There are lots of Payroll outsourcing companies, but i do not find it ethical to outsource a companies payroll. So now the question comes of buying a payroll software. Since there are many payroll software in India. How can i choose the best and most reliable among them. Which is the most reliable one.
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Urvashi,
While choosing a Payroll software you should keep the following points in mind :-
1) Data security and back up
2) Ease of use
3) Training and avg time required to be trained
4) After sales support
5) Level of automation
6) Clientele
I represent Peopleworks. A Bangalore based Cloud HRMS solution' providers with more than 2 decades of expertise. Peopleworks solutions covers complete life cycle of an employee in an organization and we are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 27001-2013 certified for security and quality standards. Our long list of clientele proves the quality of work we deliver.
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Saral software, it is good for payroll.
From India, Delhi
Saral Software will be awesome... Try it out!
From India, Madras
Kredily is India’s only free HR & Payroll software and has been trusted by 1000+ companies. A few benefits of using Kredily Payroll software are.
Completely customizable salary structures: With Kredily you can custom create salary structures as per your organization’s changing requirements and assign them to your employees.
Clock-in & Clock-out: Track your employees in-time, out-time, breaks taken and total duration of breaks, with Kredily’s ‘Web Clock-in’ feature. You can define settings to make sure attendance is calculated only on clocking the set number of hours.
Location-based attendance: Track your employees' attendance location, when and where they clock-in to mark attendance.
Biometric integration: Kredily provides integration services with ESSL and is working on biometric integration with other major players in the industry.
Customizable attendance & leave rules: Custom define work week cycles, weekly offs, clock-in cut-off time, multiple shift rules, and manage how your employees' are assigned leave rules and how they can avail them.
Centralized data: View your company’s entire attendance log at one-place and track all your employees' attendance & leave activity.
Tax declarations made easy: We understand the hassles you and your employees have to face when it comes to tax declarations. We’ve taken the liberty to simplify the entire process for your employees to declare their investments and for you to approve/reject them.
Statutory compliant: We at Kredily understand the importance of complying with the statutory rule and have simplified most compliance functions to make your life that much simpler.
Data security guaranteed: We take data security very seriously because under no circumstance should your company’s and employees’ data be compromised. We’ve taken the necessary steps to enforce stringent security protocols to safeguard all your data with us.
UI/UX: A poor design means a poor experience. In today’s tech-savvy world, a poor experience means an inevitable death of the product. It’s essential that the software you choose is intuitive and easy-to-use not just for you but for all your employees as well. After all, you wish to make your life simpler using tools to automate your tasks not get lost in the clutter of a poor design.
Support/Implementation: HR is a critical function for any company. Right from managing employees to running payrolls, a small error could often have a cascading effect. It is important that any software you choose provides you with the initial help to implement the software for your organization and support you through your journey till you’re well versed with the software.

From India, Bengaluru
Check out HRAPP. A 360-degree HR Management Platform. HRAPP is India’s most sought Free HRMS and Payroll software ( and has been trusted by 800+ companies. A few benefits of using HRAPP Payroll software are.
Hiring made easy and efficient.
With HRAPP, achieve 10X more productivity and efficiency by managing all data related to Recruitment at one place. Keep track of the complete life cycle of candidates, right from identifying to hiring. Record the results and efficiency of all the recruitment campaigns.HRAPP also allows you to manage candidates’ details like contact information, personal details, resume and cover letter on a centralized database. Keep them informed of their application status by sending automated messages.
Employee Self Service
Employees can easily access and update their Personal Information, apply for Leaves, check the Leave Approval status, plan future leaves and view the Payment and Payslip summaries.
Track and monitor productivity accurately
Managing and tracking attendance may become cumbersome, especially if your organization has a Field Sales department. HRAPP comes with a number of useful features to make attendance tracking a cakewalk.
Create optimal rosters. No confusions. No stress.
Scheduling shifts may seem like the most complicated process. Coordinating with all the employees, taking account of their leaves and preferences to organize shifts not only consumes a lot of your time but a lot of your energy too. Shew your worries off as HRAPP lets you plan optimal rosters to enable maximum productivity.
Managing Taxation and Compliance has never been this easy
Payroll needn’t be complicated any more
Streamline the complete payroll process with the simple, effective and user-friendly features of HRAPP. Payroll is a complicated process that involves the precise calculation of working hours, leaves, commissions and allowances which might overwhelm you and drain your energy. With HRAPP, simplify and manage all payroll related tasks effortlessly on a single, intuitive platform.

From Australia, South Yarra
Sumopayroll is India’s leading cloud-based hr & payroll software. It is structured in such a way that it will meet all the necessary payroll needs irrespective of any business size; either it might be a start-up, medium or large scale business. It leads to an increase in productivity and also efficiency in work.
Using Sumopayroll,
Onboarding new hires is simple, just send an onboarding request to fill in their information and it shall be available for your review.
You can manage all your employees’ data in one central location. Our employee’s screen captures information such as personal info, contact details, bank information for payroll, compensation information, employee documents such as driver license information and much more.
You can also add any custom compensation types such as HRA, CA, TDS, PF, etc to suit your needs.
Make safe and secure payments using our bank direct deposit feature.
You can pay employees batch payments like full time, part-time, freelancer, contractual, etc.
You can process arrears for exiting employees with ease

Run final settlements of the terminated employees with ease
We made it easy and simple to track advances or employee’s loans by automating Loan Management and respective payroll deductions.

Reporting time is simple and easy. Track employee time categorized into a vacation, billable, holiday and many more. Employees can submit their time using a self-service or mobile app.
Track your employee expense of different categories such as airfare, car rental, travel, and hotel, etc.
You can use the leave management module to manage employee requests for leave/vacation.
From address change to insurance change, an employee can access all the information they are entitled to and modify them if necessary
With our organization chart, you get the flexibility of creating your own roles with the access you want to provide
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