Hi all,
We have defined values and culture aligned to our company vision and mission.Now we want all our employees to understand the company culture.
We have conducted classroom sessions to communicate identified values.What all are the other innovative ways to roll out culture?

From India, Pen
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Aparna,

It is a matter of appreciation to note that you have communicated company's values, vision and mission. Very few companies do that. To increase the awareness of all these, you have conducted the classroom session.

Hereafter your company's managers need to live with the values. Before taking any decision, each manager must ponder on whether his/her action or decision is consistent with the values. If their actions or decisions are contrary to the company's values then employees could lose faith on those and they could start laughing in their sleeves for the contrariness.

Henceforth in each induction training, include topic on all these and intimate newcomers. Include examples of Managers as to how they lived with the values. Rather than talking about Dhirubhai Ambani or Bill Gates these homegrown examples are far more important.

Now your management has responsibility to show that they are navigating their enterprise according to the vision and mission of the organisation. Once I came across with an incident that my client's HR Manager told. They had conducted Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). In response to the questionnaire the management had circulated, one of the employees wrote "just check whether your management style is as per the vision and mission of the company". No need to write that management had egg on their face!

Hereafter, your management may notify through the office circular that what they did in order to implement their vision. This is important.

Your last question is what all are the other innovative ways to roll out culture? Well friend, organisation's culture is not a carpet that it can be rolled out when you need. Whether you want or not, culture already exists. What is personality of a person is organisation culture to the company. Can you separate personality from person?

To foster organisation's culture, I recommend you checking Google on "What is the Cultural Web?" Lot of articles are available on the internet on organisation's culture. Of each component of the cultural web, you need to work on continuously. This is a ongoing process and cannot equated with the some event that is conducted once a while.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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