Dear Sirs/Madams, I have newly joined as a HR Manager from Finance background. The first day of my joining few employees were asking about Maternity Benefits. I have searched on web and found different facts where some say it is 12 weeks and some say it is 24 weeks leave with 100% paid daily average salary. However I would like to get clarified below points
1. What is exact leave days? is it 12 or 24 weeks
2. What is the amount of Medical Bonus?
3. what if the staff is not covered by ESI (because the salary range is above 21001 Rs.)?
Please help me in this regard.
Thank you

From India, Bengaluru
Before joining as HR Manager you should have did proper research on your JD & should have enhanced your skills WRT to the JD.
IS there any policy in your organisation related to Maternity Benefits? If yes then follow the same.
As pet the maternity benefit act employee who are not covered under ESI they are eligible for Maternity benefit of 12 weeks only
Any employee covered under Maternity benefit act they are entitled for 6 Months from ESI

From India, Bangalore
Thank you for the information Sir.. But to be honestly speaking there was no HR Manager since the company started about 4 years so there is no HR Policy at all. I would appreciate if you can help me, What benefits women will get from employer, if she is not covered under esic and what is the responsibility of the employer assuming that women employees monthly salary is Rs.22,000
From India, Bengaluru
You will have to institutionalize Maternity Benefits policy and incorporate provisions of the Maternity Benefits Act to mitigate corporate risks. I have sent you a separate mail in concern with that. Best!
From India, New Delhi
Not to worry. At present the maternity benefit is still for 84 days (84/7=12 weeks)
Yes new policy is in process and will take time to get it implemented (24 weeks)
Also correctly said by default any women if not covered under ESIC gets maternity benefit.
Ideally 2 cheques are also prepared - 1 cheque of salary for 6 weeks before delivery of the baby and 2 cheque (6 weeks) of the salary after the birth certificate of the child is submitted. (As per the law) - But i hv never followed and it it go with the salary.
Also there is a maternity return to be filled on annual bases. Check for statutory consultants. they will guide you.

From India, Mumbai
As per ESI the Maternity leave is 26 weeks from 20th Jan 2017.Under M B Act it is 84 days .But likely to be enhanced to 26 weeks.
From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Maternity benefit for women covered under ESI is 24 weeks. (ESI has special powers to implement as understood by a senior Consultant) For others it is still 12 weeks. Loka sabha has to approve for 24 weeks, which is not done yet.

From India, Bangalore
All dears,
Please understand the basic difference between ESI Maternity leave benefit and Maternity leave under Maternity benefit ACT. These acts are totally different. The second one shall apply to such of those employees out of coverage of ESI ambit. Presently, ESI gives 26 Weeks of ML and Maternity ACT gives only 12 Weeks as of now. I hope it clarifies. Minimum of 80 days of working is required to become eligible for the same.

From India, Madipakkam
When did MB Act increased benefits for 21 weeks .Please post the gazette notification.
From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Dear Sirs / Madams,
As per the Times of India news, it is published that, Maternity leave is extended to 24 weeks from 12 weeks also stated that the bill is passed by Lok Sabha. please follow the link of the news posted below
maternity leave in India: Parliament passes bill to raise maternity leave to 26 weeks | India News - Times of India
Kindly verify the same.
Thank you all

From India, Bengaluru

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