Dear All , Please suggest to me how to handle some worker misbehaving with seniors, not properly working in factory?
Rajesh Kumar
HR Managr
27th November 2017 From India, Indore

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Process Industry Consultant.soft Skill Specialist.
Founder Cite.co
Bharat Gera
Principal Hr Consultant
Arunachala Nataraj
Senior Manager -hr
Pms,t&d,legal Compliances , Labour Handling
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Dear Jaatraja,

Was there one isolated incident or there was a series of incidents? Is it only one worker or more than one worker is involved?

You may conduct the domestic enquiry and find out whether misconduct has taken place. If the blameworthiness is established then you may follow further process of discipline.


Dinesh Divekar
27th November 2017 From India, Bangalore

Dear Mr. Jaat, I have 27 years experience in this line and I am not overconfident but yes I can suggest you how to tackle these types of workmen. Do one thing, if possible break the groupissm /timing change or choose one or two person who are very popular in this group, give them show cause letter for misbehave with their seniors afterthat suspension letter (without pay for 3 days).
27th November 2017 From India, Noida

nathrao 1549
Misbehaviour of worker with senior needs to be handled with care and swiftly.
Such cases can have immense disruptive efforts.
You need to see the case in totality.
Was it an isolated case?
How many workers involved?
What was the nature of behaviour?
Once you get full details next course of action can be thought off.
Was there any provocation from the senior?
Such things need to be nipped in the bud by initiating corrective actions -counselling, punishment etc. if offence is proved.
27th November 2017 From India, Pune

Please give details of 'misbehaving'. What actually did the worker do? Unless you give details we will not be able to advice you correctly.
27th November 2017 From India, Mumbai

CHR 629
Since this query is generalised - I'll try to provide some aspects of what you should be considering.

Isolate reasons for misbehaviour

Bad Hires: Are there certain individuals who are misbehaving? Find out who hired them and what process was followed which led to these individuals being in the work force.

Criticism: Are seniors criticising individuals. Criticism needs to be constructive and can only reap good results if there is an existing bond of trust. Unnecessary criticism can build an hostile environment.

Leadership: Consider if the leadership is apt for the kind of individuals this set contains. People from similar backgrounds may be ideal and can be introduced in the chain of leadership.

Possible measures of improvement

Training: For both the leadership and the staff/workers on work skills / soft skills.

Counselling: Counselling sessions for misbehaving individuals. Two possible outcomes - it may actually help the individual or the person may find it so boring that he may start behaving just to avoid these sessions.

Removal: Removal of offending individuals. Figure out possible repercussions on work force morale and work environment.
27th November 2017 From India, Gurgaon

Dear Friend,

1. The first step is understanding and analysing the reasons as to why such incidents are happening.

2. The second step is to identify the people with whom this is happening and why? Specifically analyse their role also in the incidents and of course their reaction patterns to these incidents.

3. Third step is to identify delinquent workmen who are committing this misconduct. Speak to them also to understand their side of the picture and their angle.

4. Prepare a strategy to tackle once you have obtained necessary information from making inquiries from various sources and analysed the same from both the angles. Do not rely on one source.

5. The first action in the matter should be calling them one by one and speaking to them and counselling them. Strongest of the lot should be the first target to break the group.

6. Counsel the senors also as some of them may not be apt in handling people, this you can decide after talking to them.

7. Instruct the seniors to file written complaints of misbehaviour with complete details and they should be strong enough to hold their own forte in their interest and the interest of the company. The seniors should also refrain from misbehaving, they should also respect workmen if they want to be respected. Respect is earned.

8. Institute domestic inquiry as per industrial employment standing orders.

9. Pass own a strong message down the line that no incidence of indiscipline will be tolerated at any cost.

10. HR has to insure that it is absolutely judicious, independent and impartial.

Warm Regards

Bharat Gera
HR Consultant
28th November 2017 From India, Thane

The first step is counseling. In counseling if you find out that the worker has misbehaved with seniors because the worker has retaliated to seniors response, then u have to take a call and talk to seniors as well. Otherwise the worker can be issued with show cause notice.
29th November 2017 From India, Mysore

Dear Mr Rajesh Kumar,

In a short time you have got plenty of tips and detailed replies for your very brief query.
You please take a neutral stand for a moment.

Is the mis-behaviour a result of UNJUST cause or a retort for a JUST cause?
Surely without doubt a misdemeanor cannot be tolerated whatever be the underlying reason behind it. If according to you, it is for a JUST cause it can be handled deftly, after knowing the root cause.

If it is all for UNJUST cause/ causes, a disciplinary approach should be adopted as detailed in many responses, provided by our learned members.

29th November 2017 From India

ashe 3
I suggest you to do a domestic enquiry , as per my experience, some time it's behaviour /attitude working style of senior also provoke such type of situation .
If the finding suggest fault of workmen , you may take various corrective actions as suggested in previous posts
30th November 2017 From India, Dehra Dun

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