Hello Gurus, Kindly guide, if we can issue a warning letter on company’s letterhead. Or there is no need to have it on letterhead.
From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Dear Mr.Ahmed,
Almost all companies have two letter heads; one meant for outside communication and one for internal (within company). The later one is also commonly known as letter head continuation sheet. Any official communication which will have 'official record', such as warning' should be issued in the letter head continuation sheet.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Kashif,
Yes, all the communication related to the matters of discipline or indiscipline should be issued under company's letterhead. It lends credibility to the communication.
Ningthoujam I: - There is nothing like letterheads should be used for external communication and communication sheets should be used for the internal communication. Where did you read this? Can you please provide any reference?
As per definition given in the Collins dictionary, continuation sheet is a page that continues from the one before it, containing similar information.
While communicating with external party or for internal communication, if the document has multiple pages then first is page is printed on the letterhead and from the second page onward, continuation sheet is used.
Generally printing cost of letterhead is higher than that of continuation sheet as unlike letterhead, it just has the logo of the company and nothing else. If second sheet onward if the continuation sheet is used then it saves the stationery cost. Hence it usage.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr.Divekar,
I feel you should use a polite way of seeking clarification or putting your point across. Take this as a feedback, not otherwise.
Regarding your query, I shared what we follow. I thought it might help Mr.Ahmed.
Though I wanted to read, but no business mentor or consultant has written anything on this.
Anyway, I do endorsed your point, "... all the communication related to the matters of discipline or indiscipline should be issued under company's letterhead. It lends credibility to the communication."

From India, Mumbai
Generally the letter head is used but it is not mandatory.
Even if the name of organisation is mentioned either at top or under the Auth Signatory, it serves the purpose.
In such cases, it is advisable to put the stamp of the organisation.

From India, Delhi

Formal letter with rubber stamp of the appointment and name of signatory will do the needful.(file references, date of signature)
It is not mandatory to use company letterhead for such correspondence.

From India, Pune
Dear colleagues,
Any printed paper with company's name , address and logo will suffice for issuing warning letter .Most important, such letter should be signed by the Authorized signatory who is legally valid person ie Appointing/punishing authority or Manager notified under the Model Standing Orders for worker category.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Similar query was discussed in this forum about 10 yrs ago. I wish to requote the same opinion here also. Communication in LH always treated with due importance, care & proper place to file them for future reference compared to those in plain paper. It's human tendency to do so as well. There is no hard and fast rule though as to how it should be. However it should be preferable to use letter head. Of course offices try to save that much cost in printing & stationery which I consider to be pittance. Some times co's use better looking paper LH for external communication and ordinary paper for internal use, this is reasonable. In this context we should also consider that most of central & state govts. use ordinary, plain sheet simply typing their address at the top and affixing rubber stamp at the signatory with office seal. Even now in many offices, for printing they continue to use age old dot matrix printers ignoring sophisticated ink jets and toner based laserjet printers.
I would strongly recommend LH printed with logos & address neatly (attractively) as they are the 'face books' of an entity carrying one's face value. This, I consider it, is more important for private entrepreneurs if not for govt./quasi govt. offices.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Members
I came across a good discussion on the subject whether the communication for disciplinary proceedings to be necessarily isued on the company's letter head.
I opine...
It is not mandatory - from legality aspects - to make the communication authentic signature of the issuing authority i.e. disciplinary authority along with mention of his name, designation and department should suffice. It is more important to obtain acknowledgement of receipt of the letter from the employee, which must not be missed.
One of the disciplinary proceeding is to create deterrence. Disciplinary letter on company letter head will create more serious impact on the accused employee compared to the same texts issued on plain paper.
So the question can be re-framed what is more desirous- whether to issue disciplinary letter on company's letter head or on plain paper.
The answer of this question would be - obviously on company's letter head.
Shailesh Parikh
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From India, Mumbai

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