Can we pay one employees @ 8.33% bonus and another employees @ 20% bonus in the same Organisation
6th January 2017 From India, undefined

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Parag Pampattiwar
Manager - Hr
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Dear Rashmita Not possible to make difference percentage but bonus amount can be differ based on basis and DA Regards K.Karthikeyan
6th January 2017 From India, Coimbatore
Adding to the question :
(1)Can employer differentiate the '%' of bonus according to the level of the employee or it has to remain the same irrespective of level/grade of employee ?
* If it can not be different according to the level of the employee, max.amount of bonus will be Rs.583.00 for all (calculated @8.33% of Rs.7000/- ceiling ) or @8.33% of applicable min. wages. ( Pl. correct if wrong ).
6th January 2017 From India, Ahmedabad
Dear Team, As per the Guideline for Bonus Calculation ceiling (Minimum Basis +DA Rs 7000/- or Accrual Basic which ever is higher. Thanks
9th January 2017 From India, Pune
Dear Parag,
Bellow is the amendment in bonus act. accordingly calcualtion of bonus should be on Rs.7000/- basis or applicable min. wages whichever is higher.
' in Section 12 of the Principal Act, for the words ''three thousand and five hundred rupees'' at both the places where they occur, the words ''seven thousand rupees or the minimum wage for the scheduled employment, as fixed by the appropriate Government, whichever is higher'' has been substituted.'
9th January 2017 From India, Ahmedabad
Dear Rashmita Ghosh,

Pl. elaborate your query.

Please note, Bonus payable working is based on Allocable surplus. The allocable surplus is required to be distributed between the 'EMPLOYEES-STAFF WHO ARE ENTITLED FOR BONUS AS PER BONUS ACT". The ratio of Bonus between allocable surplus and Salary-wages entitled for Bunus, decides the % of Bonus. As per bonus Act minimum 8.33% bonus is required to be paid even though establishment/company having losses in the financial year. Under the circumstances, Such paid/payable bonus is adjustable to allocable surplus account and hence Such Allocable surplus, not necessary to paid off in single year. It is a very critical working, most of the establishments do not going in for and they just pay the 8.33% or even more.

Secondly, the staff-employee who are not entitled or fitting in Bonus act, for them establishment/company decides in a different way or they may pay them as Bonus or Ex-gretia but at their will. The % or amount may vary from the entitled staff-employee.

Hence you may find in overall % difference.

I tried to explain in short, hope this will suffices your purpose.

Pramod Thakar


9th January 2017 From India, Pune
The best way is to pay 'bonus' as per the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 as this is the regulatory requirement. Now if you want reward few you may pay them desired amount not as bonus but under some name; your HR / accounts people will be able to guide you on this.
Statutory bonus has to be paid at uniform % across the whole organisation; in fact it can't be different in one year.
P.S. Hope you don't have employees affiliated to a trade union. If so, weigh as to how to reward 'chosen ones'.
Shrikant Prabhudesai

10th January 2017 From India, Mumbai
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