Can anyone give me a clarification on the leaves for the "on roll staff" and "on roll workers".....? What should be the leaves for the staff and workers..? How many pl/sl/cl give to them....??
From India, Ahmedabad
I am at a loss to understand why the caption for this anonymous thread happens to be so when the basic query relates particularly to the various kinds of leave to " the staff and and workers " . My presumption in this regard would be because of the availability of certain type of leave over and above the statutory leave provided in the certified standing orders applicable to the establishment.
Anyway, first and foremost, in employment parlance, the term " STAFF " refers to a particular group of employees based on their work collectively such as "clerical staff", "technical staff", "fieldstaff", "managerial or administrative staff" and the like. Generally, conditions of work like working hours, weekly holidays, leave etc., applicable to all employees irrespective of the nature of employment depends on the place of work only. By using the terms "staff" and "workers" after the qualifiers " on roll " and " off roll " respectively, I think that the poster probably intends to distinguish between regular employees of the establishment and the contract labor supplied to it by any third party. It is the establishment-specific labor law applicable to the industry/establishment and the certified standing orders applicable to its regular employees determine the types and scales of leave. In respect of contract labor or off-roll workmen engaged therein, only statutory leave would be applicable for the standing orders of the establishment are not applicable to them.

From India, Salem
Yes dear,
there is many confusion regarding leaves to many people.
I wish to share my exp.
As per factory Act, all the employees who are working more than 240 days in preceding year is eligible for 1 pl per 20 days presence.
CL :
As per shop and establishment act, (Factory is also consider as establishment) all the employees are eligible for 7 days Casual leave at proreta base.
As per ESIC act, the person who is not covered under ESIC is eligible for min. 7 days Sick leave.
I hope it will help you.

From India, Jalalpur

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