I worked in a manufacturing company for 3 months, due to some problem with my supervisor, I absconded from the job. 2 months after I absconded, I'm in the final round of an interview in a big IT company. Please note that I did not mention anything about my absconding to them. However I have enclosed an experience for which I have valid documents to prove. So will there be any problem in hiring me? Manufacturing and IT are two separate industries, so is there a chance that they would know about this?
From India, Chennai
Though by the nature of activities industries may be different, abscondence by an employee is considered as undesirable by all employers alike. Anyway, your stint with the manufacturing company is very short and you didn't mention anything about it in your resume, there is no possibility for your prospective employer to dig it provided the break stands explained to the satisfaction of any normal observer. I don't understand why people like you resort to absconding when there is a formal way for voluntary exit. Employment rules are meant only for strict observance and not for flouting according to one's personal whims and fancies. At least be cautious in future.
From India, Salem

"Employment rules are meant for strict observation and not for flouting according to one's personal whims and fancies. At least be cautious in future."
Absolutely correct.
Try and exit in friendly and legal manner.
But I do know many employers take advantage of the unemployment situation and misbehave. and break rules themselves.
Strike a balance in such matters and as far as possible leave in a proper manner with documents.

From India, Pune
I think that the pertinent reference to the unbecoming behavior of some employers in certain employment matters by Mr.Nathrao would demand the unbiased attention of all employers and employees alike. But young employees with high degree of employability should be doubly cautious when they intend to quit their current jobs for obvious reasons. Whenever they are in for better placement elsewhere, they can effectively negotiate for sufficient joining time depending on the notice conditions of their existing employer.
From India, Salem
Dear Friend,
When you consider everything in your favour ? Why this question insecurity has arisen in your mind?
Always keep this in mind that everything can be revealed at times, not by others rather by you. Your employer would certainly come to know when they will process your EPF account and status would say as existing. Be ready to answer properly if asked by your present employer.

From India, Mumbai
Dear colleague,
One can engage in futile guesswork whether your future employer will find it out or not.
Why should educated person in the first place commit such act of absconding when there are honourable ways to quit the job are available? And subsequently get persecuted by lurking fear ?
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Dear Colleagues,
I have not understood the statement by the thread thread initiator which says that "however I have enclosed an experience for which I have valid documents to prove."
It seems to me that the thread initiator has disclosed his employment which he absconded.
Again, as pointed by Prabhat ji, if the thread initiator is a member of EPF, hiding an employment is dangerous since UAN is linked to Aadhar mandatory.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
Absconding is the refuge of cowards. Absconding from job, work & problems life, all are equally bad. It brings to the fore the character & psyche of the absconder.
If the employer comes to he may derive unfavorable conclusions which may result in actions against you.
Warm Regards
Bharat Gera
HR Consultant

From India, Thane
Dear colleague, In short stop cribbing and think how to perform better to deserve better salary. Regards, Vinayak Nagarkar HR- Consultant.
From India, Mumbai
"however I have enclosed an experience for which I have valid documents to prove"
That sentence means that I have previously worked and exited an organization by serving notice period and on good terms. I do have a relieving letter from that company. I have only mentioned this positive employment history in my resume.
I absconded from the second company because that company was literally hell. They asked me to work for 14 hours daily and even on Sundays. When I raised my concern regarding this, they did not listen. So I informed my immediate manager and general manager about this, informed them verbally that I will not be coming back. Please note that I did not get any calls or emails from the company regarding my absence. They just did not care.
I realize that details about both of these companies will be mentioned in my employment history of my EPF or UAN, so how do you all suggest me to handle this situation?
Thanks in advance for your help.

From India, Chennai

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