Hell sir , With greetings
sir in my school i found that some teachers are not checking the notebooks properly . so we want to give one memo to them just as a notice . so please help me how to write the memo for this.

From India, Udgir

Dear friend,
I suggest not to jump directly in issuing the memos etc., instead better to organize a meeting with all the teachers headed by the Principal & share the expectations. This will be a beginning and once you organized and shared then you can call the concerned teacher, show them the short falls and tell them to improve the quality.
If there is any repetition then you can issue a memo / note and even you can link their performance with the benefits also.
Thanks and regards

From India, Hyderabad
Vaishalee Parkhi

I would support what Mr. Kamesh has stated.
Incidentally, even after discussing this point in meeting, if you notice it has not resulted in the corrective action, take it as a main point of discussion in your Monthly Meetings or so... Ask the teachers themselves what action should be taken on this? May be, they will put across their issues /problems that will help you identify the root cause or reason of reluctance, if any.
After the joint discussions, come out with an action (penalty) for the same. Teachers will understand and support it as it was discussed with them. My apprehension, it will indirectly put a pressure on concerned teachers and will not cause any damage to genuine teachers.

From India, Pune
sir , we already discussed on the topics in common meeting as well as personally with that teachers also. But same things we found again and again. Then we decided to take decision to issue the memo.
From India, Udgir

A warning memo may be issued mentioning clearly about oral warning during the common meetings held.
From India, Hyderabad
Vaishalee Parkhi

In such case, the wording of the Memo could be -
Dear ........... (Teacher name)
Subject: Casual approach in checking notebooks.
This refers to our discussions on the topic.
It has been observed from last .......... months, you are not checking the notebooks seriously and thus, missing the deadlines. In spite of repeated discussions and reminders about maintaining the seriousness in the said task, we can't see any improvement.
Such behaviour is surely not expected from a teacher. Hence, through this Memo, we wish to inform you to immediately work on bringing seriousness in checking notebooks, as it is hampering the school image.
Please sign on the duplicate copy of this Memo indicating your action plan.
Yours truly

From India, Pune

A schoool, especially teachers have to be very careful. Any mistakes committed by them, even inadvertently or unintentionally will send a wrong message to students that mistakes can be accepted and even teachers make mistakes. Always better to double check. One way is to highlight those mistakes, scan such pages and display it in a meeting of all teachers. Let them realise the mistakes they have committed. This can be done by a senior faculty or principal or management. Regular knowledge and skill upgradation of teachers should also take place. Over a period of time, monotony sets in and they will behave like government employees - file pushers kind.
Having said that, I find there are mistakes in your own posting ! Let us first put our house in order.
Best wishes

From India
Arif ur Rehman

Dear All:
Teachers are worthy of respect, regards and reverance. Teaching is the noblest of professions.
Teachers, like all of us, are liable to make mistakes.
Suggestions by Mr. Sundaram are welcome. Couldn't the tabulation / grading work be done by some software?
I have been a teacher for over four decades. Never give a teacher a memo!
Arif ur Rehman

From Pakistan, Karachi
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