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Hi All, In my company, the salary is credited by 7th of the month.There were few incidences wherein employee were asking for salary slip on 1st of the month i.e. before crediting salary. Can we give salary slip to an employee before crediting salary to his account?
From India, Pen
Hello ,
Yes you can, as per my current practice I run the payroll on 1st every month, and share salary slips with employees, we are doing salary transfer through official bank of organization so on 7th salary is credit in their account.
If there is any difference so they can ask you to rectify the same, its on you, you want to adjust any difference in same payroll or like to carry forward in next month.
According to me their is no harm to publish slips on 1st.

From India, Delhi
The normal practice is to see that Salary slip is issued before the salary is credited to the Bank to help employees to check correctness of salary, earnings, deductions etc.,
C.N. Khan, HR Consultant.
================================================== =
Work H.R.Dept. - LEAVE CARD (L.C) Vs. LEAVE APPN. (L.A.)
(Abbreviations used to save space).
================================================== ==========
I am providing below 24 Imp. Benefits, Advantages of adopting Leave Card System for the Co’s. P&A. Dept. instead of the existing Loose Leave Appn. Forms. Pl. read them. I hope; some of the Benefits will be useful for your P&A works & you will consider to adopt them. Please contact to share more.
The Mines Act, F.A., Shops & Estt., MW, PWA,ESI,PF. etc., obliges every Co./ P.E., to maintain Regr.of Attendance, Wages, Leave Card, Co-Off Regr. etc.,
The Leave Card System for applying for Leave; was introduced by JSW in 1996 and I introduced it in SLL in 1998, VSL Steels, Automobile Cos., 5 Star Hotels & Other Cos. (M/s. BKG., Kirloskar, Kalyani, SLR. etc., have adopted L.C. due to its several Benefits (mentioned below) to the Co.'s. P&A works.)
1. Every Mgmnt. is obliged to maintain / issue Leave Card as per Labour Acts. This Rule facilitated adoption of Leave Card System for better Leave Administration & Accountability which was ignored’ since P&A Mgrs. are not informed about the Benefits (NECESSITY & UTILITY) of Leave Card Systems given below.
2. The FactoHR Systems etc., will improve MIS, Pay-roll etc., whereas; the Leave Card is used to regulate, facilitate Leave Admin. of the employees. P&A.Dept., HODs. will have more control over Leave matters when L.C. is used as they can check the L.C. to verify, tally leave details whenever required; monthly; qrtrly, half yrtly, yrly etc.; which is difficult with the existing Loose Leave Appn.Forms as they cannot be filed.
3. As the present Leave Appn. is loose & 100s of such Appns. comes to HR Dept., Seniors cannot Check, keep track, tally with Biometric data as can be checked with Single Leave Card & hence, many P&A Mgrs. have to Certify the Attendance for payment of Salary; as put up by the Dept. Staff. In case of discrepancy; or Employee’s Complaint, Enquiry; tracing of old L.A. is difficult; will delay Salary Processing, complaints to Seniors etc.,
4. Since some employees will take 2-3 times leave in a month, Company has to Print 1000s of copies of L.A;, as against Printing of
1 Leave Card for 1 employee for 1 year.
5. Many L.A.,are zeroxed due to urgency; increasing the HR Dept. Cost. L.C. Saves printing & zerox Cost where lot of empl’s. work.
6. The important Managerial work of P&A Dept.i.e., to check / tally Attendance cannot be done or is ignored since; P&A Dept.has not adopted L.C.System.(Finance Dept.can check & tally all expenses a/c.). One reason for not adopting L.C. is; many HR Mgrs/GMs.are not informed about the Benefits (NECESSITY & UTILITY) of adopting LC for P&A works.
7. In the case of L.C.; since there will be only one Card for every employee for one year, the HODs, HRD., Accts., Auditors, Sanctioning Authority-GM/MD can see, check the LC. whenever it goes to them. It helps them to check the correctness of all Leaves; especially; P.L. as it is CASH. This Check itself will reduce the mistakes; change the attitude of all P&A.Ofcrs. to check the L.C.
when it comes to them
(AND EVERY L.C. MUST GO to P&A. Officers to help them to PERFORM THEIR MANGERIAL WORK OF VERIFICATION). It makes the employees extra cautious and helps them to plan to take leave unlike in the case of Loose L.A. which only helps to get sanction of Leave from his HOD & post in Leave Regr.
8. In big Cos./Estts. with 100+ employees; some empls. don’t regularize their absence immediately & the Columns in the Attendance Regr. will remain blank till monthend; giving scope for malpractices since P&A Mgrs. cannot compare loose L.A. with Attend.Regr. If L.C. is adopted, all empl.s & Timekeepers will be forced to regularize the leave immediately; since HRO can easily detect the lapses by comparing LC with Attend.Regr. which is not possible with loose L.A. as it can’t be filed but kept away after leave is sanctioned. HRO will question empl. when HRO finds blank spaces in Attend.Regr. & can warn empl.to Regularise leave immediately.
9. Even if you have 10 persons, LC will help HRD, HOD, GM/MD to keep track & regulate Leave taking; instead of the existing Leave Appn.(LA).
10. As L.C. is a manually entered and checked by P&A, Auditors, Accts., GM/MD., it is accepted by all as Authenticated & Seniors rely for its correctness. Hence, L.C. helps to compute Leave, make Pay Roll & F.S. work easy & fast.
1. One side of the Leave Card to apply for Leave &
2. Backside; u can print Leave Rules for the infn.& compliance of all employees so that;
in one Card; u can get both the works done & u will have an effective & useful System in place for Leave Management.
12. Co./ HRMgrs. have to inform all Rules, Policies to the employees to create Awareness among the employees and for their Compliance. The twin objective is achieved with this Leave Card and the Leave Rules on the Backside will help the empl’s. to follow them.
13. The L.C. will control / monitor Leave, absenteeism & help HODs, HRMgrs, Auditors; faster their Certification of Attendance for Salary besides; L.C. will be a Proof to be kept in Per. File of all employees to verify throughout their service; unlike the existing loose LA which cannot be traced after sanction of leave as they are not / cannot be kept in Per.file.
14. SICK LEAVE for 3+ days: When an employee require S.L. for 3 days & above; he must give SICKNESS Infn.+ Medical Certificate (as per format) giving the details of the Medical problems & entering No.of days S.L. required in the LEAVE CARD.
15. M.B. LEAVE: When Women employee requires M.B.Leave; she must apply in the prescribed Form giving details of the Maternity, period of MB Leave required etc., with Medical Certificate & entering the No.of days MB Leave required in the LEAVE CARD.
16. 5 NATIONAL Holidays are FIXED as per the Holidays Act. 3-4 FESTIVAL HOLIDAYS can be FIXED & the remaining Festivals can be made OPTIONAL so that the employees belonging to different Languages, Cultures, Religions are enabled to observe the Festival he wants to take in a year. LEAVE CARD helps to keep track No.of O.H. taken & ensures that they take the permitted Festivals only (Pl.read; How Holidays List is made with O/R Holidays given in the Attachment).
17. The existing System of applying for Leave Online, Punching, Face Reader Bio-metric etc., will continue. Only the L.A.Form will be replaced with L.C. for several benefits for the Co.’s P&A function.
My New Leave Card on 1 side will help employees to apply for leave & Leave Rules on reverse side will fulfill Cos.obligation to inform Leave Rules to them.
18. INTRODUCING LEAVE CARD (L.C.) & Stopping L.A.:.
LC is handy, HR Mgr, Seniors, HODs, Auditors, GM/MD etc., can always Check CL,SL,PL,OH,LWOP etc., details, balance, tally, Find No. of times, days Leave taken, totaling errors, to Calculate all leaves taken ( Monthly) to make Salary. LC is a Statutory Record. It cannot be manipulated like Loose LA. HRD & HODs can check mis-use & caution employees.
19. 1 Card for 1 Employee for 1 year.
After one year, keep old LC in Per.File as Record to verify throughout their service. Easy for P&A. to work out Leave Entitlement, Balance Leave, Salary preparation & Leave Administration. It is cheap & easy to maintain. Empl. will know how often he is taking Leave & will help them to plan their taking of leave. HOD can caution Mis-use/approve on need basis. Custody-P&A.Dept./HODs.
20. As the CL, SL, PL of every employee will be mentioned in every Leave Card, & Leave Rules also printed; employees; specially in Prodn., O&M, Essential Service etc., approaching HR Dept. frequently to know leave balance; Leave Rules can be avoided. Also; HODs time is not wasted to contact P&A. to know Leave balance to sanction leave to his employees.
21. The L.C. helps P&A Dept.,all HODs to control Absenteeism and also helps P&A Dept. to initiate & follow-up for Disciplinary action against the employees for Absenteeism.
As the L.C. is frequently checked by HRM, HODs, Auditors, Accounts & employee, the GM / MD can rely on L.C. as an accepted document for Leave encashment, DOJ, etc., and approve F.S. & avoid employee disputing Leave balance, total Service etc, while leaving service, making F.S., Thus; LC helps the process of Relieving smooth & avoid complications.
23. MAN DAYS - Absenteeism. As the L.C., will give total Leave taken by every empl., Monthly, Qrtrly, Yearly, HRD can easily calculate Mandays (worked days) for Statu. Returns, HRIS.,etc.,
24. As per Survey report; On Checking 500 entries of Bio-metric Attendance in Cos. with 50+employees, it was found that upto 10% L.A. was missing.
Every P&A Mgr. must have all Imp. Acts, Systems, Rules, Forms to administer P&A. works effectively & Professionally; as P&A Mgr. is answerable to:-
F.I., L.I., PFI, Pension, ESI, Gratuity, PT, other Govt. Officers, Auditors, HODs, GM/MD, Employees etc., and he has to solve all employees problems; keep Records in Per. Files for future ref. DURING THE LIFE OF EMPLOYEES & CO. ITSELF.
Though Cos. have to go Paperless; various Acts require P.E. to maintain & produce Statu.Regr. for compliance. Hence, for Admin.of P&A works; maintenance of above Regrs., Records are Mandatory & facilitates P&A works.
Please also read the 15 Imp. P&A. Systems, Rules, Forms –(Attached) as some of them are NOT there in many Cos.
I can provide you all Updated, Ready-to-use HR Systems, Rules, Forms & assist you to implement them with my 35 yrs. exp.in Mines, Factory, Shops& Estt. Legislation relating to HR & Admin.works.

Thanking you & awaiting to hear from you.
With Kind Regards,
C.N. Khan,HR & Mgmnt Consultant&Advocate(Ex-AGM-HR&A-35 yrs exp. in HR,IR,LegalAdmn.in7 Mfg.Co.s +Secy.for ISO Certification).
Ph: 9535470460- E-Mailid:
Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Tr.Member, I.I.M., B;luru.
Languages known: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu + Hindi & English
For H.R., Labour & Legal problems, please contact:

From India, Mumbai
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