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Hello All,
I want to know whether KRA or Goals of Manager should be shared with Subordinates?
Is there any harm or negative impact of that?
How will it be helpful to goals of Team/Organisation ?
Is there any mandate for not sharing.
Kindly help me out with this.

From India

Dear Friend,
Please note that as a team all the employees need to work towards the organization goal hence the Goals of the Organization need to be distributed and set the goals of the department. The Department consists HOD to lowest level person in the hierarchy hence each and every employee of the organization need to know understand the Organizational / department & individual goals. Except 1 or maximum 2 specific assignments may be confidential otherwise all KRAs / Goals to be open to all.
In this context I opine & suggest not to maintain any secrecy or confidentiality on KRAs & Goals failing which in bigger picture the Organization / the unit / the department & the individual are the sufferers. There is every possibility that the employee in a smart way can escape from his responsibilities saying that he is unaware of the tasks etc.,

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Mr.Kameswararao, I really appreciate for the reply given. This has really added to my knowledge.
From India

The answer should depend on the all aspects not just limited to what you asked. There are assumptions you made that we don’t know.
The answer again will probably vary from department to department, and with the hierarchy of the person, and nature of his job.
Further, some of the managers may have a kra which is not in line with desires of the subordinate. For example, a manager may have a kra that requires him to discipline and reduce of certain unacceptable incidents, or a kra may be to reduce head count, outsource certain part of work, etc.
So you need to decide whether or not it is acceptable in your scenario, rather than in a generic scenario

From India, Mumbai
Hi Mr.Banerjee,
An executive’s KRA were shared with Manager.
I suggested the Director Lets share the KRA of Manager with Executive too. As this will help to achieve company’s desired goals.
To which he blasted on me stating, ‘’NEVER TO SHARE KRA OF MANAGER WITH EXECUTIVE. As the executives may cross question to Manager.’’
I do not agree with him. And wanted to check if I Said something wrong.

From India

Dear Anonymous,
I take this opportunity to plead with people raising questions to give all the facts of the scenario, at the outset, rather than give it in dribs and drabs. This will help others to give considered suggestions rather than based on assumptions. My tutor had told me never to ASSUME, as a wrong assumptions makes an ASS out of U and ME.

From United Kingdom

KRA of Manager can be revealed to the extent that subordinates knows how their KRAs and Managers KRAs are linked to organisational goals.There may be certain KRAs allotted to Manager which needs to be kept under wraps and one should be judicious in keeping them that way while working to achieve the KRA concerned.
From India, Pune

In deed KRAs should cascade from the Balanced Score Card (BSC) of the organisation and in turn to each department/HOD so that all pull together in the same direction. There are very many organisations which makes public display of their BSCs. Unless the intended results are made known to the lowest level there will not be synergy in efforts.
From India, Mumbai
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