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Sample format of form 16 and 17 muster roll and register of wages . Please provide me
From India, Patna
Amit Aishwary Choudhary
Managing People At Work.
Hr Executive
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amit aishwary choudhary

Dear Priya, As per your requirement please find the same. Regards, Amit
From India, Delhi

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K.Ramesh H.R
bonus is to be calculated on basic or gross salary
From India, Hyderabad
Prashant B Ingawale

Bonus to be calculated on Basic Salary
From India, Pune

From: 17.12.2018.
C.N. Khan,HR & Mgmnt Consultant(Ex-AGM-HR&A),.
Ph: 9535470460- E-Mailid:
Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Tr.Member, I.I.M., B;luru.
Languages known: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu + Hindi & English
Dear Sir,
I am sharing below some of my HR works. them. I hope; it is informative & useful.
WHAT IS OPTIONAL,NATIONAL HOLIDAYS-2019, Kar.Holidays (N&F) Act, - Imp.HR Systems, Rules.

I am an Ex AGM-HR&Adm.with 35 HR, IR, LEGAL, & Admn., Management Works of 7 Mfg.Coís.,Corporate Offices of Steel Plant, Power, Chemical , Electronics Plants & Mines. in Ballari, Chitradurga, Bílur,Chennai,Hyd.etc.,+ Secretary for ISO Certification & HR&Management Consultant for 6 years. (Abbreviations used to save space).
I am providing Training to Individual Officers, Managers, Company Officials, Freshers; to ASSIST them to improve their P&A works with S.O.P. for Factory, Mines, all types of Estt./Office Admn., Recruitment, Attendance, Salary-Benefit Admin., Statutory Compliance, Regn., Licence, Leave, Legal, PF, ESI, PA/PMS,T&D, Welfare, C.L.- from Recruitment to Separation - with all Systems, Rules, Forms etc., for H.R. Management - in Soft & Hard Copy - for easy understanding - to perform their works efficiently & Professionally.
I am providing below some of the Imp. HR&Admn. Systems, Rules which are NOT there in many Cos., or; are not updated. It will help HRD to make HR Systems, Rules, compile, comply with Statutory obligations, Recruitment, M.I.S.,PA/PMS, Inspection of F.I., L.I., PF, ESI etc., Though it is HR&A. subject, it will be useful to all Officials as they affect all. I have developed & can provide 52 (of the 200) imp.HR Rules, Forms etc.,As these are imp. HR Rules, U may print, read & preserve them for future reference.
================================================== =========
As the New Year (January,2019) is fast approaching and the Holidays List-2019 is to be filed with L.I., F.I., before end-Dec.2018, HR&A. will be busy in making HOLIDAYS LIST-2019, the following points may be considered for the benefit to the Company' P&A works.

Some Cos. declared 11 to 15 days Holidays for National & Festival Holidays in 2018 including the 5 National Holidays (COMPULSORY) as per Karnataka Holidays (N&F) Act.
The remaining days are also declared as COMPULSORY Holidays; due to which; all employees have to observe all Festival Holidays though some donot want to but; he has no option since Co.has declared it COMPULSORY. Whereas; he has to apply for leave to observe any of the following Festival which he/his family wants to celebrate or to go to his/family place; since Co. has not included them in the Declared Festival Holidays.
New Year Day Makara Sankranti Mahashivarathri
Ayudha Pooja, Good Friday, Naraka Chaturdasi , Eid Milad etc.,
It is better to declare 5 National Holidays COMPULSORY + some imp.Festivals like
Ugadi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.,
so that; the employees will have an option to take other Festivals (mentioned above) which he wants to take or plan to go to his place with family etc.for which; he need not apply for leave;
Adoption of Optional Holidays can solve the problems of both HODs and the employees. It will also increase the morale of the employees. .
Some HODs face Manpower(MP)Shortages to man Essential Services during Festivals like Dusserha, Divali when 3-4 Festival Holidays come at a time.

Hence, Co.can provide OPTIONAL HOLIDAYS in Festival Holidays (i.e., instead of making all Festival Holidays Compulsory, some Festivals can be made OPTIONAL so that HODs can deploy/regulate MP in a staggered way; depending upon HODs urgent works & give OPTIONAL FESTIVAL HOLIDAYS to needy employees.
BENEFIT TO THE COMPANY: This will help Continuous Working of Essential Services(like Prodn., O&M, Utility, IT,HR&A, Transport, Canteen, OHC (which require un-interrupted Works) to ensure Min.MP to man Essential Services as most emplís donít observe all Festivals at 1 time & so, when 1 set of emplís take Holiday, other set can work & vise-versa. Thus, HODs can plan min.MP for Shift duty/ maintain Essential Services by adjusting MP to suit his needs & avoid work-stoppage, OT etc. due to Holidays (without increasing Declared Holidays or violating Kar.N&F Holidays Act).
To Control, keep track of Optional Holidays, U have to adopt Leave Card System. Otherwise, where will u record the Optional Holidays availed by the empls in different Depts, locations; how to keep track to ensure that empl. take only the permitted No.of Festival Holidays.
Karnataka Govt.released Holidays List for 2019 including 5 above
================================================== ===================
Some Companies are still using loose Leave Appn.Form for taking of Leave instead of adopting Leave Card system. As the present Leave Appn. is loose & 100s of such Appns. comes to HR Dept., Seniors cannot Check, keep track, compile or tally with Biometric data as can be checked with Single Leave Card. In case of discrepancy; or complaint, checking of old L.A. is difficult; will delay Salary Processing etc., Since some employees will take 2-3 times leave in a month, Co. has to Print thousands of copies of L.A. every time as against Printing of one Leave Card for one employee per year. Also; many L.A.,are zeroxed due to urgency; increasing the cost. L.C. Saves printing & zerox Cost where lot of emplís. Work
Many HODs canít check 100s of loose L.A. due to urgent works & hence; Certify Attendance as put up by the staff.
The imp.managerial work of HRD of checking/ tallying Attendance cannot be done or is ignored since; HRD has not adopted L.C. System.(Finance Dept.can&should check & tally all expenses a/c.). One reason for not adopting L.C. is; many HR Mgrs/GMs. not knowing its utility.

In case of Leave Card; since there will be only one Card for every employee for one year, the L.C., moves thruí the HOD, P&A Dept., Accts Dept., Auditors, Sanctioning Authority-GM/MD throughout the year. It helps them to check; see the correctness of all Leaves; specially; P.L. as it is cash. This Check itself will reduce discrepancies; and lead to a qualitative change in the approach / attitude of all P&A Ofcrs to check the L.C. when it comes to them (AND EVERY LEAVE CARD MUST GO TO P&A Officers TO PERFORM THEIR MANGERIAL WORK OF VERIFICATION). It makes employees extra cautious & plan to take leave unlike in the case of Loose L.A. which only helps to take, sanction leave & none to check. As L.C. is a manually entered Card & checked by P&A, Auditors etc., it is accepted by all as Authenticated & Seniors rely for its correctness. Hence, L.C. helps to compute Leave & make Pay roll work fast.
Hence, by adopting L.C.System,HRD can avoid many blames.
If you have not yet introduced L.C; to start with; u may make it as under:
1. One side of the Leave Card to apply for Leave &
2. Backside; u can print Leave Rules so that;
in one Card; u can get both the works done & u will have an effective & useful System in place for Leave Management.
The existing System of applying for Leave Online, Punching, Face Reader Bio-metric etc., will continue. Only the L.A. will be replaced with L.C. for several benefits for the Co.ís P&A function.
1 Card for 1 Employee for 1 year.
After one year, keep LC in Per.File as Record to verify throughout their service; unlike the loose L.A. which cannot be traced after sanction of leave as they are not / cannot be kept in Per.file. Easy for P&A. to work out Entitlement, Balance- Leave Management & Salary preparation. Empl. will know how often he is taking Leave, plan his leave. HOD can caution, Mis-use / approve on need basis.
As the CL, SL, PL of every employee will be mentioned in every Leave Card, employees; specially in Prodn., O&M, Essential Service etc., approaching HR Dept. frequently to know leave balance; can be avoided. Also; HODs time is not wasted to contact HRD to know Leave balance to sanction leave to his employees.
As the L.C. is frequently checked by HRM, HODs, Auditors & empl., GM / MD can rely on L.C. as an accepted document for Leave encashment, DOJ, etc., & approve F.S. & avoid employee disputing Leave balance, Total Service etc. while leaving Service, accepting F.S. & Make the EXIT a HAPPY & MEMORABLE ONE.
not providing imp. dtls.of all emplís, Family, Dependents, Nominee, Person to Contact in Emergency to update / furnish details in Statutory Returns to F.I., L.I.,P.F.I., ESI, IT, PT., Bank, HRIS etc.,
(My NEW BIO-DATA FORM will help U to collect all such infn. 60 Points. Some Cos. adopted them as their Co.Appn. had less than 20 points. Pl.check no. of points in ur Co.ís Appn. Form).
================================================== ===
INDENT, Interview Conducting, Selection, Appl. for Apptt. etc., causes problems between HR Manager, HODs & GM,MD reg. Selection, fixing Designation, Salary etc.,
My Single Format for Interview Evaluation, Selection, Appl. for Apptt., etc., will solve all problems of Recruitment, Selection, Apptt., fixing designation, salary etc.,
Recruitment work starts when User Dept.(i.e., Dept.which require /indenting employees for job) sends MPIF/R.F.+JD to HR Dept. MPI is the 1st Process of Recruitment. But when some Tech.HODs; require candidates with specific Qlfcn, Exp.of different types of Machines/ Plants like CNG, Steel Plant, Power, Chemical, Electronics, Soft/hardware, precision type etc.,the Indenting Form tobe designed suitably. My Single Sheet Form is designed to indent such Posts. It has many Columns for HOD to fill like Specific Exp.,Qlfcn.,Type/nature of job etc. Reason for Recruitment- Resignation, Excess work, New Machine; etc., HOD after filling & Unit.Head, send to HR Dept., HRD to compare MP Appl. with MP Planning & Succession Planning Statements to Check Internal Candidates. If no suitable match, take MDís appl. & start Recruitment process.
6. APPTT. ORDER which binds Employer-Employee Relation do not contain essential Terms & Conditions to create AWARENESS & COMPLIANCE of Imp. t&c. of service governing them & to minimise dispute later(Min. t & c.tobe -30 points). You may check No. of points in ur A.O.,
Where Co.Appln. / Biodata was already collected while Joining; subsequent changes in Per.Infn. to be collected from all emplís; using P.I.C.N. Form.
However, many P&A Mgrs. donít have this Form & face problems to give Per.dtls. to GM/MD, Govt.Officers etc. as following current infn. is missing-
1. No Present Address to send Notice to X,
2. Mobile No. changed & unable to contact X
3. No Nomineeís detls.or dtls. of Person to
contact in Emergency; to Notify accident etc.
4. No Nomineeí detls. to send payment of
deceased X
5. No detls. of Marriage/Family, Children,
6. No detls.of Aadhar,Pan Card for PF, ESI,I.Tax etc.
7. No detls. of latest Addnl. Qlfcn. etc., to
review Career Growth, Spl.Increment etc.,
8. No Bank A/c.No. IFC Code send F.S./payment
As the above infn. have changed after joining / giving Ist Bio-Data, and if Per.infn. not collected for 3-4 yrs., pl. make all emplís to fill & submit P.I.C.N. now so that U will have all empls. dtls. in one Form (instead of piecemeal) to update Statu. Returns, PF, ESI, HRIS, Per.files etc.
My NEW P.I.C.N. FORM will help you to collect all such infn. in one Form.
(As per New PF & ESI Notifications (PF Form-11 to replace earlier Form 2 & Form 13), Cos. have to collect & provide all employees personal details + their Family, dependents, Nominee + Aadhar, Pan Card, Bank A/c. dtls.etc. & to keep in Per. Files to show to Officials to get benefits to employees in critical times. Report says; out of 10+ crores PF Members, 1+ crores Members Name, DOB, initial, Father, Nominee names vary due to which, many Empl/Officers suffer to get PF Loan, Transfer, Settlement, Pension etc., Also; there is problem to get ESI Benefit; making HR Mgr works a most challenging job.
8. INDUCTION Process; the 1st Impression, Confidence building, sharing tool; between New Recruitees, Co., HODs & Reporting Officers do not exist. Joining, Welcoming, Introducing formalities; providing basic infn., facilities etc., to the new Recruitee are essential to create a sense of belonging / Retaining, career growth etc.,.
9. ABSENCE OF PROPER FORMS, RULES TO PAY, REGULATE ADVANCE, LOAN, EXPENSES, OD, TA, Co-Off, PL Encashment, MB etc., affects Administration of P&A works. A uniform Policy, Forms will reduce writing works & save precious time of Officers, employees and facilitate fast working of P&A and Accounts Dept.
10. ABSENCE OF UPDATED FORM FOR PA, JD, DISCIPLINE TO ASSESS EMPLíS. PERFORMANCE to give Designation, Promotion , Increment ; can lead to Grievances, attrition, dis-satisfaction,
problems to HR Mgrs. to administer P&A works.
11. ABSENCE OF ASSET DAMAGE / BREAKAGE / INJURY REPORTING SYSTEM, Forms: Assets Registering of costly items like Laptop, Mobile, Instruments, tools, Movement Systems, Employment Injury; can result in Loss to Co., delay to claim insurance / settle payment etc.
12. RESIGNATION ACCEPTANCE, NO DUE / CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, Relieving & Final Settlement- No proper Form / System after HOD sends Resignation Letr. to HR. No Feedback to the person, HOD etc. from HRD reg. Resignation Acceptance, No Due / Clearance Certificate , Exit Interview, F.S. etc., to regularise Separation.
Absenteeism is common in some of the Labour Intensive Cos.& it can become an issue if not dealt promptly. HRD. is blamed for laxity.
Qtn.: When X in Prodn. Dept. absents, whether HR or Prodn. Dept. to initiate action?? HR to take Action against erring employee only when HOD sends A.N.F. to him. Proper Disc.Procedures, Rules tobe followed for AOS lest; Court may nullify Termination as void. The above form helps to control & deal with Absenteeism. A Circular & ANF Form to be sent to all HODs for compliance, to Monitor Absenteeism & to initiate Disciplinary action.
14. WHY STANDING ORDERS (S.O.) - I.D. Act - Issues.
A Certified STANDING ORDERS under Indus. Employment(S.O) Act; empowers the Co. to take Disc. Action against its Erring Emplís. for violating T&C in S.O. BUT; the Co. cannot punish Emplís. for acts not included in S.O. - SUPREME COURT.
Company Suspends, Terminates employees leading to Litigation, grievance; damaging Co.reputation; besides wasting Co.ís time & Money. TERMINATION WITHOUT ENQUIRY / NATURAL JUSTICE etc. IS ILLEGAL & Court can re-instate such Emplís.
S.O. Act obliges Cos.with 50+ adopt S.O. to regulate Employment conditions, Master-Servant Relation -tobe Certified by DLC & displayed for infn. & compliance by Co. & all empls.

Imp.Doís, Donítís, Duties of Emplís., Mis-conducts for which emplís. LIABLE FOR DISCI.ACTION-80 points. Imp.t& Appt.Order.-for Sk.empl.-30,Suprvsrs & above-40. Pl.include Imp.acts/Conducts in S.O. & A.O.,and Follow PROCEDURES of NATURAL JUSTICE to make Coís. action LEGAL.
As per Labour Acts, Laws, Principal Employers have to Exhibit ABSTRACTS of some of the ACTS on the NOTICE BOARD of the Company for the infn.of the employees & also for Statutory compliance; failing which; Owners will be liable for Punishment including Cr.Prosecution. The Inspectors always check; if the prescribed Abstracts of the Acts (some are listed below) are exhibited on Notice Board & if not exhibited; issue NOTICES for violations:
Factories Act, Mines, Shops & Estt.Act- as the case may be.,
Payment of Wages Act, Minimum Wages Act, E.S.I., E.P.F., C.L. (R.&A.), M.B.Act, Bonus, Gratuity, W.C, S.O., I.D.Act etc.,

Every P&A Mgr. must have all Imp. Acts, HR Systems, Rules, Forms to administer HR works efficiently and P&A Mgr. is answerable to
F.I., L.I., PFI, Pension, ESI, Gratuity, PT, other Govt. Officers, Auditors, HODs, GM/MD, Employees etc., and he has to solve all employees problems;keep Records in Per. Files for future ref.
I can present all Updated, ready-to-use HR Systems, Rules with Vedios, ppt. etc.,
& assist you to introduce them.
Thanking you & awaiting to hear from you.
With Kind Regards,
C.N. Khan,HR & Mgmnt Consultant(Ex-AGM-HR&A),.
Ph: 9535470460- E-Mailid:
Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Tr.Member, I.I.M., B;luru.
Languages known: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu + Hindi & English

From India, Mumbai
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