Hi, I am seeking your opinion on "condcuting L1 for multiple courses per day- training program."

We are conducting a "process training" with multiple short courses (ILT / Elearning and sometimes blended) via LMS in a single day. This will be our daily routine until the very last day- Day 30th. You see, this is a month long training! :)

We are stuck at a point where we might want to conduct a training feedback (L1- reaction of trainees). However, want to check the market approach here as we do not want to bombard with multiple L1s for each short courses conducted in a single day.

Do you conduct an L1 in this type of scenario?
If yes, how long- timeswise and question quantity? Please share template.
If no, please suggest an alternate if its needed at all.
1st August 2017 From India, Ahmedabad

amit cm 12
Dear Ashwani,

We have done very similar with one of our clients. The only difference in your case is that the duration of training is pretty long. Request you to connect with us to enable a solution for you.

Thank you.
2nd August 2017 From India, Mumbai

amit cm 12
* Shalini,

My Apologies. Got your name completely wrong.
2nd August 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dear Shalini,

If you are conducting one month long training then it is more a education course. Why you would like to take L1 feedback at the end of the day? Just take at the end of the month or end of the week.

Moreover, what matters is business impact on the training. What are the deliverables associated with this process? Either there should be increase in the deliverables or level should be maintained. That is important. Secondly, do you do L4 measurement? If yes, then anyway it supersedes previous levels. Therefore, why bother about previous levels?


Dinesh Divekar
2nd August 2017 From India, Bangalore

Thank you, Amit. Appreciate it!
3rd August 2017 From India, Ahmedabad

Hi Dinesh, Thank you for your response. I understand that conducting L1"Daily" would be monotonous in many ways.
A single L1 by the end of the Program makes much sense.
... And No, we do not do L4 because of bandwidth issues.

I liked weekly suggestion though!

3rd August 2017 From India, Ahmedabad

Dear Shalini,

It appears that your LMS is designed to measure training effectiveness based on Kirk Patrick Model. However, this model has its own flaws. Hardly any company reaches to the level of L4. Training companies, howsoever hi-fi these might be, fail short on measurement expectation.

The model that was designed in 1959, gives tentative insight into the measurement of training effectiveness. However, Kirk Patrick propounded the concept that was not verified. Nevertheless, if we assume it to be true then it explains the concept of training evaluation.

The basic flaw of the model is that it focuses heavily on the learner rather than organisation. I have explained this in my exhaustive reply that was given earlier. Click the following link to refer it:



Dinesh Divekar
3rd August 2017 From India, Bangalore

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