I'm from India and i took a wrong decision by joining a medium based IT Company. I didn't like the company from day 1 and i tried to fit into the company but it didn't work. But mean time month end has arrived and i was even paid for 10 days. I now have another offer in a big company and so i wanted to leave the current company. In the current company notice period during probation is 15 days and there was no bond and i joined there as full time employee. Please let me know the consequences that i could face if i leave the current company without serving my notice period. I wanted to also add that my current company HR knows the new company name and details where i hold an offer. In current company i was given a laptop. But i kept it in my drawer so that if i wanted to leave the company any time it would be easy for me and also in worse case if i'm continuing job there, its no harm in keeping the laptop in drawer . I thought of sending a mail that i'm resigning and telling them that my laptop is in my drawer. For few reasons , i cant go to my current company and let them know about my resignation face to face and.
Considering all these , can someone tell me if i will face any legal actions if leave my current company.

From India, undefined
Dear SDHE1,
You have written that "Please let me know the consequences that i could face if i leave the current company without serving my notice period."
But then why you would like to abandon your employment rather than serving notice period of 15 days and leave honourably? Worst still, you would like to leave the laptop in the drawer of the work desk. Will it not be proper if you hand over the company-given assets and then leave?
My suggestion is not to abandon employment.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
He Dinesh,
The reason is i have no time to serve the notice period. I have to join the new company very quickly. And i'm sure that current company will not accept my resignation request and release me on same day.

From India, undefined

It is never a good practice to leave a company without serving the agreed notice period, irrespective of the size of the company or the culture. While accepting the new offer the least you could have done was take into consideration the notice period of the present employment and move forward with head held high instead of trying to avoid anyone from the company even in future.
As of now what you are commenting are only assumptions which might be strong but still you may rather sit with the HR and if required the management and come out of the situation in an amicable manner than absconding altogether.
Try to take the situation head-on than shying away.
Thanks and Regards

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Aks17, Both the jobs are in different cities. I’m in my hometown right now. If i go to my current company, i’ll have no time to travel and join new company
From India, undefined
I am of the view that you may not be disclosing full details.
Any way, my suggestion is that as you can or do not want to serve the notice period of 15 days, send them 15 days salary in lieu and tell them that the laptop location.
Give a copy of your letter send by speed post .
Col.Suresh Rathi

From India, Delhi
Dear SDHE1
If you have got a conscience, ask that whether you are doing the right thing. I wonder whether you would have continued in the present job, if you had not got the offer from the other company!! As Aks17 has advised, it would be be more appropriate to pay them in lieu of notice period and explain to them your predicament and appologise for any inconvenience caused.
This step will put your mind at ease and help you to sleep better and not worry what the consequences could/would be.

From United Kingdom
Suresh, Thanks for the advice. I have to think whom should i address the cheque.
From India, undefined
The company which i'm holding offer was the first one where i got the offer and the current company was later. I thought of giving the current company a try which brings the whole confusion and mess. And as i already explained i don't have the time to serve the notice period. If i had time i would have served the notice period. If i had the time to serve the time to serve Notice period , obviously i would not be posting my query. The situation is much more complicated where i can't go to specifics and it's NOT the case where i chose to leave company just coz i got another good offer. That situation is irrelevant here

From India, undefined
Dear SDHE1
I am sorry to note the sad state that you are in. When bloggers do not give complete background information, we are forced to assume. As my tutor told us a long time ago, I should not have assumed. He told us that when our assumptions are wrong we make an ASS of U and ME. (That's how he had highlighted the mistake that happens.
We cannot say what the company will do; however, we doubt whether your company will take any legal action. If I were you, I would pay the dues in-lieu of notice and have a peaceful mind and sound sleep.

From United Kingdom

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