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Dear All,
I am looking for some fun at work would be really nice if you can share some initiatives/ideas.
Nowdays one more responsibilities that lies with HR is creating/facilitating fun at work esp IT, BPO some MNCs you will find CFO Chief Fun officer
Having fun at work can help reduce stress,improve morale,
improve staff retention,increase team building and spirit.........
so lets share some fun at work ideas and implement some in our organisations..
Keep smiling and spreading smiles:D

Dear Richa,
That's a very good idea to share some fun activities what one conducts in their organization.
To start the chain, in our company we celebrates the birthdays on last friday of every month and that time we play some funny games.
I have few ideas to add fun in day to day life like to have some funny quiz via mail, conduct coffee with HR which will be based on general topics etc.
Lets share more activities so that we can make our HR better than ever before with the help of each other.
Payal Gade

Interesting !!!!! Chief Fun Officer!!!!!! 8)
Well, fun at work in our organization.
We normally have table topic discussions and conduct games that really helps learning from one another and motivates people to participate and many more fun games.
We also involve employees to take the role of MCs and conduct games by them selves.
The main aim of this fun at work is mainly to build confidence in themselves and presentation skills too !!!!!

Hi Richa,

There can be several ways of bringing fun into the office. As Payal said, celebrating birthdays is one idea. In our company, we order a cake for the team member and then everyone gets together to cut it. The company bears the cost of the cake and if the team member wishes, he orders something additional out of his/her own pocket.

Another initiative that we have started is special dressing days. For example we had "Traditional Day" during Navratri in which everyone dressed up in their traditional costumes. And now we are having "Govinda Day" in which we are all supposed to dress up funky like Govinda.

Another idea is to have impromptu get togethers where in there would be some refreshments - the cost of this can be distributed among all members.

If you are working Saturdays, then you can designate one Saturday in the month as "Fun Saturday" and on that day, you can work half day and in the other half, have fun activities such as games, quizzes, brain-storming activities, movie outings, etc.

We follow these ideas in our office and this has given us a very healthy and energetic work environment.

Hope you too benefit from the same.



Hi Gaurang,
I agree with your ideas employees really like some cultural days.
I too work in a BPO and here we really enjoyed for diwali coz we celebrated traditional day ........ Richa, now to make it more interesting we can distribute some special gift/ presents to the best dressed employee ..... this will motivate the employees to dress them well.
During such days try to get some special food. If you have canteen service available get in some thing by paying some minimal amount but you can arrange a party for employees but just giving them some cold drinks, cake and starters.
Infact now very soon its going to be christmas season, you can celebrate thanksgiving day. Make chits of employee names and tell each one to take one name and on christmas day you can tell them to get a gift for the employee whoes name they got. The gift may be a small thing from Pen to Diary or anything. We are planning this for Christmas at our office
Best Regards,

Hey All,

I would like to share 2 fun activities that we have in our company. These are really cool and everyone gets automatically involved in them.

One is showing movies to all employees on projector on last friday of every month. Projector can be rented from some outside vendor. To make it more interactive you can take a poll in which you may give 3 options for which movie should be showed in that month.

Other one is called as "Hot Seat". This is a very funny game. We celebrate birthdays of all employees where the b'day boy has to sit on the hot seat which is a regular chair. All gather around and 3 questions are asked to the person sitting on hot seat which he has to reply very honestly. The questions can be at any personal/ professional level. Since now a days all IT crowd is young you may pull their legs by asking about their girl friend or first crush. or if it has to be something related to work you may give them hypothetical situations and ask how they would reat there. Rule for hot seat is that no bit of discussed thing goes out of the room or is ever discussed after the hot seat. this is how you make the person confident for speaking freely. Here we should avoid getting too personal in order to retain the fun in game.

There is 1 more game we are planning to start. the name is "Janta ki adalat" where again we target 1 person turn by turn and all around can freely tell what they feel about that person. here also lot of leg puling can happen. Just that we should understand the boundries to which we can say things in public.

These games are big hit in our company.

Apart from this we have regular stuff like festival celebrations, days, creativity week etc.



This is an article in The Hindu on 14 Nov 07

You can lighten up a dreadful working day

How many of us can honestly vouch that we really enjoy what we do!

Unfortunately, most of us operate on certain preconceived notions like –

‘Work is serious business.’

‘There is no place for fun in work whatsoever.’

One might ask why do work and fun always have to be mutually exclusive. Why can’t work be fun too?

Sorry to say, but the universally prevalent stance is that having fun in the workplace reduces productivity. If an employee has a playful attitude and jokes or is jocular, he is branded as frivolous, incompetent and even unprofessional.

Does that imply that we really have to go about our work with frowning, worried or drawn faces?

Well, contrary to popular opinion, work and fun share a symbiotic relationship. People who have fun at work actually enjoy what they do and so work much better. Moreover, an amalgam of work and fun breaks the tedium and employees don’t feel like they are working at all.

for more of this article

<link no longer exists - removed>

Hi ,
Which compnay are you working? Very nice initatives. In our company we have houses concept like school. Four teams compete with each other. In a month we have 4 activities - Food Festival, cultural activity, Sports and My space- cleaning of office space.
Anitha Simon

Hi Richa,
Another way of adding fun to the work place that I recently read about was to give funny names to all team members... for example the boss can be "The Big Cheese", HR can be "The Henchman", the meeting room can be the "Remand Room" etc.
Another nice game to play is "Tag the Donkey" in which you can have a nice slightly sticky tag prepared which says "I am the Donkey for the Moment". On the selected day, this tag should be stuck to one team member's back without him/her knowing. If he/she catches someone sticking, then the loser has to carry that tag around for the rest of the day.
Hope you like these ideas. I will post more as I come up with them.

Thanks Gaurang for these wonderful and interesting ideas...
while serching for fun at work ideas i came across this article, which highlights some of the fun@work activities of leading Indian companies.
link is:
*At Google India Pvt Ltd, every Friday afternoon the staff gets together at their cafeteria for an hour where they are treated to special food and good music. Called Thank Goodness It’s Friday, it’s a much awaited hour for Googlers.
*KPMG, for instance, is hiring a music teacher to give its employees lessons in playing guitar on Fridays from December.
Lot of examples like these are available...which tells us the trend of fun initiatives in Indian industries.

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