how to calculate salary on the basis of minimum wages declared by state govt.
15th June 2017 From India, Dhanbad

Labour Law & Hr Consultant

The question is a vague one since the method of calculation is normally provided in the notification itself.
15th June 2017 From India, Salem
In Minimum wages Act the wages are divided in to skilled ,Un skilled, as i am related to Trainee HR Which category does i belong to ? Please clarify my doubt in this point
19th June 2017 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Naveen,
Sorry to state that still my confusion continues even after your latest reply. In industrial employment, apart from the classification with reference to tenure of employment like permanent, temporary, probationer, badlis etc, the normal classification of paid-employees would be (a) Managerial or Administrative cadre employees (b) Supervisory cadre employees (c) workmen and (d) Apprentices or Trainees with particular reference to the nature of activities predominantly performed by them.There can be management trainees, supervisor trainees and trainee workmen depending upon the nature of activity to which they are to be assigned after some time. The application of the Minimum Wages Act,1948 would be strictly in respect of the scheduled employments only and that too for the posts or positions falling within the definition of the term " employee" u/s 2(1)(i) of the Act. If one is a " trainee", first and foremost,he should be an "employee" undergoing training. Not a management trainee, for example,can be taken as a trainee for the purpose of minimum wages under the Act,1948. If you are designated as "HR Trainee" you may be an officer undergoing the basic training on the job for some time. Generally, an officer is one holding a supervisory position in respect of a particular branch of a distinct activity like HR management. As such, it can not be equated with any work of skilled, unskilled. manual or clerical nature mentioned in the above definition.
19th June 2017 From India, Salem
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