Dear Professionals, Pls help me to prepare a counter demand against the worker’s charter of demand. If you have any model format pls send me at [email protected] or watsapp to 8124712750
From India, Chennai
Dear Arul,
I don't know how one can suggest counter demands against the Union's demands without knowing them at all. Placing counter demands by management is not just a mere formality; there should be some rationale behind such a move by the employer. Normally any demand relating to hike in wages and enhancement in other material benefits, if conceded, would add up to the cost of labor which can be off-set by raising the price of the products or services only. When the employer is not in a position to influence the market price of his products or services, it would be possible to do so by value addition only. In such a situation value addition would be possible only with the increase in the productivity of the workmen, economic use of the inputs, zero defects and the like. Therefore, you should first present the facts like the nature of your manufactury, age of the company, Financial performance of the company over the past few years, your market share of the products, total no. of workmen, the no of trade unions with employee-wise classification and their affiliations, the fact of recognition of any union as the sole bargaining agent, the possibilities of labor unrest in case of failure of negotiations and its impact on the industry in the long run, labor cost ratio, the periodicity of wage revision, the percentage of the last hike given and the present hike demanded, comparable wages both industry and region-wise, ratio of permanent workmen to contract labor, operations or processes that could still be out-sourced or machanised or automated without affecting the no. of permanent workmen, present work load of the permanent workmen and the possible increase of the same by the workmen without compromising quality. Therefore, first form a negotiating team comprising of various functional heads on behalf of the management and devise a strategy. IF need be, engage the services of a professional consultant in the industry on assignment or ad hoc basis. Without considering all these important aspects and factors, mere putting up of counter demands will not serve any purpose.

From India, Salem
Dear Marul,
Completely agreeing with our learned senior Mr.Umakanthan.
I can state that Union raising charter of demands is a regular affair and follows pursuit of Management.
If at all you have concerns over employee discipline, compliance to Manual,protocols deviation etc you can write to them where ever and whenever required by the Management. But it may or may not be as a counter demand.

From India, Hyderabad
Respectable MUK & VVK,
Thanks for your valuable answers. My doubt is normally we are paying above the minimum wage only. As per settlement the workers wage are going very high. But the output of their work is too low. Our service industry could not prove their lazy work. In this situation we need to give mgmt demands to them. For this purpose only I raised this query.
Once again I thank to both of you.

From India, Chennai
That is where the Management representative's role comes to the fore, now you can start negotiating with them on the low performance/lazy work whenever wage hike is sought,because Minimum wage is being complied,demands are being met and performance is not satisfactory.
Go ahead, all the best.

From India, Hyderabad
After union forwards charter of demands, management can ask for justification of each of their demands. Pay increase is to be done on the basis of 'region-cum-industry'. That is parity of wages of similar industries in the area. And this is what the union has to submit when you ask for it.
Since you seem to be facing this probably for the first time it is advisable to seek advice from an expert in this.

From India, Mumbai

When unions submit their charter following things need to be done
Study their demands with care
What is the implication for the company?
What is the industry standard-pay,productivity,employee benefits etc
What is the status of the company-wrt productivity and pay scales?
Employee unions will set a high standard for pay and benefits but may not set high standards of productivity.
So strike a balance by being thoroughly genned up on all their demands and your offer.
Friendly and tactful handling can help meet midway.

From India, Pune
Learned seniors dealt with the issue in great detail.From your query, it is understood that the core demand is about wage increase and you feel that they are not much productive. Then collect details like what is the accepted standard norm for productivity at industry level and what is the short fall etc. and other factors like absenteeism that has bearing on their productivity.if you are spending on employee welfare beyond statutory requirement, you can furnish those details as cost to the company. For example you might have provided a canteen facility even though you are not required to do so.Collect every details that has bearing on productivity and cost to the company.
HR & Labour Relations Advisor
Navi Mumbai

From India, Mumbai

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