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i am assigned a project on employee satisfaction survey in a company..i would like to know what are the effective methods or strategies adopted for doing employee satisfaction survey..what actually needs to be done and how to evaulate the result of it after colelcting the necessary information..
From India, Mumbai
You will get lotsa info..on Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ESS)...if you "google".. I'll leave you with a few suggestions though.....

1. You need to be clear of the objective of the ESS...do you want to focus on the macro problems...or would like to dig out the micro issues..

2. Conduct Focussed Group Discussions (FGD) to get a feel of the real life problems that may exist in the organisation.

3. Prepare a questionnaire that would seek more insights into the issues that come up from the FGD.

4. Take the questionnaire back to the key stake holders ( CEO / CFO / Head HR etc. ) in the organisation

5. Incorporate their feedback

6. Prepare a communication plan - Ensure the CEO himself sends the same across the org.

7. Launch the survey keep it anonymous

8. Share the outcome of the survey with the key stake holders

8. Share the feedback of the survey with the employees ( relevant sections / details )

9. Prepare an action plan on the key action items...

10. Conduct follow-up on the key action items

Organisations like Gallup / CSMM / Hewitt are pioneers in this area...you may wish to approach them, if you decide to engage a 3rd party agency.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, we have a free guide on our website, engageyouremployees.com. Feel free to use the information and contact us if you have any questions. We have conducted many successful employee surveys and the key component is understanding the results and implementing change based on the survey that drives business results. I would also recommend that you are measuring employee engagement and not just employee satisfaction as employee engagement has a much larger impact on business results.
Here is the link to the guide:
Knowledge <link updated to site home>
Andrew Noel
Employee Engagement Surveys
From Canada, London

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