Hi All,
I require your valuable guidance to move ahead from an unexpected incident and want to back on track my career.
I was terminated by company by sharing confidential details on my personal email address while my intention was to just gain much knowledge by reading those project related documents at home to boost project at good level and add my contribution more. In the office i was not getting enough time to get more knowledge so thought. it will read on weekend or spare time. I was signed NDA before join that company and i was aware about that but sudden happen it this silly mistake and accept the punishment. I was the payroll of third party client and was seating at end client side in that organization.
I neither shared those documents with anyone and nor copied elsewhere and destroyed now and that documets was only project related documents. I worked with that end client for only 5 month and after that incident i did not get any job in the market while i did not tell recruiters that company terminated me, told recruiters that i was family related issue so left the organization.
From past 7 months i did not get job by luck while i tried hard but most recruiter told that they hard to pay huge amount that i was getting by my past company and you engaged with past organization with only 5 months. I have now 7 month career gap while total year of experience is 10 year and have best industry certifications.
The payroll company mentioned same reason (Termination by company for sharing confidential data on my personal email address) in relieving and experience letter also.
Now how can i get the good job back? how to handle this matter? What reason can tell to recruiter that i was engaged with last organization with only 5 month while i do not have any career gap except this? Please provide your expert guidance to handle the situation.
I really fade up after this situation while in my career won my awards and recognization for my best work for organizations.
Please let me know in comments if you require any additional details
Thanks in advance

From India, Mumbai
Dear Anita,
On reading your long post, the simple inference that can be drawn is that your company terminated you because you had breached the rules of data security. While handling the matters of indiscipline, companies do not look at the intention but just the action. Hence now you are in tight spot. It was lapse of judgement for a while that has put into stake a career of 10 years. Nevertheless, after ten years of experience, this kind of unwiseness from a person who made the career illustrious by various achievements, was hardly expected.
Now coming to solution. You say that you had served in that company only for five months. In fact you may turn it to your advantage. Just think of not including experience of that company in your CV. When you do not show experience of that company, no questions would be asked related tenure of that company. But then this will create a longer gap of 12 months, 5 months of service and further 7 months of unemployment. However, handling gap of 12 months could be easy compared with the employment of 5 months with ignominious exit.
Lastly, a feedback on the quality of your post. Grammatical mistakes in your post do not reflect your seniority. You have not applied your mind on the tenses which are generally taught in Class III. As far as acceptance of the mistakes are concerned, it appears that you have taken for granted seniors of this forum as much you had taken while in the last employment. Please do not do this lest in future you might have to face a situation of derailment of career as you are facing now!
All the best!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

The CV needs to be modified to exclude the last company.
Actions done by you in using personal ID have created serious issues but since it has happened and nothing can be done about it.
While being truthful in CV is vital, here the gap can be covered by showing it a family issue for which you had to take a break.
Join up some small course connected with your job and add to qualifications in a manner which does not detract from family issue theme.
Finally as a very learned member has written above your post above is not framed well, replete with grammar issues and does not reflect well, though you may be in tension and worried state.
Take care.
Difficult times pass.
I am sure if you take it as learning experience you will be do well in next assignment.

From India, Pune
Dear colleague,
You have, on your own admission, breached confidentiality service conditions and also perhaps NDA which you have signed.
You have paid price for it for remaining unemployed for 7 months.
As per you , you had no dubi ous intention to put the confedential project data on your mail except to study it at home. Though it is a breach, it is an innocent act as you did not share it with anybody for any gains.. I think these are plus points.
I suggest, you petition to your earlier company 's top boss by apologising for you un -international mistake and pointing out your pluses above and requesting them to condone it for your meritorius service record. State your willingness to accept any other lesser punishment other than termination.Try this side by side exploring other opportunities.
As regards, hiding this employment details from your future potential employer, as suggested by my other colleagues, I do not favour it as it will harm your long-term future career path.
On the contrary, you should be candid about it in your interviews, and state upfront that your action was innocent and also that you did not misuse it.
Well, not everybody will buy this , but I am sure some body will believe you and you will land a good job sooner or later if your approach is honest and sincere.
Keep trying and never lose hope. Think that there is always tomorrow, and difficult days will also pass.
Vinayak Nagarkar

From India, Mumbai

Dear Vinayak,
Stating about the problem upfront is the right approach.
Honesty is the best policy.
But being practical is also needed.
One in 100 employers may accept this honest and candid revelation of facts.
But with so many candidates vying for same or similar positions, employers may believe your version but still opt for another candidate as they want to avoid even a remote chance of candidate doing the same thing again.
It is a difficult thing to decide upon-whether to reveal or not to reveal?

From India, Pune
Dear colleague.
There is declaration in many application forms that any suppression of material information by the candidate will be liable for summary dismissal .
I am surprised to see the advice to suppress such employment details coming from HR seniors.
Will the advisors take the responnsibility if in case after suppressing this information she gets the job and later is terminated for the same when it is found by the employer? Will it not be double whammy and cause irrepairable loss to her in the name of practical advice.?
One cannot be suggested to put one 's life long career at stake by falsifying records for any possible short term adantage.
As I said earlier, her grave mistake is unintentional and caused no harm to the employer . This plus her meritorius service record is more likely to pull her off.
If she candidlly conveys her acceptance of it by putting all the facts to the top boss and highlighting her pluses to previous company and appealing his good sense for rehiring her,it may perhaps work. If it doesn't, keep trying elsewhere but not by hiding anything. Her chances of getting another job will be brighter only by disclosing the facts and not by suppressing it.
Anyway , I shared my thoughts and mean no hurt to anybody as this a forum of HR professionals with freewheeling exchange of wisdom of years of professional experience.
Finally it is her call to turn right or left in the best interest of her career and life.
Vinayak Nagarkar

From India, Mumbai

""There is declaration in many application forms that any suppression of material information by the candidate will be liable for summary dismissal ""
In such cases you have no choice but to declare.
But many companies just ask for CV, wherein person has to take a call.
There is no denying the merits of what you wrote above but then decision is individual in nature.

From India, Pune
Dear Mr Vinayak Nagarkar,
I have been following exchange of views between you and Mr Nathrao. These posts are from Sl No 4 to 7.
I was the first person who told the originator of the post to withhold the information of her immediate preceding employment. I told so because she was open about her 5-month employment details and why she was removed from the job. But this openness or candid approach is working against her. Therefore, I suggested to bypass the route of honesty. Mr Nathrao has aptly mentioned that "Honesty is the best policy. But being practical is also needed." How long can anyone be Raja Harishchandra?
Companies do lot of underhand activities however, while selecting job candidates, they expect a candidate to have unimpeachable moral soundness. If the originator of the post continue to follow a path of honesty, then getting next job could prove still elusive. Already seven months are over since she exited from her last job. If the time gap increases further, getting a job itself will become still more difficult. In such case possibly she might have to change her career itself.
About Suppression of Material Facts: - Most of the companies take declaration from the job candidates that the information declared by them is correct and he/she is liable for disciplinary action for the falsification of the information. Nevertheless, this kind of declarations give legroom to suppress employment details of her last employment.
About reinstatement in the previous company: - You have suggested to approach her last company for her reinstatement. As a suggestion, it is a good suggestion and nothing wrong per se to take chance. Nevertheless, all along we have been thinking from the person who raised the query. Let us think for a while from company's side and and ask a question as to why they remove people when their integrity comes under scanner. People are removed because they wanted to send a signal to one and all as to what can happen if the rules are transgressed. News of the termination of the originator of the post must have gone viral at least in her company if not beyond. The deterrence effect on breach of policy is created through such informal communication. It is far more impactful and powerful than formal communication of the policies.
I have seen a case of an hotel employee wherein security caught her while carrying two lead pencils (that are issued to the customers who use hotel's banquet halls). Though these were sharpened and used ones, VP of the hotel immediately terminated her. Later her father had come to the hotel pleading for reinstatement. However, VP remained inclement and reconciled only to the extent of issuing her relieving letter without any negative remarks. Later in the managerial meeting, he told that he wanted to send a signal to all the hotel employees on what can happen if they try to steal the hotel property.
As stated in your past post, finally it is a matter of opinion. Agreement on all the issues is not possible. Nevertheless, people approach this forum expecting some help to come. We are just third party but have seen some life as well. Therefore, while giving suggestions we need to be realpolitik.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

A final post on this exchange of views
Differing views help us learn and rethink on other points as well.
Extreme honesty can be harmful to the candidate.
Though suppressing last employment can become a potential pain point for her/him later on.
But risks are to be taken when such unhappy but unintentional errors take place.
5 months employment may be a small part of working life in some cases.
The reason to avoid mentioning is because company may reject her straightaway giving no choice to explain his/her innocence.
You as a learned poster have given View point , I have given an alternative view point now call is totally upto querist at own risk and choice.

From India, Pune
Dear Anita,
This matter has been discussed from different angles by the members. Let us discuss by keeping the incident aside; there is no merit in approaching the previous employer for the shelter. I do not see any feasibility to challenge your alleged termination and there is nothing much to gain rather sufferings. You could have challenged instantly at the time of termination.
It would be wise on your part to make wild search for a job. The gap of 7 months is nothing which can be covered under medical treatment of your keen or some problems on home front. You have got 10 years of work experience on your subjected field, now you can use this time for learning where you are lacking. Keep a positive thinking.

From India, Mumbai

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