Dear All,
We are startup IT Company located in Karnataka. We now have around 10+ Employees in our organization ... We have recently registered under ESIC for our employees ...
In our company we have now ...
Privilege Leaves - 15days (Carry Fowarded for Next year, with max allowed 30days Privilege Leave in a Year)
Casual Leaves - 12 days (As per suggested by our Labour Lawyer)
Sick Leaves - 0 (As per labour lawyer, sick leave is not applicable for employees who come under ESIC)
Compensatory Off - Still not implemented
Leave Without Pay - 12days
Now I would like to ask some queries I have about above Leave Types & Limitations in implementing them.
1) Is it true for employees who come under ESIC, are not applicable for Sick Leave? What needs to be set for employees who have salary above ESIC limit ?
2) Sick Leaves Needs to be implemented to all employees ?
2) Casual Leaves - How many max can be taken at once ? And How much time difference has to be kept with each time application for casual leave?
3) How many Compensatory Off needs to be given in a Calendar Year?
4) What is the good Practice for max Leave Without Pay days in a Year?

From India, Bengaluru
Hi Friend,
Below mentioned is my answer.
1. In Karnataka Sick leave cum casual leave is 12 days. Employees can avail the same whenever they require (Applicable to all employees).
2. Employee need to avail one weekly off after working continues 6 working days. If he works for 7th day, it needs to considered as overtime.
3. There is no specific rule for LOP. it depends on the work load and manager approval.
Hope this clears your doubt.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Friend,
Please find the answer below
1) Yes Sick leave is not applicable for employees covered under ESI.
2) Ideally 6 sick leaves are given to confirmed employee as a standard practice. Employee on probation is not eligible to avail sick leave unless gets confirmed.
3) At a time 2CL can be availed as it is usually given to meet any exigency occured. A days gap is enough for CL.
4) Leaves over and above allotted leaves are considered for Loss of such no limit

From India, Bengaluru
Hi Aman, Can you please confirm which act you have referred for your answers. .
From India, Bangalore
Hi Praveen, I have shared the information based on what I have experienced across industry.I would appreciate if you can correct me where I’m wrong. Aman
From India, Bengaluru
Hi Aman, you need to provide the leaves as per statutory, which i have already answered in this thread.
From India, Bangalore

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