I complete 4 Years & 8 Months on 5 August in my current company, and i plan to move out seeking new ventures.
and my appointment letter doesn't state any gratuity benefits.
So the question is
1) Will i be entitled to get Gratuity After completing 4 Years & 8 Months
2) And If my Appointment letter doesn't state any gratuity pay outs will be able to get the gratuity amount based on the Gratuity Act.
Your response would be highly appreciated.

what does your company policy or HR manual say about Gratuity?
From India, Delhi
Whether your appointment order says about gratuity or not does not matter.
If the company has more than 10 employees ,it would generally fall under the provisions of Payment of gratuity Act.
4 years 8 months service may not make you eligible for gratuity as 5 years continuous service is prescribed by the act.
From India, Pune
Mr Rahul : There is no such policy or Hr manual or Hr booklet in my company.
Mr Nathrao: Earlier today I spoke to one of my ex Hr Managers who appraised to me saying that 8 months is calculated as 1 year in the Gratuity act so if a employee works for 4 years and 8 months he would be still eligible for Gratuity.
Since I was not sure about i have used this forum so that experienced professionals can help me in making a decision.

Please refer attachment. Will be of great ise to you. There are many posts on the same
From India, Chennai

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Dear Aniskhane,
If payment of gratuity act whether mentioned or not mentioned in the appointment order, it is irrespective.
You will be eligible for the gratuity. The payment of gratuity ( second amendment) act, 1984 clarifies that if an employee completed 4 years 8 months of service with more than 10 employees in that organisation will be eligible for gratuity.
i.e; 240 days = 1 year where the company follows 5 days a week.
The formula for gratuity is as follows;
Payment of Gratuity = Basic salary* No. of years of service* 15/26
Hope this may help you.
Seniors please correct me if i m wrong.
Thank you
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Uma Maley,
The basic condition for qualifying gratuity payment under the act is still 5 year of continuous service. However, in order to count 01 year continuous (uninterrupted) service the below is used:-
In the case of an employee who is not in uninterrupted service for one year, he shall be deemed to be in continuous service if he has been actually employed by an employer during the twelve months immediately preceding the year for not less than-
(i) 190 days, if employed below the ground in a mine, or
(ii) (ii) 240 days, in any other case, except when he is employed in seasonal establishment.
Pls be noted the 240 days (which generally told as 08 month) has been taken on basis of Point (i), which initially reformed to count 01 year service for the mid period (1st to 4th year service). Means if an employee work for 240 or more days in a service year than it will be countable as 01 year. That does not mean 240 days will be equal to 05th year . First the employee need to complete 05th year than only the 240 days grace can be taken. This is my opinion on basis of the language drafted in the Act.
However, there are cases (court verdict) where employees got gratuity for 4 years and 08 months service, but still there is no AMENDMENT in the basic Act which shows the eligible period as 04 year 08 month. Hence in the first instance the company (employer) can deny to pay the gratuity for less than 05 year service. But if the employee put the case to the court and the lawyer give example of previous court verdict than the court may direct the employer to pay the gratuity.
There are so many discussion happened on the topic and still it is all time topic for HR professionals. Hope my points are cleared. Fellow members can put more light or correct me.
From India, Delhi
Uma Maley had mentioned that as per the 1984 amendment the eligibility period is 4 years and 8 months. Will you please the share the text matter of the amendment ? Please read Section 4 and Section 2A of the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, before making comments.
Appreciations to Pan Singh Dangwal for the clarification.
From India, Madras
Dear Sir,
is there any ceiling of year for gratuity payment.
if any employee work 40 year in same company then payable gratuity payment will be for 40 year complete or less.
kindly advise
From India, Indore
4 Years 8 months it doesn't matter,You have to complete 240 days (ie,Saturday Working days) or 190 days ( Saturday holiday).Its enough to getting gratuity.
From India, Coimbatore
Dear Friend,
As an aspirants for gratuity, job change you consider yourself eligible for gratuity as some one gave an information.
The law says, one is eligible for gratuity after completion of 5 years of service. It is neither me nor any members of the forum would not cahnge the law and act to make one eligible.
There is no issue if your employer is considering to pay you gratuity is a welcome decission or other wise complete 5 years service to receive gratuity and leave. Knock the door of court, if not for 4.8 years.
From India, Mumbai
Learned HR Professionals,
On this Forum I am learning new things every time about Gratuity eligibility on 4 years & 8 months / 4 years & 240 days and so on.
This matter is well discussed on this forum on many occasions.
If there is such an amendment namely, Payment of Gratuity (second amendment) Act, 1984 clarifying if an employee complets 4 years 8 months of service, he is eligible for gratuity, then what is discussed up till now has no meaning. Even the case laws discussed are nullity or void.
I concur with our learned Prabhat ji to some extent. What he said is not applicable in TN and Kerala.
From India, Mumbai
The gratuity will be paid based on date of joining and completion of years of service. It is not based on 4 yrs and 216 days. If the person crosses 5 years of service within that 216 days, then he need to be paid, i.e, based on the date of joining of an employee, the day when he completes 5 years of service, he will be eligible to get the gratuity. But whereas the calculation will be rounded off to the next higher or lower fraction after his 5 yrs completion. So no one will be eligible to get gratuity if he is not completed 5 years of service.
The gratuity will be paid when an employee dies before completion of 5 years service, and will be paid to the dependent family member or nominee
Deepak Pawar
From India, Pune
Dear Learned Contributors,
There has been instances and court verdicts wherin the claim of Gratuity was approved upon completion of a continuous service of 4 years and 240 days also. The case of Mettur Beardshell Ltd Vs RLC as decided by the honorable Madras High Court in 1987; is submitted as precedent, while in many cases the judgement went against the aforesaid. Hence there is a probability that court may deem completion of 4 years and 240 as eligible for Gratuity payment. Attached is an extract of the same.
Rahul Chhabra
From India, Delhi

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4 Years 8 months (240 days) (ie,Saturday Working days) or 190 days ( Saturday (or Alternate) & Sunday holiday).Its enough to getting gratuity.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Anil ji,
This forum is an open forum and any one is free to write here any thing.
You are HR Professional. HR Professional is supposed to be an expert above all. HR Professional while talking or writting any thing should be very careful & studious, particularly when he use the title as HR Professional.
I am very sorry to say it here that I have to tell this to HR Professional. You need to study the PoG Act, rules and case laws thereunder.
Please bear in mind that we are here to discuss the law and not the practise you adopted. One can have different view in certain matter but it should be supported with logical reasoning.
I am here to learn from the members like you.
From India, Mumbai
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From Ukraine, Kyiv
Dear members, rightly said by Mr Keshav Korgaonkar. Preferably we should talk about the law as drafted in the Act. However, there could be different scenario in any particular case, that doesn't mean change in law. I very well explained the matter of 04 years 240 days (08 months) on thread No. #07, which was appreciated by Mr KCS Kutty as well. Still many members mentioned it as a law / eligibility. Be it very clear there is no Amendment issued in the Act. As per the act still gratuity is payable after completing 05 years continuous service (in general case), however in case of death and disability the 05 years condition not applicable.. Hope senior member agree my point or correct me, if I am wrong...
From India, Delhi
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From Ukraine
Dear Anish,
Eligibility is 5 Years continuous service is the criteria for eligibility not essential for detail and disablement - Example. if a person has worked for 5 years and 6 months, it is deemed 6 years service and less than 6 months not to be considered.
Section 4 of the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 provides that an employee will entitled to gratuity on completion of continuous service of 5 years and while clarifying the 5 years complete service, Andhra Pradesh High Court in P. Raghuvulu and Sons v. Additional Labour Court , [1985] , had held that the minimum period for becoming eligible for payment of gratuity should not be less than 5 years since it should be complete 5 year service.
Baban Patil.
From India, Mumbai
Baban Patil Sir,
Request to give full citation detail of case :- reported in LLR / CLR/ FLR / LLJ not just the year.
Andhra Pradesh High Court in P. Raghuvulu and Sons v. Additional Labour Court , [1985]
If you have the soft copy then share on the thread
From India, Andheri
1. If you have worked for more than 240 days in the fifth year of your service, you are entitled to gratuity.
2. Your entitlement to gratuity does not matter on what is/ what is NOT written in your letter of appointment letter. If there are 10 or more employees in the company and you have worked for 5 years at least, then you are entitled to gratuity.
From India, Kolkata
You are entitled to gratuity once you have completed 4 years and 240 days. However, if the company is deducting the gratuity from your salary, you are still entitled to gratuity. If you have problems in claiming gratuity, please approach Gratuity Inspector, the competent authority, for gratuity.
From India, Mumbai
Dear sir,
i want to prepare a circular for informing all the employee applying gratuity from 01.04.2017 as per our company terms. but i can't understand how write these.
so please suggest me a format to issue formal circular on behalf of company.
I am not HR Expert
From India, Noida
Hi all,

Please see what Section 4 in The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 says:

Gratuity shall be payable to an employee on the termination of his employment after he has rendered continuous service for not less than five years,—
(a) on his superannuation, or
(b) on his retirement or resignation, or
(c) on his death or disablement due to accident or disease:

Word termination is important for considering continuous service. No gratuity shall be payable to employee if s/he resigns of his / her own before completion 5 year of service.
From India, Mumbai
Mr Nathrao: Earlier today I spoke to one of my ex Hr Managers who appraised to me saying that 8 months is calculated as 1 year in the Gratuity act so if a employee works for 4 years and 8 months he would be still eligible for Gratuity.
Dear Anish,
WRT statement above I would add that 5 years continuous service as defined in the Act is necessary for claim to gratuity.
Your claim to gratuity does not arise on 241st day of 5 year.(4years.241 days)
Claim arises only on completing 5 years and in last year worker/employee has done 240 days service.
Court orders may be due to a reason or facts in particular case.HR cannot be forced to pay gratuity on basis of a Honble court decision given in other state or earlier.
HR will simply tell the claimant get a court order to this effect in your particular case.
From India, Pune
Gratuity Act is applicable to all employees of an Organisation. It clearly states that if an employee has completed 4 Years and 8 Months then he will be paid gratuity.
Amount is calculated- (Last Basic Salary Drawn/26)*15*No. of Years.
Here no. of years will be 5.

For Reference you can check Gratuity Act.
Note- Amount is Non-taxable upto 20 Lakhs.
From India, Hyderabad
I started feeling that this forum is not a knowledge gaining platform. Members write any thing without any study.

.................................................. .......................
From India, Mumbai
Please understand that payment of gratuity for service below 5 years i.e 4 years and 240 days is the discretion of the Employer. If a claim for Gratuity is made and rejected by the Employer then the remedy is file a petition before the State designated Gratuity Claims Authority.Then the Authority will decide whether the rejection by the Employer is correct or not.

The meaning of gratuity is a ‘A sum of money paid to an employee at the end of a period of employment.’

According to gratuity act, every employer, who has 10 are more employee, has to follow gratuity law. This law is applicable to government and private sector both. The government also give tax exemption on the gratuity payment.
You will get the gratuity only after the completion of 5 years in the service. Also, there should not be any break in the service. It must be continuous.

Note, the condition of 5 years service has a small relaxation. In the last year, mere service of 240 days would be considered as one year. Hence, You would be eligible for the gratuity after 4 years and 240 days of continuous service.
If are working in an organisation which works for 5 days in a week or less, mere 190 days would be counted as last one year. Therefore, in such case, you would be eligible for the gratuity after 4 years and 190 days.
From India
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