HELLO!! I need answer of the following in detail. What is meant by quality of work life? And what role does the HR Manager play in contributing to the QWL of employees?
From India, Mumbai
Dear Niti/Colleagues,

The issue-Quality of Work Life is a new level of reasoning in Management, it should be noted however that it has always been with us.

Firstly there are two words involved here-Work and Life, by implication an employee has a job (work) and certainly has a life- the bottomline is how does he combine the two successfully?

In more advanced and structured Corporate environments employees are seriously encouraged to balance these two aspects intelligently.

For instance work resumes at 8'o clock an employee reports promptly, work closes at 5'o clock and he clocks-out accordingly, this is based on the fact that all jobs assigned were dutifully accomplished.

The above scenerio created allows employee time for other things personal to him-eg sports & general recreation, visiting, attending social functions that falls on weekdays etc

However in an extreme situation some employers of labour would expect you to work late -8'00 pm having resumed at 8'00am and even call you on a weekend and public holiday to be at work.

The side effect of this new scenerio is that such employee would not have time for himself talkless of a third party-he can not recreate, socialize, nor even register for a part-time executive programme and in some extreme case/s leads to the collapse of relationships, marriage in particular.

In the light of the above some sincere and pragmatic corporate managements around the world have institutionalised the flexible working hours to suit some perculiar work-life, eg offshore engineers, medical doctors/related, and lately corporations.

This is a situation (for corporations) whereby employees can resume late or take a few hours off during the week but have to makeup for such sometimes in future.

The essence of all these is for the employee to understand the need to balance his work/career and life, one should not suffer or neglected for the other but most essential compliment each other.


From Nigeria, Lagos
I would like to add to the article. As people we all have a need of work and life as is already mentioned. As far as HR involvement there needs to be a time and place to hear peoples needs. Be interested in their lives away from work. EX: be aware of anniversaries, birthdays, births of babies, illnesses in the family and more. (sending cards or announcements on bulliten boards.) People want to be appreciated and noticed. Giving people time to attend important events in their life away from work will have a positive effect on them as well as the business. As a company gives attention to this the employee is more willing to work smarter keeping in mind that the company cares about me and that they should care about the company. Hope this is of some help.

I would like to add to all your comments. While making sure that the employee has enough time to meet his social requirement, I think the quality of life at the work place itself can be improved through simple HR initiatives. For instance - arranging short trips or annual sports events etc. This would let the employee take-off his mind from work for once and enjoy himself with his colleagues. It’ll also be a good team building exercise. Again, introducing performance rewards and giving of monetary benefits like insurances, medical reimbursement, and schemes for family will also help motivate an employee to perform better. The better your HR policies are, lesser will be your attrition rate. In fact if you think your HR practices offer a good quality of life to your employees, you should always publicize them. There are many institutes giving HR awards. You can apply to them and get you company’s HR policies recognized!
From India, Bangalore
I completely agree with your point of publicizing the HR Policies. In fact our company constantly publishes HR related articles in trade magazines. Now, we are looking to apply for some HR awards too, but we aren’t sure which ones to apply for. Can you suggest me some reputed HR Awards, especially for the manufacturing sector?
From India, Bangalore
With Effective and innovative Hr Strategies the quality of work life is balance. Employees get the sense of belonging in the organization. Hats off to the HR professionals who’s doing their work properly.
@ Manish I checked the site for SAIL HR award , looks promising. Such kind of awards will definitely help …

From India, Bangalore
dear all, i just want a project report of quality of work life so far as to get an idea about it.its very urgent please can anyone help me regarding this.............
From India
To get an idea of how to do a project, you do not need one on QWL. Please search CiteHr where I have attached one on Management by Objectives (MBO).

Also, the following message posted elsewhere at CiteHr may be useful

Many messages posted requesting help with students' projects do not contain enough information. The students rarely will have done any basic reading about how to approach their project work. Many requests, that I have come across at CiteHr, seek questionnaires or literature reviews and some even seek whole project reports.

I found a good website that gives detailed tips about the steps involved in undertaking projects and writing project proposals, etc. Please read and digest what is available at Dissertation Help | Dissertation Proposal <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

found at Google

Also see http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/bm...BA_Dissert.pdf <link updated to site home> in which "rigid adherence to the conventional scientific model" has been challenged.

Have a nice day.

A retired academic in the UK

From United Kingdom

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