Can a CEO approach an executive and assign work to him without notifying his manager and also not keeping him in loop? is this a correct way of approach or not?
From India, Gurgaon
Of course s/he can. After all he is CEO.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Nitesh,
There are two issues involved in your query. First one can CEO directly approach Manager's junior. The reply is yes, he can approach.
However, bypassing manager and dealing with juniors directly has its side effects. This approach is violative of the one of the principles of management that Henry Fayol has propounded. This direct approach dilutes the authority of the manager. If this trend continues then the junior employee may develop closeness with the top boss and it erodes the value of the manager. He/she may get demotivated.
However, in this direct approach by CEO, we need to know two things. Was CEO dealing with the junior all along and Manager joined recently? Does CEO feel little uneasy in dealing with the Manager because of his long association with the junior? If yes, then Manager may show little patience and wait to establish his credibility.
The second point about this direct approach by CEO is about loss of trust of the Manager. CEO could be considering Manager ineffective hence he could be dealing directly.
Notwithstanding either option, Manager may tell junior employee to keep him posted on getting direct orders from CEO. If from above, then let Manager be informed from bottom. After couple of such instances, Manager may ask subtlety to CEO about bypassing him. Manager may bring new ideas or concepts to make his presence felt. Manager may identify the weakness of junior and strike on his weakness at the right time. Manager should not allow his junior to smart under his feet and to do this, if some manipulations are required then he/she should be prepared to play them!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
By resorting to this, the CEO only creating unwanted and undesired precedence. The Manager will start assigning some other work to people two steps below him. It is only fair and logical that the CEO keep sthe Manager in loop.
Best wishes

From India
It occurs in very rare cases as CEO’s meet and talk to the heads and managers only.
From India, Bengaluru
a beautiful question of present day ethics, no CEO should approach the staff below the rank who is placed next below to the senior either it may be a manager or someone else, this clearly vitiates the position and order, may be by thick connections he may approach the junior out of focus (not in an official capacity) this is entirely different.
The senior should cut short the wings and place his authority for the benefit of the organisation, in case of progress and some good ideas the senior at manager level should respect the junior and put the motivation tag for the benefits. Even then the junior should not approach the CEO directly.
When the culture and ethics erode, every thing is right and nothing is false....survival is the question and even donkeys and monkey want to survive by blaming one another, and the ethics of the organisation cannot be questioned for the own survival of the manager.
Have your position held high ...

From India, Arcot
Dear Nitesh,
The CEO or MD and any other Senior level officers can directly talk to any employee in the organization / even to a contract worker also but it should be for a specific purpose, but directly issuing instructions avoiding the his / her reporting authority or at least his / her HOD is a wrong process & in this scenario the employee will not care / respect his immediate superiors. The Senior Management people will also loose their credibility and if it continues the organization's survival will be a big question because this will rupture the image of the organization and professionals will leave / will not opt to join such organizations.
In most of the unprofessional organizations this will exist. The close relatives of the CEO / MD etc., will be deployed and will work as spy in the organization.
The other side of the coin is if the Senior Management is not interested in the concerned HOD / GM / Manager they will directly entertain the next level employee making their Boss get frustrated and opt for exit.
As you may not be able to direct hence better to look for alternative instead of working in such unethical organizations.
Kamesh 333

From India, Hyderabad
I am not agree with that sentence," CEO can directly assign work or can give instructions".
it is totally against the business ethics, then why you should required hierarchy ??
Drop all positions, and start directly approaching with Jr. level staff . at least Mgt. can save money of all managerial level staff.

From India, Mumbai

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