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Hello All,

I work in an automation company and recently we had hike review and after that I am facing a kind of harassment related to my work assignment from my manager.

I never heard or saw such situation before and I am feeling very depressed with this situation.

Please suggest me what best can I do to overcome this situation and get a good solution for this.

Problem :

I joined here by 2012 with 4 years of domain experience. While joining I was informed that after 2 years you will be eleigible to change the departments and can get good career progression as I got in to a department where the work is very simple and I felt I could do more than what I can here.

same way I requested for a change of department after 2 years but there was some reason from my manager and based on that I completed one more year proving myself and requested the same 3rd year where that year manager got changed and requested Same to him but he said it will take time.After some months there was mid year review and I discussed same to him and he rejected. Then I went to HR requesting her for change as there is no growth in terms of work scope and no recognition in terms of promotion and salary.

This was discussed by HR to manager then he agreed and requested for 3 resource replaement , I even did that by that time project which I was working was very critical and since my manager agreed for the change he informed Project manager and again there was a call and request from him and asking for 7 months extension and to continue in this he gave me costumer exposure and onsite visits. Then I thought OK this is a good offer and agreed but I discussed the same with director that I will agree to complete the project but I need promotion and proper increment to complete this.

Even he agreed for that but at the time of review they cheated me and since I fought for that and told them I dont want to work in that project and lot many arguments took place and finally they told that I have attitude issue and they can take it as behavioral issue and warned me .

After that my manager stopped giving me work and I am sitting idle at office since 2 months. I spoke to him several times asking him to assign me other work but he he not responding and he tries to escape from that place if he finds me trying to meet him.

I thought to speak to HR or DIRECTOR but I was scared if they say to leave the company and dint go further .

I thought to sit simply and keep trying for an other job but since the market is down, I am unable to find good position outside.

In this domain, this is the product based company which is growing well and other company's mostly have very less projects and are of service based . I am now scared and facing this a big isssue which is making me depressed every day.

Kindly help me to sort out this issue.

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Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
General Manager-hr & Admin
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Shruthi,

impersonalness is bane of HR in IT industry. If the given information is authentic and complete then it appears that you are victim of this impersonal work environment that generally prevails in the IT companies.

In the hindsight it can be said that you should have left your job after completion of two years i.e. when your request to change the department was not obliged. You hung on in the fond hope of your department will be changed.

Now things have come to such a pass that the other side is waiting for your exit. Not allotting any work is nothing but but a ploy to tire you out through boredom. You have held on tenaciously. Nevertheless, this tenacity may not pay off for long. Be prepared for call from HR for "discussion". This discussion will be nothing but convincing you to go.

Therefore, at this stage the only option left is to look for a job intensely. Notice period should not be a problem because as such you are a persona non grate for your company. You may discuss with your HR Director however, I doubt whether anything significant will emerge.

Lessons for HR Professionals: - After completing four years in the company, the employee not only has hesitation but "scared" to talk to HR Director! Is this what HR is for? Post of this kind go on exposing hollowness of HR interventions like employee engagement, talent management and so on. The post shows how HR's engagement activities fail to bridge mental gap between employee and HR. Sooner HR stops wallowing in this jargon and have an ear to the ground the better!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hello Dinesh,
Hope you are doing good. Thanks for the reply, I already tried applying for other jobs but since the market in this field is low now, there are very less openings. I got only one interview call but they too have kept it on hold waiting for some projects. Now I dont see any hope getting new oppurtunity. Its Really stress full and depressing every day!!!

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Hi Shruthi,

While appreciating the advice given by Mr. Dinesh Divekar, it is clear that in the present circumstances you are an unwelcome person as far Mgmt is concerned, in most of the SME segments HR is only a tool in the hands of Management. Therefore, you need to understand the situation and try to move out of the company at the earliest. You should also keep your option open as far as job front is concerned. Since the company's expectation are skyrocketing for the salary they pay, in other words it is multi tasking job.

You need to analyze your strength and weaknesses and try to look up for employment based on your strengths.The slump in the market is only a temporary phenomena, it has to improve over a period of time. Also, I suggest you to improve your academics and related training programs, which will support you in assisting in getting employment.

Do not loose your heart since human beings are made of thoughts, feelings and decisions, if your thoughts are good accordingly your decisions will be good. Also, you remember that human brains work in three segment, thoughts, imagination and strong hold . Too much you strain on imagination it will lead to action certainly and many a times it is counter productive.

Always think positively and analyze to yourself as to where you might have gone wrong at work (instead blaming others) and take a corrective step in your life that will yield results in the long run. Please understand ups & downs are generally phenomena in anybody's life. Hence, you need not be depressed for that type situations arising at the work place.


From India, Bangalore
Dr Sujita Khemka

There are two ways to look at any problem, external and internal. While we have practically no control over the external sources i.e other people be it seniors, HR or Management, we do have significant control over our own self. Thus asking you over and above the suggestions you have received. Asking you to focus inward. Look at your own communication skills i.e How did you communicate? Was it appropriate as per culture of the organisation etc. Aim is to share with you that sometimes the right thing when communicated with aggression may yield in counter reactions!
Please focus upon upgrading your skill sets and work towards this! Shift your thoughts gear to inward and focus upon building yourself, raising the bar in terms of skill sets so that everyone wants you in their team!
In terms of seeking a job, it takes a while to get a good one! So continue the hunt and in the meantime do and give your very best to whatever you have onto your platter. Good Luck!

From India, Delhi
Thank you all for the suggestions.... I am sitting with out work since 2 months and luckily since I had many leaves I went on leave and occationally to get some updates I came to office for one or 2 days in a week.As of now, no one has questioned me on my non chargable booking and now a small amount of work in a project which I was doing before is given to me now. he gave all that work to some one but they could not do properly and it was assigned to me again. After this I have no work, it is very difficult to sit like this till I get a new job. Can anyone suggest how to handle this. Is there anyway to solve this even after all these ?
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support fotografik
Dear Shruthi,
Well have gone through the issue you are facing. I understand that currently you are not getting any new opportunity to prove your skills outside or in your existing company. But I'll suggest not to loose hope and keep trying as if in case you will again go to HR of your company or to any management they might give you written warning or also they can ask you to leave as I believe they are just waiting for that one mistake from your end.Just stick to your tries to get the new job and side by side if they give you some work do it with exceptional performance. As soon as you get your new job immediately put resignation. I understand in such an environment it will be difficult for you to face them and you will feel frustrated but if you will keep calm and will do your work with full determination it will for sure make them understand what resource they are loosing.

From India, Ludhiana

if any person left service & he again join the same company after 4 month then we give him to same p.f number
From India, New Delhi
Thanks a lot for this suggestion. last week my HR gave me a call to warn but I spoke to her clearly asking for a change again then she took my personal details of who are there in my family ...etc... I dint understand why she wanted these details. after discussing with me , she discussed separately with my manager as well but after that I dont know what did they conclude. No one of them updated me on the conclusion. I am in confusion now, whether to go back to my HR to ask, what is the conclusion or should I leave until they call me again.
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Hi Shruthi,
I believe you can walk upto your HR and can ask why they have asked for all those details. As I didn't feel any need to ask such details from an employee on the professional front. But regarding change in department I think you should wait little more, just give them 15-20 days time after your last discussion to take the final decision.

From India, Ludhiana
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