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Hi friends
I am facing a worst situation before me I am Posted as HR Manager at a Maruti Authorized dealership. Although My designation is OF HR Manager here. but i am jst 22 now. In my dealership every Staff person including DSE"S, GM, Works Manager and CEO'S all are elder than me. I am younger than everyone here. No one is of my age.And it creates a humiliating situation for me. I can not Perform as required bcz of this reason. No one values my Designation they only thinks that I am much younger than all of them. They don't need to accept my sayings and can do as they want.
I got frustrated bcz of dis silly matter. What should I do to prove them that age doesn't matters in Corporates the thing which only matters is Designation. How come i can do this?
Pls frens help me to overcome this situation.
Seriously I need ur suggestions. Do not ignore my request by jst seeing it.

From India, Jaipur
Hi JSharma,
First of all I congradulate on your appointment as "HR Manager". Ofcourse age does matter not only in HR but on everything. Looking at your problem I am just able to see onething. People in your company are egoistics (as in everywhere). Dont try to feed that ego. Instead you try to forget that you are an HR Manager. Be simple and let your humility express your maturity at this age. (Which i guess none of the staff has in your concern).
Always talk to them as if you are asking their sugestion and show genuine interest in knowing their sugestion. DONT PRETEND/ACT BEING HUMBLE. Be genuine in your humility and you wil see the result.
Make sure that you dont Degrade yourself. There is a thin line between BEING HUMBLE and DEGRADING yourself.
Take care.
All the Best.
~Raghav V

From India, Kochi
good to know that at age of 22, you are handling such job. buts its only you who can prove that age doesnot matter in today's corporate what matters is your knowledge and brain. Dont feel humiliating but feel proud and make them realize that for them if it takes ages to reach to that designation you had cross that hurdle with your knowledge. At times your decision , your way of working, handling situations and dealing with your manpower can only proove that age does not matter.
Good luck and feel proud and confident of yourself.
Others members can also suggest you some ways.look for it.

From India, New Delhi
Age is not a criterion to be a leader. If you take great personalities like Alexander, Napoleon, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates etc, age was not at all a constraint to them. Young people achieved so much in the recent past. We have seen young professionals of your age heading the operations of big MNCs & Indian companies.
Earning respect depends on how we carry ourselves. Don’t worry about your age. Think positively, develop your inter personal skills, win the heart & support of all your elder colleagues.
Wish you all the best.
Thanks & Regards
Kalyan R

From India, Madras
Feeling glad to see ur responses but frankly speaking all dese suggestions are only feels good to hear. but they didn't help me to sort the problem yet. every person i came in contact wid reacts as u guys do. Dese are good enough to pamper somebody. but i need some working suggestions which i can do practically. pls frens dont take me otherwise.
From India, Jaipur
Dear JSharma,
what I know with my little knowledge that there's a problem with the organization with which u are working. These Dealership don't have a concept of H.R Etc. They appoint a person for name sake. I may not be surprised if you tell me that you are the first or the only H.R person over there. You can't alone change the attitude of your collegues reason being most of the staff is in to sales or marketing...they don't value H.R as such. Though they have given u the designation of a manager but there won't be any executive under you. What's the learning then?
Considering your age...You may not be having much experience too. At this stage I think you should go for a good company where you get a corporate work culture. You'll get to learn a lot there.
It's not the matter of's abt the organization you are working in.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Kshama,
Thank you very much for your valuable guidance /advice. I totally agree with you. in fact even in some corporates also they don't recognise the services of HR or any other suppport staff, (of course other than sales/mktg, production etc) and they appoint people only for the sake of mainitainance. Even the HR managers are forced to act as puppets under the hands of top management. In such companies what matters is only money, business and they expect every one including HR should listen to the top management whatever they say, throwing all the ethics, welfare of the employees and "Human" policies, to the winds. And under this circumstances some HR managers are there only to save their own skin, and they do not implement or value the "Human" side of the valuable workforce. (other wise they are forced to leave the organisation)

From India, Bangalore
Hi friend,

As you well said Age doesn't matter for the quality of your deliveries. But I also wish to remind you that neither your designation. Even before looking at some one else please look at yourselves and check what is wrong with you( In this case nothing is wrong may me you have demonstrated to them that you are a HR Manager which they might not accept because of their perceptions) There is nothing wrong about it.

More over you need not get frustrated for it. Its a part of you work. Its not easy to gain trust. They all might have rough experience with people who are of less experience to theirs. You can always get hold of free entry points where you don't need their support and work for some time. Then you can try and mingle with one or two of the them in a polite way respecting their experience( Or even Ego there is nothing wrong about it).

Just start doing this you will be able to make some difference. I have these sort of challenges in large corporates where atleast 60% of crowd is above forty five years age and the rest is below 26. This resulted in cost which is a lot for the oranisation to make this change in the workforce. A separate department was created and lot of HR professional were involved in the process exclusively for Employee Relations to resolve this.

I hope now you will be able to identify the opportunity before you,. Just cease it.

Its all yours.



From India, Coimbatore
This is interesting ..... specially to me as I have crossed domains into HR.

I see a greater generalisation - this applies possibly to all the youngest of people in all functions and in all organisations ....... and with a fairly regular frequency. The young folks join and being highly motivated are often surprised at the attitude of people around them - often they get buried under piles of paradigms that do the rounds. So don't count yourself alone - only possibly being the only one in the function is making things worse. :D

You can start by standing aside and seeing how you could relate to your peers across functions. Being the first try to sense whether the attitude is towards the individual or function.HR is often look at from the admin angle or IR or plain discipline ..... that perception matters. Perhaps you would do well to appreciate that beyond a point authority becomes redundant (that is what a designation gives you) - look at issues that you could facilitate.

I could also tell you with a fair degree of certainity that joining a large organisation and a large function may not meet all your expectations so you should be certain of exhausting all possibilities of changing the situation before you choose to move.

Wish you all the best

Warm regards


From India, Bangalore
Never, age is not a matter… Even in the every job.
Important is way of undertaking of situation, person, old aged managers, their egos, and our mindset.
I am also facing such situation in my life, but it's another way... somebody ignor me to see my age and responsibilities. See, situation will in front of you, just see the situation and learn- think and react- behave how you can get better response from condition...
Excellence not depends on how you are aged.... It’s always depending on your potential, ability and will power- you’re dreaming- booming...
And, lastly don't think on this matter more, Napoleon were just little smart by age.. Tendulkar very little by age when he came in cricket... Swami Vivekananda was very young in Chicago conference... ultimately age is never matter...
Face the fact and never think on it...
Do your job perfectly, purely and prove that you are the best...
Thanks and regards,
Narotttam Jepal

From India, Surat

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