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In our Organization, employees have crossed the limit in terms of taking leaves and absences. Most of the employees are making their own leave without prior approval. If they are absent from work, they are not giving notification to their immediate superior.
Kindly provide me a format on the Memorandum that I need to circulate regarding the above mentioned concerns.
Thank you.
Ronalee Ledesma
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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If you want to circulate, you don't need memo format you need circular for unauthorized absenteeism.
Points that needs to be covered are;
What are EL CL SL,
How & when one should apply
how to get confirmation of approval
Uninformed or unsanctioned leave will be taken as LWP & action will be taken for the same.
Action taken will be mentioned in the form of documents in employees personal files which will be considered at the time of appraisal.
This will help you to reduce absenteeism.
If not, you can go for warnings. warning itself is a mild punishment.
From India, Pune
Dear Ronalee,
Your problems appears to be not having proper leave policy. It is not just a question of having a policy it should be circulated amongst the staff members and they should understand it also. Therefore, instead of memo, you may create a policy and circulate it.
You may prepare the draft of the policy and get it approved by the top most management authority. While discussing about this policy tell him that you need to his support in the execution of the policy.
Your second challenge is insouciance of the employees which has originated from the lack of deterrence of the authority. If they show temerity of not even informing about their absence then it shows that they have no fear of the manager or of the job itself. Therefore, your top most authority needs to be unyielding in the all aspects of the management and not just about leave.
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ronalee,
Are all staff mebers aware about the quantum of leave meant for them? Whether the staff members provided with leave book or being informed leave earned and leave used? If you want to control the matter there should be a comprehensive policy and to be circulated to all. You need to act in accordance with the suggestions made by the members.
Further if any employee avails leave without leave on his account, is subjected to LOP.
From India, Mumbai
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