Very sorry to say that recruitment industry is becoming worst with its culture and expectations.companies or consultancies ask us to sell like call centres and close position..with such a pressured environment how to find the right candidate...if you influence the candidate to join .he will surely leave in 3 months time if not convinced..we have to leave candidates to decide than pressurising the closure
From India, Mumbai
I believe go in for a drive rather than appointing we may get genuine candidates who wait all day and give interview..also comoany sbould see thwy give favourable environment to the employees...not cheat like mwntioning one amount in offer letter and giving chutta if not performed .
From India, Mumbai
Marketing and recruitment have become forcefullness preasurable...stop calling it business..companies give accordingly work.not for profitability.instead of appointing 20 30 staffs in consultancies or clmpanies work with 10 or less and get quality business rather than time for closing.i have also asked big govt management committee to stop mba in marketing and hr as its not worth at all..practically right from birth if you have some skills to convince nk need to gwt educated also .u can run the show.why spend our parents dearly money on this if that skill is missing in us
From India, Mumbai
People demand this now a days...what do we do mba for ..just to develope our presentation skills??think about it.coming generations.....this is hard core truth going on in the market...if u can face well and good ..if not please dont go gor any higher education in these fields.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
Every industry has its own merits & demerits and similarly every job has its own merits & demerits. If you are working in Recruitment industry, either you have to accept it in totality or just reject it and get out of it.
No business runs without business development hence BD is also integral part of the business and for BD presentations are required to be made.
Every MBA coming out of B School wants either a strategic role/corporate role/business role/operations role etc. No one wants to take up IR/ER/Counselling role as it involves lots & lots of interactions, meetings etc with the employees/workmen. Majority wishes to be in corporate office and nobody wishes to be in the factory role may be because they are given such aspirations, inspiration, examples, education & training.
This I have mentioned out of my experience while recruiting from campuses.
Warm Regards
Bharat Gera
HR Consultant

From India, Thane
Dear Friend,
With the move of time new trend has immerged with the pace of requirement. It is obvious all have to go or follow the existing trend.
To have a better system for the recruitment or employment, the government had started Employment Exchange. The un-employed get them registered in employment exchange in turn the employment exchange recommend the names as per requirement of the industry. The industry conducted interview of referred candidate and recruit them on found suitability. It is a blunt truth that our industries never followed the route and took the charge on their own hand. Industries float their requirements in newspapers and other media.
Now recruitment agencies are in place of employment exchange to cater the need of industries for supply of required manpower as per the skill and industries are keep themselves out of picture. The recruitment industry is following the directives of the industries whom they are supplying manpower or arranging interviews. You are to follow the trend or else as an employer you can conduct requirement to-get rid of. Your blame is of no meaning without understanding the system or adopt a better system you think is best.

From India, Mumbai

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