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In the month of April, my organization paid 6 months of Professional Tax on my behalf (1095 for Tamil Nadu). I changed jobs mid year & I see that my present organization which is based out of different state (Karnataka), but my work location remained same is deducting 183 per month (and deducted 729 this month) and looks set to deduct 183 per month for the rest of the financial year - Making it so that total professional tax I would have paid to closer to 3300? Is this correct?
So questions I have are
1) If we switch states midyear (physical work location or company headoffice change) .. Do I need to pay professional tax to multiple states separately?
2) What if as in my example, I was deducted for 6 months in one go, but I have switched companies, so I need to pay separately again?
3) If I have difficulties in stopping the 183 deduction for the rest of the year, while submitting IT returns, can I claim refund?

If your job is located in Chennai, you have to pay Rs.1095(verify with slab for amount). The professional Tax is paid to the Corporation as Tax. In Chennai, we have to pay twice a year.During Sep and March. But in Bangalore we have to pay every month.
The tax payment part will be deducted in your net Salary computation for the year.
Otherwise you can deduct from your Gross salary during Income Tax filing returns.

My deductions have been 1095 in April, 0 in May, 0 in June (by previous company). 183 in July, 183 in August, 729 in September by new company. As you can see I have already paid 2190. And as per the projected tax statement of my company, I will be deducted 183 for the rest of the year. which is what will make me end up paying 3285.
To reiterate, I want to know about a common scenario where people may change their jobs/location in a financial year & where rules of deduction vary from monthly to half-yearly.
Say, a person in TN would get deducted 1095 in september & then jumps to Maharashtra where its 200/300 from Oct-Feb & back to TN in March where again 1095 is charged. In this scenario he would end up paying 3290...

Edit : The 1095 was deducted not in April, but as part of settlement in July.
In chennai, the professional tax for highest slab will be deducted Rs. 1095 half yearly.
Of course, yes, that the case of yours is common in the industry that the employee will be deducted twice if he left and join in new organization in the mid of half year.
For eg., he will be deducted 1095 during the settlement in the old organization in the mid of half year and again 1095 in the new organization in the end of half year.
Since, the liability is given to the employer to deduct and pay, there is no other option to the organization to deduct and pay from the employee.

Assuming additional deduction has happened - Will I get refund when filing IT returns?
Also, I have raised this question to our payroll department if they can stop deduction as I can produce previous company's settlement document & ofcourse will be submitting Form 12B/16 of old company to this new company which will clearly show the tax deducted.

No, I don't think it is possible.
Professional tax recovery is done in organization basis and not as per employee. The officials will just ask the employer to deduct from the employee who received salary from them. There is no proper procedure or structure for professional tax payment in Chennai. Even, employer will pay the tax as bulk and submit the return which will have your name, half yearly salary & tax deduction in a sheet (hardcopy). They won't even enter the details in any system. It is not linked with anything (Eg., TDS is linked with your PAN).
So, it is not possible for recovery of excess paid professional tax.

Not even recoverable when filing IT returns? As that would show I have paid in excess of 3k instead of the statutory limit of 2.5k?
Don't confuse with income tax & professional tax. Both r different and both r handled by different authorities. The amount paid for professional tax is excepted in income tax. That's all.
Income tax dept don't care about how much u pay for professional tax.
If u pay excess income tax, they will refund; but, if u pay excess professional tax no one will refund.

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