Dear Respected Seniors, Need advice on below query of maternity benefit .

One of my colleague is covered under "26 Six Weeks leave" Maternity benefit. My colleague joined office after completing 5 months only. Now I wish to know - Do I have to pay 5 months maternity OR 6 months maternity benefit ?

Which is legally correct? Please need your guidance.

Thanks and Regards,
Meenakshee Jadhav .
16th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Srinath Sai Ram
Hr Manager
Aniket Pathak
Sr. Officer Hr
Meenakshi Jadhav
Executive -hr

Dear Meenakshee,
We need little more clarity on your post. Please confirm what is her Date of Joining (DOJ) and what is her expected delivery date?
To become eligible to avail of maternity leave, as per the maternity benefit act, a woman employee must complete 80 days of continuous service.

Dinesh Divekar
16th September 2017 From India, Bangalore

Dear Meenakshi Jadhav,
I think you want to ask that out of six months your colleague only took 5 months leave. first of all why did you let her join before her leave completion. Please understand 26 weeks leave is mentioned in the act. you should have tell her to take rest for 1 more month. now, the answer to your question, she joined her duties before one month that means she had attended office for which you are going to pay her salary. now you tell me that if you are paying her salary then where does the question of maternity leave benefit rises as she is actually not on leave.
16th September 2017 From India, Pune

Dear Dinesh Sir,

She is eligible from all the angles. She is completing all the eligibility criteria of Maternity Benefit Act.

For your information.

Thanks and Regards,
Meenakshee Jadhav .
16th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dear Ankit Sir,

I was thinking same but wanted advice from seniors. If any body has better suggestion.

Thanks and Regards,
Meenakshee Jadhav .
16th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dear Mam,
Ask her to stay on leave till the completion of maternity leave.
16th September 2017 From India, Pune

Dear meenakshi,
Has the Employee submitted Medical Certificate before resuming duty.As an Employer you are well aware that Employee in question is under Maternity leave? Please put proper systems in place to avoid recurrence of such things.You have to pay 1 Month Salary for the work performed together with 1 Month Maternity benefit/Salary
17th September 2017 From India, New Delhi

Dear Meenakshi,
Have you or your office asked the concernend to join early? If no, then there is nothing to worry. You take an application with medical reports from the concerned that she joined her job wilfully. The leave under MB Act is up to 26 weeks. So you are liable to pay the period of leave enjoyed by the employee.
20th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

idealhr 16
Yes. I agree with Dinesh. Check with the employee for the DOJ to offer them maternity benefits.
21st September 2017 From India, Bengaluru

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