installed on street lamps and walls inside small white boxes in order to measure noise, temperature or brightness. Multiple devices installed on the ground monitor how many cars are parked in certain streets while different information panels indicate the free places in a given area to park the car. Even paper containers and containers have volumetric measurement sensors that indicate how full they are. This information is especially valuable when planning collection routes, which may vary according to needs. As garbage trucks are also intelligent, it is possible to monitor their travel and activity. Source: (
a. What are the benefits of a smart city? Considering the dark side of smart city are you sceptical to the benefits of a smart city.
b. What are the potential cybersecurity challenges faced in a smart city with data being collected in this way?
Organisational Behaviour
1. Arjan is an employee who is never on time for work or meetings. He has been issued several warning memos but in vain. The management is not able to take stringent action against him as he is very good at his work and is one of the top performers. As his reporting authority you still feel that he should respect time and be disciplined. From the different elements of reinforcement which one should his manager choose to get the desired behaviour? Conclude by giving why it (the one which you chose) is the best suited.
2. Choose one Asian and one European country. Compare and contrast communication in their cultures.
3. Krabi Textile is going online from retail mode as the management feels that it is the need of the hour to be present in the digital space. People are resisting this change and you are the one chosen as the leader by the management to lead in this tough time.
a. What all people skills would be required by a leader to be effective in such times?
b. How would you differentiate between being a manager and leader?
Corporate Social Responsibility
Assume you are handling the CSR activities of an organization M/s Padega India that deals with manufacturing of Stationary items which includes notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, etc. The company is well known for its product quality. The company has a national presence and it has been profitable since the last 10 years.
1. Explain any five CSR activities that you will initiate for the organization? Explain with reasons.
2. Explain any five types of stakeholders for the organization M/s Padega India. Explain the organization’s responsibility towards those stakeholders.
3. a. Explain Carroll’s Pyramid of CSR for M/s Padega India.
b. What are the various steps involved in the development of CSR Strategy for M/s Padega India?
Corporate Social Responsibility
Assume you are handling the CSR activities of an organization M/s Padega India that deals with manufacturing of Stationary items which includes notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, etc. The company is well known for its product quality. The company has a national presence and it has been profitable since the last 10 years.
1. Explain any five CSR activities that you will initiate for the organization? Explain with reasons.
2. Explain any five types of stakeholders for the organization M/s Padega India. Explain the organization’s responsibility towards those stakeholders.
3. a. Explain Carroll’s Pyramid of CSR for M/s Padega India.
b. What are the various steps involved in the development of CSR Strategy for M/s Padega India?
Business Law
1. Explain the mechanism of a Digital Signatures which is recognized under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and state at least two (2) of its application
2. Explain in details two (2) real-life instances of Anti-Competitive Agreements which have been prohibited by the Competition Commission of India.
3. Abhay and Seema have entered into a commercial agreement to license content. However, Abhay did not deliver the content to the satisfaction of Seema. Hence, there are disputes arisen between Abhay and Seema. Abhay and Seema do not want to go through a protracted litigation process in Indian courts. Can you advise them on:
a. What should be done to conduct an arbitration between Abhay and Seema to resolve their disputes
b. The difference between Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation? What is the advantages and disadvantages of each of these
Business Statistics
fixed acidity volatile acidity citric acid residual sugar chlorides 7.4 0.7 0 1.9 0.076 7.8 0.88 0 2.6 0.098 7.8 0.76 0.04 2.3 0.092 11.2 0.28 0.56 1.9 0.075 7.4 0.7 0 1.9 0.076 7.4 0.66 0 1.8 0.075 7.9 0.6 0.06 1.6 0.069 7.3 0.65 0 1.2 0.065 7.8 0.58 0.02 2 0.073 7.5 0.5 0.36 6.1 0.071 6.7 0.58 0.08 1.8 0.097 7.5 0.5 0.36 6.1 0.071 5.6 0.615 0 1.6 0.089 7.8 0.61 0.29 1.6 0.114 8.9 0.62 0.18 3.8 0.176 8.9 0.62 0.19 3.9 0.17 8.5 0.28 0.56 1.8 0.092 8.1 0.56 0.28 1.7 0.368 7.4 0.59 0.08 4.4 0.086 7.9 0.32 0.51 1.8 0.341 8.9 0.22 0.48 1.8 0.077 7.6 0.39 0.31 2.3 0.082 7.9 0.43 0.21 1.6 0.106 8.5 0.49 0.11 2.3 0.084 6.9 0.4 0.14 2.4 0.085 6.3 0.39 0.16 1.4 0.08
1. For the data on 26 red wines given above, conduct the following analysis:
i. Provide five-number summary i.e. the minimum, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile and maximum value for fixed acidity. Arrange them in increasing order on a straight line, draw a box plot and interpret what it means.
ii. Calculate the correlation coefficient between fixed acidity and volatile acidity and between residual sugar and chlorides. Comment on the strength and direction of association for the two variable pairs.
iii. What can be stated about the cause-effect relationship between fixed acidity and volatile acidity, based on the correlation coefficient score?
2. For the data in the table below:
i. What do high kurtosis and skewness figures denote?
ii. Free Sulphur dioxide and total Sulphur dioxide have mean, median and modes that differ substantially from each other. What can you infer from this?
iii. By looking at the descriptive stats of the variables, identify two that may be closest to being normally distributed. Why?
Desc Stats fixed acidity volatile acidity citric acid residual sugar chlorides free sulfur dioxide total sulfur dioxide density pH sulphates alcohol Mean 6.85 0.28 0.33 6.39 0.05 35.31 138.36 0.99 3.19 0.49 10.51 Med 6.80 0.26 0.32 5.20 0.04 34.00 134.00 0.99 3.18 0.47 10.40 Mod 6.80 0.28 0.30 1.20 0.04 29.00 111.00 0.99 3.14 0.50 9.40 SD 0.84 0.10 0.12 5.07 0.02 17.01 42.50 0.00 0.15 0.11 1.23 Kurt 2.17 5.09 6.17 3.47 37.56 11.47 0.57 9.79 0.53 1.59 -0.70 Skew 0.65 1.58 1.28 1.08 5.02 1.41 0.39 0.98 0.46 0.98 0.49 Range 10.40 1.02 1.66 65.20 0.34 287.00 431.00 0.05 1.10 0.86 6.20
3. Lok Sabha in India is to discuss a key constitutional amendment, and there will be four rounds of voting. In each round of voting, assume that the ruling party has a 60% chance of winning, i.e. getting the resolution passed by majority vote. Further assuming that the voting rounds are independent of each other, what is the probability that:
a. The ruling party will win 0 rounds, 1 round, 2 rounds, 3 rounds or all 4 rounds of voting?
b.The ruling party will win at least 1 round?
Essentials of HRM
1. Kanye Apparels Pvt. Limited is a home grown brand. It has come long way from being a family business to a mid-sized organisation. Traditionally they always believed in appraising employees through checklist method. Recently many employees have come out being very vocal about their displeasure on the traditional way of appraisal and feel it is an unjust way of assessing them. You have been hired as a consultant to propose a new appraisal system. Also, conclude by justifying your selection for the choice of appraisal method.
2. Alaya infrastructure is a small sized organisation having 150 employees. The organisation never had a formal induction training. You are their first ever HR Manager and you strongly feel the need to have induction training. You are asked to present the concept and need for induction training to senior management. Conclude by emphasizing on the importance/advantages of induction training.
3. A web content creation organization name Natika which is into humor based content is expanding and wants to hire a social media intern. Advertisement has to be placed for the vacancy. Based on this
a. Write a job description for social media intern for the above organisation.
b. Write job specification for the above profile.
Marketing Management
“Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas” is a new enterprise started by two young fitness freak entrepreneurs Mr. Balraj and Mr. Balbuddhi. Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas is a chain of gyms with a vision to make everyone healthy. The company has already opened 15 Gyms and Akhadas across five cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata.
The gym has all modern facilities and amenities like 24*7 security, convenient parking, flexi hours, group Classes on fitness, Personal Training, Private restrooms for males and females. The most unique thing about Balwaan is that it also has all Indian style akhadas where
traditional body building is taught. Balwaan’s every store has a healthy café where they serve traditional healthy food and drinks at extra cost.
The membership fees for the same is 24,000 per annum without a personal trainer.
The company has been relying only on word of mouth for yearly memberships. The company has not undertaken any marketing promotion campaigns for the same. The company is falling short of its expectation when it comes to membership and revenues.
Assume the company has hired you as a Marketing consultant and they want you to advise them on the following issues:
1. List and discuss the major bases for segmentation of consumer markets. Explain the four variables in detail for Balwaan.
2. How will you promote the Brand Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas online? Explain five platforms that you will use to promote the same.
3.a. Explain various levels of product with reference to Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas.
3.b. Which celebrity will you select as a brand ambassador for the Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas? Explain the choice of your celebrity with five reasons.
Strategic Management
1. You have been appointed as a Strategy Consultant to a Swiss shoe making brand namely “Bally” wanting to enter India. Which one of Porter’s Generic Strategies would you choose to be operational in India & explain the reasons in detail behind your choice of strategy? Once the strategy has been chosen, explain the categories of customers you would target?
2. UNIQLO is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer that wishes to enter India’s Retail market. Conduct a PESTLE analysis for Uniqlo in India & suggest whether Uniqlo should enter India or otherwise.
3. You are the Chairman of Isuzu Motors in Japan. Your Indian subsidiary Isuzu India has managed to gain only under 2% of the market share so far & Competitor brands such as Maruti & Hyundai account for 50% & 17% of the market shares respectively.
a. What turnaround strategies can you suggest to arrest the decline of revenues & profitability of your company?
b. In your opinion, would it be considered appropriate to pursue a Combination Strategy? State your response with appropriate justifications & reasons.
Financial Accounting and Analysis
1. Wildcat Ltd, a manufacturing company sold a machinery for Rs 8 lacs at the year end. The company had purchased the machinery four years back for Rs 15 lacs and had depreciated the same using written down value method of depreciation @ 20%.
As an accounts executive of Wildcat Ltd, calculate the WDV of the asset for the four years, accumulated depreciation for four years and profit/loss on sale, if any
2. Mr. Shil Wants to record the financial transactions of his newly started business. Discuss what accounting steps/stages he need to adhere so that the transactions can be duly recorded and processed in order to prepare the financial statements.
3 a.
Following information is available in respect of a company named, as Beta Ltd
Particulars Amount
Profit before taxes Rs 50 lakhs
Dividend declared per share Rs2
Price of the share prevalent on stock exchange Rs 200
Applicable tax rate 35%
Share capital of company 5 lakh shares of Rs 10 each
• Earnings per share
• Dividend Pay-out Ratio
• Price earnings ratio
b. Prepare the cash flow statement from investing activities of Alpha Creative Ltd for the year ended March31, 2019
Advanced Supply Chain Management
1. Demand forecasting helps in evaluating various factors which affect demand and enables management to know about various forces relevant to the study of demand behavior. If you are asked to conduct the forecasting process, explain the approach you will take to ensure that the organization is conducting an effective forecasting
2. AutoParts is an automobile parts manufacturer. The demand for a component manufactured by them is 16000 units per quarter. One of the main parts required for assembly of this component is brass bushing which is required one per unit of the component. It costs AutoParts Rs 10 to place an order for the brass bush and storing cost is estimated to be Rs 2/unit/annum. AutoParts has a policy to follow EOQ technique for ordering components. Calculate AutoParts’ annual procurement cost for the brass bushing?
3. An organization wants to optimize the existing supply chain.
a. What four strategic frameworks can it adopt for IT integration? Explain with examples.
b. What future trends should this organization expect in Supply Chain?
B2B Marketing
1. Lay down the Business buying process of a company that deals in books of fiction and sells them to book retailers.
2. McKinsey provides consultancy services to large and medium size organizations. Should it go for skimming price method, penetration pricing method or going rate method? Please provide with reasons to do the same.
3. SK Enterprises which manufactures Audio systems for Retail market in consumers is now planning to make audio cum navigation systems for the B2B market for Automobiles with various price points and sizes. As the sales and marketing manager, how would you
a. Devise a marketing- communications and PR strategy to create awareness for the new product in the segment
b. How would you decide the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for the product in the B2B market?
Brand Management
1. The market size of India’s beauty, cosmetic, and grooming market is expected to reach $ 20 billion by 2025 from the $ 6.5 billion, with the rise in disposable income of the middle class and growing aspirations of people to live a good life and look good. This was surely a huge opportunity for Nivea brand in India.
The 120-year old, Hamburg (Germany) based Beiersdorf has often been credited for meticulously building the Nivea brand into the world's number one personal care brand. According to a survey conducted by A C Nielsen in the late 1990s, the brand had a 15% share in the global skin care products market. While Nivea had always been the company's star performer, the 1990s were a period of phenomenal growth for the brand. By successfully extending what was essentially a 'one-product wonder' into many different product categories, Beiersdorf had silenced many critics of its umbrella branding decisions
For year ended December 2017, Beiersdorf surpassed HUL in the deodorants segment for the first time, with an 8.7% share of the urban market, compared with HUL’s Axe that had 7.7% share. A year ago, HUL’s share was 8.3%, versus Nivea’s 7.1%. Since 2011, Nivea India has been the fastest growing affiliate within Beiersdorf’s operations. “In all the segments that Nivea has entered, it has gone from being an insignificant brand into one of the top three brands in the category,” said Rakshit Hargave, SVP for Beiersdorf India and Sub-Saharan Africa. “In 2016, Nivea has outgrown the category by three times and has been able to beat market sluggishness in the December quarter.”
( Source: products/fmcg/we-are-market-leader-in-some-sectors-against-the-mighty-hul-nivea/articleshow/57678531.cms
Source: indian/9789352861859/xhtml/chapter011.xhtml)
Evaluate the positioning of Nivea and discuss how the positioning strategy has led to the brands success.
2. Iconic US superbike maker Harley-Davidson is planning to launch a mid-size motorcycle in the 250-500 cc range for emerging markets as it eyes major gains in India and plots to challenge Royal Enfield’s leadership position. Harley-Davidson will be addressing this fast-growing segment through a strategic alliance with a manufacturer in Asia after a tieup between TVS and BMW and one between Bajaj Auto and Triumph Motorcycles.
Announcing new mid-term plan till 2027 named ‘More Roads to Harley-Davidson’, the US giant said it is developing small-displacement (250-500 cc) bike for Asia’s emerging markets through a strategic tie-up with a manufacturer in Asia. This new product and broader distribution is intended to fuel Harley-Davidson’s customer access and growth in India, one of the largest, fastest growing markets in the world, and other Asia markets,” the company said in a statement. Harley-Davidson plans to offer its most comprehensive lineup of motorcycles, competing in many of the largest and fastest growing segments with a full portfolio across a spectrum of price points, power sources, displacements, riding styles and global markets.
Examine the brand personality of Harley-Davidson and its relevance in a promising market like India.
3. In the increasingly competitive environment of business, the development and launch of new products has become an important competitive tool. In a crowded marketplace, there is greater need for differentiation; in markets that are stagnant there is pressure to create excitement. The Dove brand started its life in 1957 in the US, with the revolutionary new
beauty cleansing Bar. With its patented blend of mild cleansers and ¼ moisturizing cream, it is #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand in the US.
Today apart from its moisturizing soap, Dove has extended the brand by launching many new products like: Body Washes, Hand and Body Lotions, Facial Cleansers, Deodorants, Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Styling products. In India, Consumer goods major Hindustan Unilever launched a brand of soap in 1990s that was considered expensive, frightfully expensive, for the times we lived in. For about Rs 30 for a bar, it was nearly twice as expensive as any toilet soap brand that was then sold in India.
Dove did what it does best all over the world - not use supermodels to endorse the brand. Rather it got real women who used the product to give testimonials of their experience with the brand. In India, Doves brand team in the 1990s decided to adopt the same line of thought for the Indian market too. In some ways the brand was the opposite of Lux, the beauty bar of film stars. Dove showed beauty in ordinary people. Dove extended to shampoos in 2007, the brand decided to take the similar route. However, this time around user-generated content had started becoming very popular. HUL tied up with online service providers and even took content generation offline. Camera crews in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore asked women questions on hair care. In less than two weeks about 1,000 minutes of video footage was recorded and uploaded on popular portals. In a span of 9 days, over 250 women were interviewed and 1,000 minutes of footage recorded. This content when uploaded online elicited a huge response and according to HUL took the online involvement of consumers to a new high. Then talking about damage to hair in the daily routine of real women like
how staying in an air-conditioned environment strips hair of moisture and so on, were highlighted. Not willing to give its damage care expert image to the competition, Dove has even extended rapidly into hair conditioners and hair masks.
a. Evaluate the brand extension strategy of Dove.
b. What are the reasons for the success of Dove in other categories and the potential benefits to the parent brand?
Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
1. India's water crisis is often attributed to lack of government planning, increased corporate privatization, industrial and human waste and government corruption. In addition, water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the overall population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by year 2050. Can you recommend two policy changes with details of how this will address the water crisis issue for increasing population of India in an ethical manner. (Your answer must have logical points that make sense. Do online research to find solution to the water problem)
2. Protecting data privacy is urgent and complex. This protection is necessary because of the all-pervasive, technology-driven and information-intensive environment, typical of today’s corporations. Multiple risks involved in data management is propelling information/data protection to the top of the corporate management agenda. What according to you are the two ethical risks faced by the business in relation to data protection and can you choose and explain any two Data Protection Principles applicable to businesses in India?
3. In Chandrapur, renamed the coal city, Western Coalfield Ltd’s (WCL), a public sector coal mining company’s, overburden dumps are located very close to the river beds. The Mana and Lalpeth mines, especially, have dumped so much over-burden in the Irai river that the river-bed has risen by several meters. Coal mining so close to rivers may also cause damage to the mines themselves. During heavy rains river water enters the mines even now, making coal extraction very difficult. The move to allow coal mining activities up to 250 meter from river banks has angered environment groups, especially in Vidarbha, an area currently reeling under floods, and where major rivers like Wardha and Irai are already heavily polluted because of coal mining. If the mines are moved closer, such incidents will rise, posing danger to mine workers. WCL will also incur losses. Mining has also adversely impacted river fauna. The forest land is turning into a desert and the wild life, specially tigers are disappearing. Somehow we have failed to intelligently sustain and manage the resources of nature, the primary source of all supply chain.
a. Do you think environmental sustainability is an ethical principle? Elaborate on any two issues/principles involved in environmental ethics.
b. How can business embed environment protection/sustainability within overall business strategy? Elaborate on any two critical ideas/processes/steps
Corporate Social Responsibility
Assume you are handling the CSR activities of an organization M/s Padega India that deals with manufacturing of Stationary items which includes notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, etc. The company is well known for its product quality. The company has a national presence and it has been profitable since the last 10 years.
1. Explain any five CSR activities that you will initiate for the organization? Explain with reasons.
2. Explain any five types of stakeholders for the organization M/s Padega India. Explain the organization’s responsibility towards those stakeholders.
3. a. Explain Carroll’s Pyramid of CSR for M/s Padega India.
b. What are the various steps involved in the development of CSR Strategy for M/s Padega India?
Customer Relationship Management
1. In your opinion what differentiates the relationship you share as a customer with your hair stylist versus the sales person at a huge departmental store? How can the relationship be classified and what aspects contribute to it?
2. As a marketing professional, which phase of data analysis requires your most attention and why?
3. Snigdha is the Campaign Manager in Unexplored Destinations Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. She is responsible for running successful campaigns so maximum tours are booked with their organization. She is handling a relatively raw team and needs to handhold them to achieve the objectives.
a. The team needs an overview of campaign management. How can Snigdha explain the same to her team in an effective manner?
b. What different kinds of campaign can they run in order to achieve the organizational objective?
Decision Analysis & Modelling
1. What are some biases in decision making? Name any four and explain any two?
2. Lovely Lifesciences, a biotech company is evaluating two molecules (AA & BB) for development. Below diagram shows the decision trees of both products. In development process, first the company does a clinical trial and then based on results of clinical trial, product is modified accordingly and launched in the market. If the results are good in clinical trial, company launches as per plan A and if not, then as per plan B. In the decision trees, expected profit in all scenarios and probability of scenarios are mentioned. As per expected profits, out of these two, which one product should the company develop
3. Precision Pipes Pvt. Ltd. manufactures two types of pipes- P1 & P2. Profit from P1 pipes is Rs. 60 per meter and from P2 pipes is Rs. 40 per meter. For making one meter of P1 pipes, 0.3kg molten plastic is required and for making one meter of P2 pipes, 0.2 kg of molten plastic is required. For making one meter of P1 pipes, 40 ml of chemical is required and for making one meter of P2 pipes, 50 ml of chemical is required. Maximum molten plastic that they can source per month is 25000 kg and maximum chemical they can source per month is 4000 liters. Like any other company, this company also wants to maximize its profits.
a. What are the decision variables in the linear programming situation? Write the equation of objective function which has to be maximized?
b. Write all the constraints that will be applied to solve this problem using linear programming
Employee Development & Talent Management
1. Discuss the employee development and talent management of any one e-tail/e-commerce giant. (Example: Amazon, Alibaba, e bay etc.)
2. As the technology is becoming more advent, the dependency on manpower has decreased considerably in many sectors. In such VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times it becomes inevitable for organizations to keep the employees satisfied and engaged. Based on the motivation strategies what can be done by organizations to keep the employees’ morale and enthusiasm high? Discuss with suitable example of any contemporary organization.
3. It is not possible for organizations to develop all the necessary skills of the employees with the help of on the job training, therefore it is equally important to amalgamate it with off the job training.
a. Discuss any three off the job training methods which are being adopted by new age companies like Uber, Zomato etc.
b. Also compare and contrast on any three points between on the job and off the job training.
HR Audit
1. Pharma Care Enterprises is a MNC which is taking over a small family owned enterprise called DermaBoss. You have been appointed to do HR audit with the objective of reducing potential legal risks to the company post the merger. What type of HR audit will you conduct and what are the steps you will follow to do the same?
2. Software Inc. is a start-up with offices across India. The management team consists of the founders and their family members. The business has been quite profitable but they now want to expand. Their investors have advised them to go in for an HR Audit. Your company has been appointed as the HR audit firm. The CEO of the company has asked you to present the various methods of conducting the audit, given the spread of operations. Please list out the various methods of data gathering in the audit along with benefits and limitations as per the context of the case. In the conclusion, please suggest one key method of data collection you would recommend in this context.
Asha Foods is a company that is into operating restaurants in Mumbai. The owner of this company, Mr. Shetty, now wants to move into International waters by setting up a restaurant in Singapore. He plans to have his existing operations head move to Singapore and hire a few local employees to make up the team. Mr. Shetty has appointed your consulting firm to help him with his business plan. Your firm has suggested doing a HR audit as part of the process.
a. As the HR Auditor in charge of the audit, explain the benefits of doing this audit
b. What aspects of HR should the audit focus on?
Integrated Marketing Communication
1. You are the owner of a Fashion Jewellery store. You have planned an end of season sale. How would you use sales promotion tool to make the sale a success?
2. You are the brand manager of an FMCG Hair company and your company is launching a new hair oil which is good for colored hair. Explain the Integrated Marketing process you will use to launch the product?
3. Case Study
Alia Bhatt – Brand Ambassador Uber Eats
You are Brand Manager for Uber Eats. You have tied up with Alia Bhatt as the Brand ambassador.
a) Think of an interesting active integration of Uber Eats in the next Alia film.
b) How would you leverage Alia Bhatt to promote your brand?
International Business
1. The World Economic Forum publishes the Global Competitiveness report annually which ranks nations across 12 pillars of global competitiveness. Develop a regional Asia-Pacific Outlook for a minimum of 5 economies in the region.
2. You are travelling to an African country (select one) and your colleague recommends you to visit the website of Centre for Intercultural Learning. Collect information and prepare a brief write-up on the cultural characteristics affecting workplace conduct in the selected African country and compare it with the Indian culture
3. In late 1990s, Levi Strauss, the iconic jeans brand decided to restore its lost sales through a shift in strategy. They decided to allow the national managers to adapt the product offers and re-work on the marketing strategies. The products were re-designed for physical differences. Regional flavor was given to the advertisements especially when around 60% of the business started coming from emerging markets.
a. How does the brand Levi demonstrate the globalization of markets. Identify 5 such Indian brands who indicate the same global phenomenon.
b. Do you think that this strategy will continue to work in future? Identify 5 global brands that practice standardization?
International HR Practices
1. CHIRAG Enterprises is a leading Indian Garment manufacturing company. The company is planning the international expansion. It is about to set its first international factory at Indonesia. The company plans to send a team of 50 employees to start the project. Before the team is sent to initiate the proceedings in Indonesia, HR Manager is instructed to conduct a ‘Pre-Departure Training Program’. Assume yourself as an HR Manager of Chirag Enterprises and give the components of effective Pre-Departure Training Program that you will conduct.
2. ABC Ltd is a strategy consultancy firm operating in India. The company has started its operations in Europe now and have sent a team of 30 employees to head a project in London. The company is about to initiate the performance management program at its London plant. As an HR Manager, which modern method of performance appraisal will you suggest to be started in London?
3. TRENDS Ltd is a leading retail chain in India and the company is expanding its operations in South AMERICA. As an HR Manager, you are supposed to make a decision about the international compensation of employees who will be working in South America. In this context, answer the following:
a. What will be the components of the international compensation that you will offer to the employees in South America.
b. Which international compensation approach will you follow? Going rate approach or Balance sheet approach?
International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
1. An Indian company is into the business of ice cream and is a strong brand. The company is exploring international opportunities for which they have orders for their products in the European countries. Explain the strategic approach of the company for successful order execution and brand building activities with the customers internationally.
2. The company Relax foods is into confectionary business without the use of sugar and want to set up the company business outside India by launching its products in potential countries. What is the strategic approach the company would employ for the successful launch? Develop an entry plan and analyze the right logistics and SCM strategies which can enhance the service quality with on time availability and generating good market share of the company.
3. A food company named Eat Right is in the Indian market for about 8 years. The company now is in the domestic market and has gained good brand recognition by its innovative designs and multiple products. It has orders from Europe. The order types differ as per seasons ranging from Full Container Load (FCL) to Less than Container Load (LCL).
a. Work out a logistics plan and routes how it must ship the products and what elements of importance it should consider while doing so like containers and packaging
b. What kind of production planning and pricing patterns it needs to implement and what are the supply chain strategies that need to be followed?
International Marketing
1. Due to US President Donald Trump’s policies it is becoming difficult to export steel components to US. You are a big exporter of auto components to the US. Hence you want to evaluate setting up a new Plant in America and also explore option to expand in that market. Evaluate whether you would like to set up Plant in the US or Mexico on basis of International Business & Marketing Environment parameters to come to a decision. Both countries are now part of NAFTA agreement.
2. You are the CEO of a FMCG company and wish to enter China. You have a strong global brand. Evaluate any 3 entry options to enter into China. Which of the market entry options would you finally choose & why?
3. The LEGO toys market has strong growth and reasonable volume in India. The Toy market is dominated by Mattel and many smaller Indian players in this segment. Mattel enjoys a 30-50% higher pricing compared to other leading Indian brands. As LEGO you have decided to enter the Indian market in India in a big way either by setting up own manufacturing.
a) Suggest what would be your pricing strategy for the Indian market.
b) Suggest the possible brand positioning for your LEGO Toys
Logistics Management
1 You are involved in logistical system design and administration. Discuss the six different operational objectives you need to simultaneously focus to achieve these objectives
2. You are in the process of designing the Physical Distribution system for your organization. What are the two major objectives and the six influencing factors that you may have to consider to meet customer service goals? Give examples.
3. You are the manager of a consumer appliance store that sells electrical appliances. One of the home appliances is estimated to have an annual demand of 900 units. The store incurs Rs.180 for every order it place for the delivery of this appliance from its supplier. The storing cost is Rs.90 per unit per annum.
a. What will be your ordering quantity to keep the total inventory cost minimum?
b. Discuss the advantages the store will get if you codify all the items in the store.
Marketing Research
1. As a researcher, you need to study how many kirana stores in Mumbai sell tomato ketchups of the Nestle Maggi brand. Which non-probabilistic sampling method would you use to complete your research. Also state the reasons behind choosing that method. Also explain as to how will you proceed ahead with choosing the areas/ localities in Mumbai to conduct your research along with timelines.
2. You are the Head of a Market Research Organization. Your FMCG client has recently introduced “Digest Healer,” a new type of biscuit that contains ingredients that are meant to be good for Diabetic patients. The FMCG company wants to understand how customers are reacting to their recently launched biscuit. Draft a Questionnaire containing not more than 20 questions that would succinctly address the query posed by the FMCG client.
3. You have been recently appointed as a “New Product Development” Head for a South Indian fast food retail chain conglomerate named as “Gujarat is Great” which operates in Western & Southern India regions only. You have been asked to develop 2 new innovative products as part of their Menu.
a. Explain the process in detail to arrive at the creation of your 2 new products
b. Is there a need to conduct Test Marketing? If Yes or No, please state your reasons to support your answer.
Marketing Strategy
1. Tata Starbucks is a 50:50 joint venture between Starbucks and Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) in India. Tata Starbucks opened its first store in India in Oct-2012, and as of Aug-2019 had c. 157 stores in India. “Our continued growth in topline and sensible approach towards expansion will help us achieve break-even by March 2020. Coffee business in India is growing substantially. The coffee culture is being spearheaded by millennials, upwardly mobile and people who travel and understand brand. Two years ago, we set up 25 stores (in a year). During last fiscal 2018-19 we added 30 stores. This year we will beat that number substantially and by end of March 2020, we will have added many more stores than we added in the past.” – Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks (source: The Hindu BusinessLine, 7-Aug-2019). Tata Starbucks achieved sales of c. INR 442 crores in the financial year ending Mar-2019 (source: the Hindu BusinessLine, 7-Aug-2019). You work as a Marketing Strategy consultant; provide recommendations regarding growth strategy to help Tata Starbucks increase the sales 5 times by Mar-2024 (relative to sales in financial year ending Mar-2019).
2. Founded in 1946, and incorporated in 1958 in Japan, Yonex (YONEX - world leader in Golf, Tennis and Badminton) is a well-known brand and manufacturer of sports equipment for badminton, tennis, etc. Inspired by the success of PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal in international badminton tournaments, Prakriti, a first generation entrepreneur founded ‘ABC’ in 2019 with a vision to build the first Indian billion-dollar brand in sports equipment and related products/services, and become No. 1 brand in the category in India by 2025. Prakriti has hired you as a consultant; review and analyse the Marketing Strategy of Yonex and its competitors in India, and provide recommendations on Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Strategy for ABC in badminton rackets category.
3. Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Colgate) achieved sales of c. INR 4,500 crores in FY 2019, having grown at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of c. 4.5% since FY 2014. Pacol, an entrepreneur, is planning to build INR 1,000 crores (in sales) brand ‘Pacol’ by FY 2025 in the Oral Care products category in India, and has hired you as a Marketing Strategy consultant. Review and analyse Colgate’s Marketing Strategy in India.
a. Explain various stages and their characteristics in industry life cycle, with specific comments regarding the current stage of Oral Care products industry in India
b. There are 5 key themes/ ways to identify competitive advantages for a brand/ differentiate from other brands, as a part of differentiation and positioning strategy; explain these with suggestions/examples in context of ‘Pacol’.
Operations Management
1. What is the need of Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) in a manufacturing company? Select any manufacturing company of your choice, and do a detailed study of its MRP process.
2. Define aggregate operations planning. With the help of one example for each strategy, distinguish between the different aggregate operations planning strategies.
3. US is set to construct the world’s largest ethane cracker plant in the US Gulf Coast region. Qatar Petrochemical (QP) and Chevron Phillips(CP) Chemical have signed an agreement to jointly develop the project. The complex is expected to comprise a 1,900-kiloton-per-annum (KTA) ethane cracker and two high-density polyethylene (HDPE) units with a combined capacity of 1,680 KTA. QP will own a 70% majority share in the joint venture and CP Chem will hold the remaining 30% stake. Chevron Phillips will also provide project management and oversight, and it will be responsible for operation and management of the facility.
The plant’s location will give it access to significant quantities of ethane produced by US shale basins, including the prolific Permian Basin. The facility will raise Qatar’s polyethylene production capacity by 82%. It will support an estimated 9,000 jobs during construction period, and once operational the facility is expected to provide 600 full-time jobs.
a. Discuss the factors that affect plant location decisions. What are the key factors that may affect the ethane cracker plant?
b. Name the four major types of plant layout. For the above project, what should be the ideal plant layout?
Organisational Theory, Structure & Design
1. PharmaCare Enterprises is a MNC, which is planning to takeover a small family owned enterprise called DermaBoss. Your firm has been tasked with doing an Organizational Analysis prior to the takeover. Detail out the techniques you would follow for doing an Internal Analysis of DermaBoss.
2. Asha Motors is a family owned automobile company that is making electric vehicles (EV). With the enhanced focus on EV and the public inclination towards purchasing non-polluting vehicles, the company expects a sudden surge in demand and thus potential growth. The company promoters have realized that to take advantage of this, the company needs to scale up and drastically change the way they operate and to do so, they need an External Analysis. Detail out the four concepts of External Analysis and the Scenario Planning technique for this analysis.
3. Software Inc is a start-up with offices across India. The management team consists of the founders and their family members. The business has been quite profitable but they now want to expand. Their investors have advised them to go in for an Organisational study using the 7 S Framework. The CEO of the company has asked your firm to share a presentation on this.
a. Please detail out the concept and features of an organisation.
b. What is the 7 S framework?
Sales Management
1. Synergy computer systems has 3 sales executives in Mumbai. Their performance for the month of April – June 2019 is detailed below. You are the territory manager in charge of their performance.
Name of the executive No. of sales calls No. of orders Actual Sales INR
Sanjay Mishra 1550 350 350,00,000
Tapan Sharma 1100 280 280,00,000
Supriya Ghosh 1600 580 580,00,000
Critically evaluate the performance of the sales executives. What are the steps you can take to improve the performance?
2. Connect with a senior sales person from two industries – IT industry (such as TCS, Infosys or any other company) and consumer product industry (such as P&G, Dabur or any other company). Study and prepare the sales organization structure of these two companies.
3. Orion Fashions Ltd is a fashion brand in India. They are predominantly in fashion wear from men and women. The company has 3 plants in India and employs over 800 sales people. However the company has been hit with the economic slowdown in the country. To make things worse, cheaper imports of fashion wear and e-commerce has affected store sales. The sales people are left with slimmer pay cheques and many of them left the company. The sales people also put pressure on the top management and negotiated a 10% increase in salary for all sales employees.
a. Do you agree with the Top managements plan to give a flat increase in salary to all sales people
b. What are some of the non-financial tools of motivation that you can use
Services Marketing
1. You have decided to open a 3-star hotel property in Surat by the name “Comfort Inn”? You wish to pursue a very unique strategy when it comes to Customer Satisfaction by introducing a “Service Guarantee” policy. Design an effective Service Guarantee policy & set the criteria for it too along with enlisting of benefits of incorporating such a policy.
2. You have been appointed as an external consultant to help a local municipal hospital in Mumbai by the name of “King Edward Memorial Hospital”. This hospital faces a lot of administrative issues. Undertake a Service process redesign exercise. What innovative mechanisms would you bring to the fore to ensure that the municipal hospital undergoes a radical transformation & that patients get prompt service.
3. You are an Indian Ayurveda products brand by the name of “Ayur” & wish to enter the US market.
a. Which market entry strategy will you choose & explain the reasons behind your choice. Also briefly explain as to how will you expand & in which regions.
b. Suppose the above stated brand Ayur decides to diversify & expand into the education sector by introducing courses & degrees in Ayurveda in the US. Which market entry strategy should it pursue in order to enter the US market? Explain the reasons behind your choice. In which region do you suggest to set up the Ayur University.
Strategic HRM
1. BENTAX Ltd is a leading textiles firm in Mumbai. It is strategically planning to expand in North India and hence the company has planned to set up 10 plants across UP, Punjab, Delhi and Chandigarh. You are an HR Manager of BENTAX Ltd. To allow company to successfully implement the growth strategy, you are required to suggest the effective Strategic Human Resource Planning (SHRP) process. Write in detail the process of SHRP that you would recommend.
2. You are an HR Manager in TELCO Teleservices. Your company is planning huge domestic expansion and for the same you have decided to start the branches of your company all across India. Now a huge challenge for you is to acquire the talent. In this background, discuss what are “Make Vs. Buy staffing decisions” and also answer which one of these will you choose to acquire the talent that is needed
3. ADISYNCH is a new start up in Bengaluru which is operating in Education sector. It is an online learning platform to school and college students in India. The startup hires tutors from all across the country. In your recent recruitment drive you selected 50 new tutors from 15 different states in India. In this background, answer the following questions:
a) Which training method will you use to train these tutors? Why?
b) Describe the characteristics of the method that you are proposing to use.
Supply Chain Management
1. What are the three decision phases of Supply Chain Management? What are some key decisions made in each phase? Please give 2 examples of decisions in each phase. Also comment on how are the decisions made in each phase linked with each other
2 . XYZ parts is a company making brake pads for trucks. It wants to set up its manufacturing and dispatch warehouse either in Delhi or Mumbai. From the city they select, they will make shipments to 6 cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad and Chennai. Each parcel they ship to their customers in these cities weighs between 750 grams and 900 grams. They negotiated with a logistics company for shipping their parcels and the best rates they got for all parcels up to 1 kg are given in below table:
Rates per parcel up to 1 kg Destination City
Source City Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad Chennai
Delhi 22 42 58 60 57 65
Mumbai 40 21 38 65 42 50
The number of orders they are expecting to get from each city per month are given in below table
Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad Chennai
Orders from each city per month 4500 5500 4000 2500 3000 2500
For manufacturing, storing the inventory and dispatching, they need a 10000 sq. ft warehouse. Monthly rent in Mumbai for a 10000 sqft warehouse is Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month and in Delhi it is Rs. 90000. All other costs of operating the warehouse and manufacturing
is same for both the cities. How will the company decide how which city is cost effective to operate? Which city as per your calculations should be there preferred location?
3. Case Study/ Caselet
Axis Apparels is a company based out of Delhi, India. They produce garments using fabric imported from a factor in China. The factory in China dispatches the goods on the same day when they receive the order. The shipments are made through air and the transportation lead time is 10 days include customs clearance at both countries. Once the fabric is received, the company performs QC test in a lab and only after that, the fabric can be used for making garments. QC test takes 10 days. On an average company uses 3,00,000 meters of fabric every month. However, the business development team of the company has informed that any day they can receive a new order from a client and in that case the consumption of fabric per month can go up to 4,50,000 meters
a) How much safety stock of fabric should the company maintain?
b) At what inventory level the order for new lot of fabric should be placed
Taxation- Direct and Indirect
1 . Mr. Somaya recently joined as a marketing executive in a construction company. The Human resource department of the company recruited him at a CTC of Rs6.5 lacs, annually. The said department asked him to follow adequate tax planning so as to minimize income tax liability.
However, being a graduate in Marketing Somaya is confused among the terms tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion. He approached you for discussing the differences in these term You recently come to know about the difference by studying them under the course of Taxation – Direct and Indirect.
Explain him the needful with suitable examples.
2. The basis of charge under the head salary is different when compared with income from other various sources. Further, there are certain deductions under the Income tax Act which are available only to the salaried employees and which are in addition to the deductions under Chapter VI of the income tax Act.
Mention at least three of the deductions available to salaried employees with the maximum deductible amount for each of them. Also, discuss the conditions needed to be satisfied in order to charge any income under the salary head.
3 a. Mr. Morgan received voluntary retirement compensation of Rs7.5 lakhs after service of 30 years. He still has 5 years of service left. At the time of VRS, he was drawing basic salary of Rs 25000 per month, Dearness allowance Rs 7000per month. Compute his taxable voluntary retirement compensation, assuming he can’t claim any relief U/S 89
b. Ramman is a resident and ordinary resident in India for the previous year 2018-19. He owes a house in London, which he has to let out at pound 15000 per month. The municipal taxes paid to the Municipal Corporation of London is pound 7000 during the previous year 2018-19. The value of one pound in India rupees to be taken Rs 90.50. Compute Ramman’s Net Annual Value of the property for the Assessment year 2019-20.
World Class Operations
1. You have been asked to identify the existence of world class standards in operations in a firm. Describe in brief the traits for world class operations
2. You have been appointed as an auditor for the manufacturing process of a firm. The firm has already implemented the Shingo Model for operational excellence. Given this context, critically examine the Shingo Model for Operational Excellence.
a. Mr. Abraham has been working with French automobile giant for the last 27 years. He started working in the company as a Production Executive and rose through the organizational hierarchy and is presently the Global Head of Quality Standards. Suggest how he has executed quality standards in manufacturing of automobiles in the parent company.
b. The company is presently setting up a manufacturing unit in the automobile hub of Pune, India. Mr. Abraham has been assigned to create a plan for the implementation of TPM tools in the Pune unit of the company. Create a plan for TPM implementation on behalf of Mr. Abraham.
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