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my name is samreet.
I am working as an hr in a small organisation. i need to issue a warning mail to all the employees for not submitting their leave forms. they usually take approvals from the HOD through message but fail to provide their leave forms in time.

From India, Amritsar
Dinesh Divekar
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Dear Mr.Sameer,
Make an important circular to all employees instead of warning mail, where you can mention no excuses after fixing a date of submission as practice in your company and mark a copy to all concerned HODs.

From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Smareet,
This is in addition to what Mr Krishnakumar has said. The issue of circular apart, the first question arises is whether you have a policy on employee leave? If yes, then has the procedure to apply for the leave been included? Secondly, do the employee know about this policy?
Partially, this is the fault of the HODs also. If they sanction the leave then they also should follow up with their juniors for the submission of the leave application for the regularisation purposes? Partially this problem has arisen because the HODs are not made accountable for the sanction of the leave.
In case if you issue the circular, then write clearly that if the employees avail of leave but do not submit their leave application for the regularisation purposes, then it will be considered as "absence from the duties" and for this absence, the salary will be deducted. You just draft the circular but let the circular be issued by the MD of the company.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Sameer,
I may add to what has been suggested by other colleagues.
First of all ensure whether you are empowered to issue circulars on your own accord. In case you are reporting to some other senior officials better first discuss the matter with them for a solution and act accordingly. Suppose they agree to issue a circular, prepare a draft circular get it approved and then issue under your signature, if not your HoD him/herself can sign it and issue. In any case, first discuss with your reporting officer and act as per instructions. This approach can save you from facing unpleasant development post issue of a circular without consulting anyone.

From India, Bangalore
i am working with manufacturing plant. Here employees working at worker levels, usually they do have leave balance as they take frequent leaves. they do not care for absence of duty or LOP, as any which way their leave is LOP only. In such cases, can i hold the salary of such employees. or any other ways which bound employees to submit leave application.
Please suggest.

Nikhil Agrawal

From India, New Delhi


Holding salary will not be the solution for this. Any way you are marking LOP for those cases which itself is a punishment. In case of recurrence from individuals call them and counsel them and find out what is their actual issue. Pass on circulars emphasizing the importance of planned leaves with advance information.

From India, Madras

Are they first-generation industrial employees? if so, it will take some time (probably a few years) to become used to industrial culture. One of the significant aspects in recruiting agrarian labour in industrial firms, is that they continue their past behaviour and attitude, which does not give priority to organised and disciplined effort as is required. Instead, they are prone to come and go at will, work at convenience.
To change this attitude you need to continuously educate them. Holding the salary is not advisable as the Labour Inspector can challan you for delayed payment of wages. (not later than 7th day of the succeeding month as per PWA 1936)

From India, Mumbai
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