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Which one is more good:-
1. Working as an individual HR in Pvt. Ltd. company (without any HR team) OR
2. In a team of HR?
I am working as HR Generalist in an I.T. company, there is only one HR here and that is me. I face lots of issues on daily basis.
Kindly, share your valuable opinions.
19th January 2018 From India, Delhi
No such ground rule is there.
it depends on you-attitudes, mindset etc.
Facing lot of issues also means you learn a lot.
See it in positive spirit.
A group of HR people can be a learning experience .
But birds of same feather can also have its own issues.
One might well remember:
"Our environment,t he world we work in and live is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations."
Whether you work in a group of HR people or work alone as HR,it does not matter.
It is always about your attitudes, your willingness to accept challenges and how you relate to people and how you face issues.
19th January 2018 From India, Pune
You have compared individual HR against Team HR. But then what is the constitution of the team? Is it headed by Manager?
It is always better to work under proper HR manager. I say so because HR Manager will teach you hundreds of practical aspects of HR that you will not get these in any book or website.
As a person steps into professional life, it is Manager that grooms juniors or develops the personality. Now you may say that not all managers do this all capable of doing this but then that could be individual exception.
19th January 2018 From India, Bangalore
In life if you want to become independent you have to become dependent for some time. In short it is always better to work under experienced HR manager for atleast 2 yrs and then you can join a company where there is no HR function. But no problem you can still cope up. Take it in a positive manner. If you can work in a company where there is no HR function you will learn to work independently and after gaining sizeable experience you can expect calls from reputed companies and also your value will also increase because you had experience of working independently.
20th January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Richa,
1. There is no such a rule as per Law it's depend on company strength.
2. If you are working in a Team it will be more and more better, it's seems like you are in initial stage of your career so you need to get more and correct knowledge/learning for avoiding wrong practice.
And i suggest you please do not give more time in that organization where only single HR person is working, specially when you are in initial stage of learning however i am not saying that you need to quit this organization but do not give much time,
However by the help of this organization's experience you will get more opportunity for enter in new organization because mostly organization do not give entry for freshers.
So please get some work experience and after find better organization where you can learn.
Chandra Prakash Singh
20th January 2018 From India, Noida
I appreciate every one's valuable time to write against my query. I would like to confirm I am working in an I.T. company(Pvt. Ltd.) which consists of 50+ employees. There is only one Director of this company, and one senior person is there in finance. I am HR Generalist here and rest are employees of team PHP,Android,B.D. SEO,WEB Designing and Mobile.
There is less supervision of my work. Although Director sir keeps eyes on me. I am trying hard to get a job in "limited" companies where a team of HR works for employees. I have completed one year only as an HR. I am willing to learn a lot. But as I raised my query, I am unable to do so as I am working individually.
Well, it looks tough to get a job in "Limited" company,here at Noida as I am not being selected due to less work experience.
22nd January 2018 From India, Delhi
Dear Richa,
I fully agree with Mr Diwakar and mandy , it is always better to work under senior manager who can guide you how to tackle the problematic issues . i strongly feel that you should work in a team or under able guidance from manager who has come to this position with great struggle.
Phani Kumar
HR Manager
22nd January 2018 From India, Hyderabad
Yes. I am looking for job change. I wish I will get it soon where team of HR will be there.
22nd January 2018 From India, Delhi
As you had stated in the response that you are trying for a change but unable to get it due to lack of experience, that itself should spur to learn as you work until you get a 'suitable' or more 'comfortable' environment. Though there is no doubt that you need to have a mentor/manager to guide you in the initial stages of your work life, it should not be a stumbling block nor stop you from learning through your daily experience and going through the available content on the websites. Choose what best suits your company and for you and move accordingly. Try to come up with procedures and ask your Director if you could do some courses that will help you and the company in return. It is good to keep the job until you get a better one, than crib and be unemployed. Be positive and learn to listen to issues of the employees and see what are the best possible solutions within the limitations. At the end of the day you have to overcome being dependent though it has become baptism by fire in your case, mind you, you are not alone in such situations. Just keep working on the areas and enjoy your job, wherever you are right now.
22nd January 2018 From India, Hyderabad
Thank you for motivation. I am looking forward to it.
22nd January 2018 From India, Delhi
As if you are a beginner than its good to have lots of issues and challenges, you will learn more and be able to cop with harder situations coming at you during your work in future and this will definitely brings lots of confidence, belief, conviction & firmness in you and you may have much brighter future around you.
23rd January 2018 From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear Richa,
It seems you are sold on the advice of almost all to work in HR team rather than as individual player and are now looking for such job in limited company.
I do not share the same views as that of my colleagues and want you to rethink and shift your paradigm.
This is a small company and you are their sole HR support. You have vargin ground to think creatively in devising HR policies and procedures in cri tical areas and if you stretch your abilities you will find immense opportunities to contribute in talent acquisition, performance management systems , compensation design and HR operations.
You cannot underplay the opportunity to work with your own hands rather than work in a team as one amongst many.
As regards learning, you do the original thinking on any HR matter you choose to work on and share it with your sr professional colleague for value-addition. This will be better learning than working under the shelter of Manager, who is likely to bring inflexible mind-set of ' I am right and do as I told' The creative thinking is what will take the beating in such an environment.
In my view, you have tremendous opportunity in the present job to leave the stamp of your work with which after being there for good time, you are sure to land your dream job.
Vinayak Nagarkar
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Vinayak Nagarkar,
Thank you for scribbling such thought. I would like to tell you sir, it has been a year now since I am working in this organization. I have learned a lot while working as a whole and sole HR accountable for all HR gamut. I am very used to for all the queries from employee side. I discuss with Director sir most of the time for the betterment of employee as well as organization.
Director here,follows micro management style. He dost not provide the login credentials of job portals for recruitment and keeps asking me to recruit candidates. I face major challenge here.
How to recruit without screening and shortlisting candidate without help of a job portal. Only job post on linked in does not serve much of the purpose.
That is the reason, I am looking for a job change and more learning,more enlightenment,more growth of my carrier in both monetary and non monitory terms. No appraisals received in this full year of service even after listening lots of appreciation for my works. I am afraid now, where I my carrier is going. I am limited to leanings here, no new things are left to learn no motivation in terms of salary.
Hence, I was wondering if working in a team can serve my purpose.
23rd January 2018 From India, Delhi
Dear Richa,
With fresh input of your boss being unsupportive rather coercive, you may switch job where you can utilize your talents , whether as a HR team member or solo HR.
Vinayak Nagarkar
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Team,
I read all of your conversation for Ms. Richa, even currently I am also working as an individual HR in an Pvt.Ltd.firm and it is an start up. But I have round 5.5 years of experience. As this is an start, things are not settle. I have to settle everything alone. I have never done anything like this before. So even I want to know what all I can set related to policies, appraisal system, employee activities etc.
I am putting everything according to my experience but I feel I am lacking somewhere.
Please help me with some points.
Rajni Chouhan
Asst.Manager - HR
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Here i am new to the field of HR may i know what are responsibility undertaken by a hr executive in oneshot of IT sector.
what are all the roles to be played to become a good hr?
23rd January 2018 From India, Chennai
Rajni Chouhan,
Kindly spell out where you feel there is lack.
critical self analysis is vital for progress.
The very fact you think there is shortfall, shows you are ready to learn further and grow in the job.
settling everything alone gives you chance to learn, do mistakes, learn from mistakes.
Kindly post any specific problem experts here will try to guide you.
23rd January 2018 From India, Pune
Dear Suhanraj,
HR function has many verticals. Kindly, share your profile and your requirement for particular vertical dear. Also, describe company strength, KRA's depends company wise. Are you in recruitment, talent acquisition,training and development,operations or working as HR Generalist?
23rd January 2018 From India, Delhi
In terms of giving right solution regarding employee grievances related to employee punctuality, behavior towards work. What is the strict action I can take to make them understand the importance of work.
Also with regards to team building activities. We are a team of 17 people, so I can unite them.
It's an technical company.
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Employee late coming
Analyse reasons, patterns of late coming.
Is it due to distance, traffic, lack of roads etc.
Talk to some of the late comers in friendly way and their team leaders to get an idea of why person is late.
Are there chronic late comers?
How do you check late coming-bio metric or attendance register??
Before action is taken or thought off-try to discuss and counsel.
Is HR having 17 people or the whole company.
There are many employee engagement activities which can be thought off.
so study the whole scenario closely and then take action by involving Manager HR, team leaders etc.
23rd January 2018 From India, Pune
I spoke to employees and their team leaders so many times but they always gives excuses related to health issues, or couldn't wake up and all.
Total company size is 17 employees. I do monthly reviews also just to understand them and about their work and any problems if they have. And put the same in front of CEO.
Just want to know what else I can do.
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Discuss with CEO/Team leaders.
Not able to get up is no reason.
Team leaders ought to advice and pull their members.
Take the whole issue of late coming in holistic manner and let the team leaders do the correction aspect of team members.
23rd January 2018 From India, Pune
As it is an start up, how I can set a appraisal system ?
Is there any process what I can share with my CEO.
23rd January 2018 From India, Mumbai
There are both Pros n Cons in the profile(Designation) of your employment but from a different angle of thinking I believe you are lucky enough to work in such an organization where you are given an opportunity to handle everything and anything related to HR because it will enhance your skillsets at the beginning of the career .You have the space to learn, develop and implement and monitor the effectiveness.A problem comes with a solution and a solution comes with an experience which will moreover support you to develop your areas of interest.
24th January 2018 From India, Kochi
Dear Johny,
Thank you for your comments. Yes I am facing problems and handling everything, also giving my best from my side. making mistakes and learning from them.
24th January 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
I will share my personal thought " I believe that we should consider our self as child in playground, who has whole ground to play in different ways & thinking of possibility in best way and enjoy himself " likewise think of possibility what you can do for greater good, for those who are around you.." Play, Learn, Earn, Share & Grow...
"Only dead people don't have problems, you have problems that mean you are alive and it's good think... on other hand you have problem that means you have solution for it, just you have to search it out.."
Always be self-motivated & set a goal for your future, remember that there is always better place & better thing's in this world.
“Just love your work, what you do”. When you will be focused on your work, it does not matter whether you are alone or in team. I give example of my-self despite i am working in HR department with four other people i am alone, but great thing is that i enjoy my work as a professional and do my best for betterment of organisation & for its employee.
Hope it will be helpful to you, all the best for your search for betterment.....
28th January 2018 From India, Rohtak
It is an Individual Choice. You want to be 'Big Fish in a Small Pond' or a 'Small Fish in a Big Pond' . My choice was, when i was on my initial stage, i preferred to be a "Big Fish in a Small Pond", that gave me lot of opportunity to learn and achieve.
1st February 2018 From India, Madras
Dear Richa,
I have read your queries and responses of the guidance given by experienced personnel.
My observation is that :-
1) Size of the organization big/small does'nt matter, if your management has clear business objectives and clarity on what they expect from the employees And is clearly communicated to the employees, then it becomes easier for the HR person to setup the system in place.
1) Since, you are the only HR person, and do not get much directions from the management but is expected to run the HR Dept smoothly without any escalations to them, then i suggest that keep your work simple to start with -
1) Make the employee datasheet (Excel Fomat) with all information - Employee Name, Employee Code, Designation, Department, Brief Role, Reporting Manager, Date of Joining, Salary details (Breakup), Next Increment Date, Next Appraisal Due Date, Training's Attended, Leave, Attendance, PF, Benefits Allowed, Reimbursements, etc.
You can keep adding to the list as per Co. Policies.
This you can keep on compiling and updating on daily basis as a routine job. In a months time, you should be able to capture all details of 50 persons. This will help you to know ypour employees well.
2) To start with - Prepare Attendance and Leave Record - A MUST - To track in-time & out-time of the employees in EXCEL SHEET. And on monthly basis, you should be able to analyze and submit report to Management, if the attendance and leave is not satisfactory - Since this is a small organization - i suggest you personally talk to those and try to understand their problem and sort it out, rather than writing letters and notices.
3) On regular basis, meet different team members/groups to assess their satisfaction level w.r.t work, culture, behavior, facilities, benefits, their expectations from the management, and has they been met or not. Write down those points and as a Good HR Manager - start working around fulfillment of those needs - creating BEST Practices for the Organization. Remember, each organization is different and have different arrangements, so you have to work around the resources available to you in cost effective manner to bring smoothness within the organization.
4) Performance Appraisal, Increments, Promotions - Are VERY Important - So design the best suited policies as per your companies BUDGET - And follow the deadlines - this gives confidence to the employees that they are being taken care of by the management.
5) Communicate the policies to the Employees through mail and display in the notice boards.
6) Have Fun time for the employees - Have Birthday Parties, Outings , Picnics, Competitions, In-house magazine showcasing the Companies updates, new changes, achievement of the employees, HR initiatives taken, Policy updates, various tie-up with food vendors for hot snacks, lunch for the employees at nominal rates. Tie-up with PayTM, UBER, OLA and benefit your employees. Likewise there are many things to do to make the Office happening. YOUR EMPLOYEES SHOULD LOOK FORWARD TO YOU - WHAT NEXT????
All these activities will bring creativity in your work and improve your presence in the organization.
But before that, your willingness to do is important, ask yourself - can i do it, if yes, then start working on it One By One. You will Love it and Enjoy your work.
Hope you understand my point. HR is all about - maintaining Good Harmonious relation with the people in the organization - And here HR plays a very important role as a GOOD MANAGER.
Cheers !!!
Wilma Gupta
6th February 2018 From India, New Delhi
Hi Richa,
It all Depends on the type of Industry/Company you work in and also on the Head count you are given to manage.
Also keep in mind being the only person to manage the HRD has its own pros and cons and vice versa if working in a group of HR. Both can give you great experiences if you began to take the positive texture out of it.
But at the end of the day if you enjoy doing your role and feel that your doing justice to yourself and at work, then there's nothing to worry about, just keep rolling the dice.
And talking about facing issues, wherever you go issues will follow you, just like your shadow.
So all you got to do is keep looking straight and don't look back, every issue/problem has a solution to it!
If there's a will then there's a way too !!
Cheers ! and Wishing you all the best !
John Reid
Station - HR
26th March 2018 From India, Karur
@ Richa- You you be interested to work in Mumbai in an IT company with a team of HR professionals. I being one of them.
Should you be interested, kindly share your CV on my personal mail id : salehamba@gmail.com.
5th April 2018 From India, Mumbai
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