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Dear ALL this message is only for my self satisfaction, I am very sad to day because I have been terminated from my designation in my probation period while I had spent only 28 days in the organisation because setting the HR Department I was searching different websites including this platform to get the formats and take an idea and past after doing changes.
My line manager told me that you are copying and pasting from net while we need some one who create the department and I was also doing the same job but taking advantages from the net. Let me know only one thing
Whether I am wrong or right. Its only for my self satisfaction If I am doing wrong so I will care next time.
Thanks please answer
From Pakistan, Mardan
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Dear Maqsood,

What has happened with you is unfortunate. Sudden loss of job is as good as meeting some accident. Accidents always leave a person bruised or scarred. The event must have come as a body blow to your career.

Few questions arise from your post. First one is about your reporting authority. If you are from HR, then why do you report to Line Manager? Is authority of line manager over and above the HR Manager?

Secondly, when line manager objected for having browsing HR related website, how did you convince him? Is browsing website during duty time prohibited? Secondly, did you tell him that setting up department may require collecting information from the public domain. If you do that, you will not have to reinvent the wheel?

Now let us look at the opposite side. Possibly, your line manager might have very strong intellectual modesty. He could be valuing originality and considering that the "copy and paste" job is plain plagiarism. A person who does plagiarism lacks self-esteem. He might be holding these views. Thanks to Google, the current generation has been converted into copycats or download masters. He could be detesting that. However, it may be true or may not be true.

In hindsight let us look at the incident. If what I have stated in the above paragraph is not true then it appears that your line manager was upset on you as such and browsing website could to be a ploy to remove you. Otherwise, this is a minor misconduct and does not merit removal from the job as such. Partially I attribute the outcome of the incident to your communication skills also. The way you have written your post shows you need to improve your communication skills. Lastly, did you try to assess the nature of the line manager? Is he the one who calls shots in the company? If yes, then it would have been pertinent to take permission for browsing HR-related websites.

Anyway do not lose your heart. Possibly you are destined to get a better job. Therefore, start searching for a new job vigorously. In your CV, do not include your 28-day tenure. Otherwise, it could create one more problem for you. For further queries, feel free to contact me.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
There is a possibility that there could be other reasons, which they aren't revealing to you. Anyone who has access to the internet today, use many references to get their work done - including me. I don't think it would've been possible for me to build this without referencing programming material available online.
From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sir
Please guid me I want to protect my self from the letter like termination. Is it possiable to get layoff letter instid of termination during probation period from managment team. Please guid me because after cancellation of my workpermit visa I am illegible to stay 1month more and I want to avail it but it is imposiable having a termination letter becasuse I cant mention it in any other interview but if they give me layoff letter so I will be able to show the reason why I am here for interview. Your early reply can give me a right path.
From Pakistan, Mardan
Dear Maqsood,
If you acquire the relieving-cum-service letter from your last employer, it will not have much value. If you are laid off just after 28-day tenure in that company then it could create suspicion in the mind of future employer. Employees are laid off when there is no sufficient work for them. No company will recruit a candidate only to terminate after 28 days on the grounds of lack of business.
Therefore, my recommendation is not show this 28-day experience in your CV at all. Before this employment, did you work somewhere? If yes, do you have experience-cum-relieving letter from that company? If yes, try acquiring job on the strength of that letter rather than the one that your last company will issue.
All the best!
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Maqsood, Pl request your employer to allow you to resign from the job on personal grounds instead of termination. Regards V.L.Nagarkar HR-Consultant
From India, Mumbai
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