Dear Kamaljit
I believe pay slip is the most important document. if a company is not providing that, do you expect that they will provide the other documents at the time of relase?
again in as per my thoughts its better to search a new job rather than to wast time for notice period.

From India, Mumbai
hi. I am working in Customs n Central Excise, a ministry of finance organisation. The accounts department which disburses salary to me refuses to issue salary slips to me on monthly basis. They contend that salary slip will be issued only if it is wanted somewhere as a proof of salary for e.g. for loan purposes, for taking coveyance on EMI, etc . is Departments contention valid ?
From India, Ghaziabad
Hi, I want to know if I can file a complaint against the company I am currently working in. I work at Firstsource Solutions Limited, a BPO company in Skyrise 1, IT Park Cebu City. I am about to tell you what happened from the start. I am with FSL for 7months and since I have 2children and I don't have someone to look after them for the moment, I tendered an immediate resignation. But the managers asked me if I can just take a leave instead and retract my resignation because as what they told me, they cannot afford to loose me in the company. I agreed. Then it just so happened that I checked my payslip online since today is the payday, I still have something to receive. My Payroll ATM is held with a financial institution since I have an existing loan and I go there everytime payday comes to get the remainder of my pay but to my shock, the lady that works in the financial institution said my salary is negative to what i owe. I went to our office and they let me wait for more than 3 hours eventhough I told them that I really need the money since I left my children and my mother in a restaurant thinking that I will be having my pay since the payslip is already generated. But the HR manager looked at me as if I am stupid and said that her assistant already explained that the payslip is just a computation of what I should be receiving but since I was on leave as a part of the bargain that I would not resign from May 1-15, they are putting a hold on my pay. I was so helpless that I even cried and beg for the money that I have worked for. The HR manager (i just know her name is ms.angie) said that what me and the account vice president have talked about, she is out of it. She is just following the rules.

Just to let you know though, basic pay is paid real time every pay but all of the deductions, overtimes, night differential will be carried over the next pay. But the point is, they have generated a payslip and that what I worked for a certain cut-off and they hold the pay. I don't know where to go now and I am sure that you can give me a good advice and what actions to take on this situation.

Thank you.

From Philippines, undefined
dear sir,
i am a doctor. i am working in assistant of cardiologist they have small form in 5 person. they don't give me salary slip so i have problems is that i am paying more income tax so help me what can i do sir?

From India, Ahmedabad
Hii to all, I have one confusion regarding my salary slip actually I use to get my salary in cash but I have offer letter as well as experience letter will it make any problem when I will for interview without salary slip pls help?!
From India, Ahmedabad
Hi, ok if they go to labour court and get justice after that how can they survive in that organisation.
From Saudi Arabia, undefined
Hi Meghal
Payslip is a formal proof that an employer must present to an employee that says how much a company is paying to their employees. Formal payslips would be needed by the employer when you go ahead with Accounting, Statutory Compliance and filing taxes with government bodies.
Plus payslips would be needed by the employees as well in some activities like - availing loan from banks etc. Plus for an employee it is a proof to show in the next company that he worked in previous organisation and how much he/she was earning.
You may read more details about payslips in this link:
#FastCollab Guide: Basics of Salary Slips | FastCollab | Blog
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From India, Hyderabad

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