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Dear Sir, Am working with XXX and company Ltd., PSU under ministry of Petroleum..As Branch Incharge.
I have been wrongly accused with out proof...Saying that I am involved taking bribe from vendors..Which is falsely accused...How to take up issue with management...Can guide me please...
Thanks and regards
Chandrasekhar Kandiri
From India, Hyderabad
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Dear Chandrasekhar Kandiri,
You have written that you have been accused falsely. However, what is the present status? Have you been suspended pending enquiry? What kind of communication your PSU has given to you?
If the administration of your PSU has not ordered enquiry then you may put up application for ordering enquiry immediately. If the enquiry has been ordered but the proceedings are taking place capriciously then you may put up application for expeditious completion of the proceedings. In either application, you may write that your conduct was unblemished and living with taint gives stress to you.
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend,
In continuation with what Mr Divekar has suggested, every domestic inquiry process has a provision for the provision for engaging a defense helper to help delinquent employee in defending himself. This defense helper can be from the organization or from outside.
In every organization there are some employees who are good at defending employee in inquiry, you can engage them to help you or you can engage an outsider to help you.
To provide you proper advice it is necessary to see the letters/documents issued to you by the organization, please share the same.
Keep requesting management to start the process of domestic inquiry and expedite the same.
Warm Regards
Bharat Gera
HR Consultant
From India, Thane
In addition to what has been advised by our professional friends above, first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is that how this situation has come to this stage. Why it has happened ? Has it been sudden ? Was there any problem between you and your superior on any issue ? The old saying goes "there is no smoke without fire",. Why suddenly, out of the blue, this should happen to you ? There should be some basis. Everybody is innocent until and unless proved. So, if you are clear in your mind and heart that you have not done anything at all, then dont take upon the stress. Tension lena ka nahi, dena ka hai !! If you have been honest and sincere in all your dealings, why worry ?
Best wishes
From India
Thanks for your valuable suggestions by Mr.Bharat Gera and Mr, N.K Sundaram..
The issue with my superior is playing with me...As he is COO
And am handling in good way and there is complaint from my client too.
The issue is made by COO with his close aide who is marketing head for south.. as I was reporting to my Boss who is sitting at Hyderabad and my branch is under control of Hyderabad ( my branch is Visakhapatnam)..
And suddenly my reporting change to Marketing guy(Head marketing for Chennai and Hyderabad/Visakhapatnam)...
They well planned to tarnished my reputation as am doing good and my motto is serve better to client...
I always client favour which COo is against for that...
This is situation., Am still under suspension from March 2017..
And enquiry completed..Two months back...But stil no charge sheet against ...Taking bribe from vendors and vendor clearly said that am innocent..
Chandrasekhar Kanduri
From India, Hyderabad
You can take the professional advice of a good labour lawyer who is good at handling such cases. He will give you suitable guidance to tackle the matter.
In the meanwhile, start looking for an alternate job. Even if the case is settled in your favour (chances are remote), you will not be comfortable working for them. Best option is to look for an alternate job, in a better company.
Best wishes
From India
Thanks for suggestions,but let get clean from this organization so, that I can Happily choose other job.
From India, Hyderabad
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