An employee was on maternity leave for 3 months from Sept. to Nov. After this, she continued on loss of pay leave for 3 months - Dec. to Feb. and has requested for a further extension of LOP leave for 2 more months - from March to April. Her annual appraisal is due from Feb. 2017.
My question is :
1. do we extend her annual appraisal by the number of months that she was on LOP leave
2. we give her the annual appraisal letter from Feb. 2017 but the effective date when she gets her revised salary will be her date of rejoining insn't it?

From India, Bengaluru
1) How can you plan the appraisal with out the presence of employee? Do you have any rating system for measuring the performance? If at all you plan the it might not be the effective appraisal.
2) Any how she is LOP so even if it is dated Feb 2017 the revised salary may not be paid. So anything is fine

From India, Bangalore
my first question is what I really need inputs for - since she is on LOP for two months post maternity leave, do we extend her appraisal period by two months?
From India, Bengaluru
Dear Madam,
Jeevarathnam P sir is saying the same thing. Employee is on LOP. So even if you implement the appraisal from Feb 2017 she wont be paid anything untill she resumes the work in the month of April 2017.So ultimately she will be getting her revised salary in the month of April 2017 only.

From India, Mumbai
It's important to know that salary increment is not by product of a performance appraisal process. Performance appraisal is a much larger ball game. As a practice companies link the PA with merit awards and salary adjustment.
If the PA is not related to salary adjustment, feel free to do it when she joins back and resumes her duties. Talking about salary adjustment, it is vital for you to first refer to your HR manual to assess how many days of continued presence is expected from an employee to be eligible for a salary adjustment.
If she is eligible for a salary adjustment, let her resume her duties and perform PA to follow the next course of action. She can be paid arrears, if the process gets delayed for her. Please feel free to drop a mail to her expressing your inability to do a PA and clarify to her the process you will follow after she resumes. I think that would help you manage expectations at both the ends.
Best wishes!

From India, New Delhi
The Employee concerned is on LOP which is duly approved by the Employer.After rejoining the duty, Performance appraisal process can be initiated
From India, New Delhi

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